1. supercuts
    Watch a Supercut of Every Impression Bill Hader Did on SNLFrom Al Pacino to Yitzhak Hofi.
  2. yeezus
    See Kanye West Quotes As Spiritual PostersLet us play.
  3. definitions
    Saabs, Croesus, and Pre-Wars: A Glossary for the New Vampire Weekend AlbumFor educated listening.
  4. potent quotables
    The Ever-Entertaining Quotes of Robert Downey Jr.“I’ve outgrown a lot of things I used to think I wanted, which was to be the Dionysian maverick.”
  5. chat room
    The Thermals’ Front Man on War and Portland“Portland’s had a lot of attention for a while but it hasn’t grown to the point where it sucks.”
  6. vulture lists
    Everything Carrie Ever Wondered About on Sex and the CityI couldn’t help but wonder, How often did Carrie say “I couldn’t help but wonder”?
  7. diversions
    The Eleven Weirdest Super Bowl Halftime ShowsFrom Up with People to Janet Jackson’s boob to the Black Eyed Peas.