1. advent calendar
    We Come to This 3-D Puzzle for MagicCall Nicole Kidman.
  2. Doctor Who Stars Respond to Jodie Whittaker Casting Backlash▶️ “I guess we’re still having that conversation.”
  3. Frank Miller Is Writing a ‘Superman: Year One’–Style Origin StoryThe comics legend is finally taking a “meaningful crack” at the Man of Steel.
  4. Bill Cosby Case Will Be RetriedThe Montgomery County D.A. tweeted that there will be a new trial.
  5. Look at That, Vulture Joined Snapchat DiscoverIt’s everything you love about Vulture, just much faster.
  6. r.i.p.
    Chuck Berry Dead at 90The rock and roll legend was found by police in Missouri.
  7. WATCH: Jack Black Reveals How He Became the King of PolkaA true performer …
  8. Why Was Mudbound Such a Sundance Hit? Hillary Jordan’s 2009 novel takes on a whole new life. 
  9. Tye Sheridan and the Power of Steven SpielbergA no-brainer, really.
  10. One of Sundance’s Biggest Hits Is Based on an Often Uncomfortable True StoryThis is not your average romantic comedy.
  11. Brittany Snow Sacrificed Her Rib for Her Art in BushwickLet’s just say she was dedicated.
  12. Poor Hot Jon Hamm the HologramA new challenge for Don Draper.
  13. The One Thing Michael Showalter Says Every Romantic Comedy NeedsIt’s simple, really.
  14. The Story Behind Han Solo’s Line ‘I Know’ in The Empire Strikes BackThe dialogue wasn’t improvised, as is widely believed.
  15. vmas 2016
    The Highs and Lows of the 2016 MTV Video Music AwardsIt was a night of Beyoncé and Rihanna and then everything else.
  16. Frank Ocean Posts Car-Themed Essay From Boys Don’t Cry Magazine“How much of my life has happened inside of a car?” he wonders.
  17. vulture investigates
    Is Frank Ocean Building a Staircase on His Livestream?Is he building a stairway to heaven?
  18. Beyoncé’s Lemonade Is Available on TidalThe 12-song visual album was just released.
  19. patton’s speech
    The Story Behind Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars FilibusterAs remembered by Parks and Recreation creator Mike Schur.
  20. ny la comedy
    All the Ways 20 Comedians Make Money in NYC and L.A.From podcasts to web series to branded content.
  21. grammys 2016
    The Highs and Lows of the 2016 GrammysKendrick, the Hamilton crew, Alabama Shakes, and some memorable tributes helped once again elevate the Grammys to “barely tolerable.”
  22. the force awakens
    What’s the Best Star Wars Movie-Viewing Order?The father of the Star Wars universe is sticking to his blasters.
  23. the force awakens
    Here’s the Opening Crawl From Star Wars: The Force AwakensThe line about Jabba’s Palace now being a Trader Joe’s feels a bit trivial.
  24. star wars countdown
    Star Wars Ice Cream Flavors, RankedA rare democratic ranking, as determined by Vulture taste-testers.
  25. Now Adele Is Making Thanksgiving Football More FunThe Panthers must have called a thousand times.
  26. most valuable stars 2015
    How Vulture Ranked Its 2015 Most Valuable Stars ListHere’s why Jennifer Lawrence continued her reign.
  27. what to stream now
    Vulture Built a TV and Movie Streaming Guide Just for YouNo longer will you have to navigate the depths of Netflix alone.
  28. Can You Match the Acceptance-Speech Quote With the Emmy Winner?Winners say the most indistinguishable things.
  29. Kanye’s VMAs Speech Was Turned Into Stand-up, Then Into SeinfeldThe bass line makes everything funnier.
  30. the daily show
    Wyatt Cenac Appeared on The Daily Show FinaleHe and Jon seem to be good.
  31. game of thrones
    Game of Thrones Will Run for at Least 8 Seasons, and at Most, InfinityThey may never stop.
  32. sein us up
    What It’s Like When Jerry Seinfeld Crashes Your Comedy ShowHow it went when the comic dropped in during a 12 Angry Mascots performance at Gotham Comedy Club