1. chat room
    Parvati Shallow Didn’t Bring Enough Headbands to The Traitors“The last one I had was my predatory headband, and that was the last-minute throw in my suitcase. I didn’t commit hard enough.”
  2. love is blind club
    14 Moments That Made Love Is BlindSeason six is here, so we’re looking back at the most jaw-dropping scenes from our favorite social experiment.
  3. chat room
    The Traitors Taught Dan Gheesling a ‘Humbling’ Lesson“I laid out a blueprint for future Traitors not to underestimate the Bravo people.”
  4. chat room
    Squid Game: The Challenge Winner Mai Whelan Doesn’t Believe in Alliances“I was more stealthy, getting to know a person instead of a group.”
  5. emergency discussion
    Link Shouldn’t TalkWhat do we want from a Legend of Zelda movie?
  6. emergency discussion
    The Love Is Blind Experiment Finally BrokeA season defined by external drama reminds us why we’re really watching.
  7. what we got
    Let’s Cast the Sublime BiopicSpoiler: we didn’t cast Lou Dog.
  8. chat room
    Ben Schwartz Always Makes His Scene Partner Look GoodThe Afterparty star on that big finale reveal, shielding his girlfriend from spoilers, and returning to improv.
  9. parental guidance
    A Euphoria Parent Report CardIf we were grading strictly on vibes, Suze would be valedictorian.
  10. he was right
    Ben Affleck Was Right to Refuse to Wear the Yankees Cap in Gone GirlSeven years later, let’s admit the truth.