1. Slow Burn Is the Watergate Podcast You Didn’t Know You NeededIt examines in great detail what it was like to live through a major political scandal.
  2. The 12 Podcasts We Can’t Wait to Hear in 2018Marvel’s first podcast, a new season of Invisibilia, a ton of true-crime investigations, and more.
  3. Feral Audio, a Top Podcast Network, Being Shut Down by Founder After Abuse ClaimDustin Marshall is wrapping production to seek treatment following an ex-girlfriend’s account of being harassed.
  4. The 10 Best Podcast Episodes of 2017Culminating with the most shocking moment in podcasts this year.
  5. Apple’s Podcast Analytics Reckoning Is Upon UsFor better or worse, podcast producers and advertisers alike will know all about listener behavior.
  6. The 10 Best Podcasts of 2017The year started with back-to-back phenomenons in Missing Richard Simmons and S-Town.
  7. 6 Appetizing Food and Cooking-Themed Podcasts for You to SavorFrom cuisine-based comedy to gourmet philosophizing.
  8. podcast review
    The Strange Story of the Most Mysterious Video Game of All TimeAlien abduction, men in black, and so much more.
  9. 6 Unsettling Podcasts to Freak You Out This Halloween SeasonBecause This American Life just isn’t spooky enough.
  10. podcast review
    Dirty John Is a Stunning Story, But Why Is It a Podcast?The L.A. Times podcast is a crude re-creation of a deftly written feature.
  11. The Best Podcasts of 2017 (So Far)S-Town, Missing Richard Simmons, The Heart, and more.
  12. 11 Great Podcasts to Check Out This FallAn interview series with the Mountain Goats, a Civil War podcast, and a whole lot of true-crime stories.
  13. podcast review
    Radiorama Brings Futurama Back to Life in Podcast FormThis one-off podcast has many of the things that made Futurama so adored.
  14. podcasts
    The Heaven’s Gate Podcast Promises an In-depth Look at the Infamous Cult“What leads people to follow a leader to the point of self-destruction? That seems especially relevant right now.”
  15. podcasts
    Can a Podcast Improve the Oral History?In Origins, James Andrew Miller puts a new spin on the oral history concept.
  16. The Plot Isn’t the Point on the Star-Studded Podcast HomecomingThough it’s billed as a psychological thriller, Homecoming is a podcast that thrives on the talent of its actors’ conversations, not its plot.
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    2 Dope Queens Is Getting Some Hopefully Dope HBO SpecialsConsider this the logical apotheosis of a project that largely serves as a showcase for two very talented individuals.
  18. podcasts
    Preet Bharara Will Discuss Issues of ‘Justice and Fairness’ on New WNYC PodcastHe’s just the latest in a growing trend of liberal-leaning politicians and political operatives taking up podcasting.
  19. podcast review
    Ear Hustle Is an Utterly Fascinating Look at Prison LifeThe Radiotopia podcast is produced by inmates who live inside California’s San Quentin State Prison.
  20. summer selections 2017
    12 Fascinating Podcasts to Stream at the Beach, As Chosen by CreatorsHandpicked by Reggie Osse, Michael Barbaro, Phoebe Judge, and Lauren Spohrer.
  21. podcast review
    30 for 30 Podcasts Is Like This American Life, But for SportsIt’s a podcast where sports stories of greater narrative ambition can flourish.
  22. 36 Questions Defines the Concept of the Podcast MusicalPodcast musicals are innovative takes in a relatively young art form, and 36 Questions is an example of how to do them right.
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    WNYC and MoMA Are Making an Artsy Podcast with Broad City’s Abbi JacobsonTwo major New York cultural institutions are coming together to make a podcast baby.
  24. podcasts
    The Studio Behind Welcome to Night Vale Is Debuting Two New Nonfiction PodcastsThey’re called Conversations With People Who Hate Me and I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats.
  25. Podcast Review: Mogul: The Life and Death of Chris LightyMogul pushes the genre, and the form, in new directions.
  26. Apple Is About to Profoundly Change the Podcast IndustryThe tech giant will provide publishers with more data about listener behavior — and advertisers will be paying close attention.
  27. New Podcast Cosby Unraveled Explores Bill Cosby’s Life and DownfallThe new podcast will run during the comedian’s sexual-assault trial.
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    NPR’s Fresh Air Team Picks Its 10 Favorite Terry Gross InterviewsFeaturing chats with Ray Charles, Stephen Colbert, and more.
  29. Summer 2017 Podcast Preview: The 12 Shows We Can’t Wait to HearIf you loved S-Town, try out these podcasts too.
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    Larry Wilmore Is Taking His Talents to Podcasting With Black on the AirThe first episode is slated to drop this Thursday.
  31. S-Town Has Exceeded 40 Million Downloads, Which Is Truly a Ton of DownloadsThe Serial Productions podcast about a small Alabama town has become a runaway hit.
  32. WNYC’s Nancy Is an Imperfect But Authentic Podcast About LGBTQ ExperiencesThe show makes up for its lack of structural innovation by packing an emotional wallop.
  33. podcasts
    The New Podcast Mogul Tells the Story of Visionary Hip-Hop Exec Chris LightyThe six-episode documentary podcast will debut on April 27 on Spotify.
  34. sound advice
    The Grift Podcast Seems to Get Conned by the Con Artists It ProfilesIt’s hard to trust a show when the main narrative is driven by professional manipulators.
  35. How the Producers of S-Town Gradually Discovered the Podcast’s StoryIt took shape over a number of years and multiple trips to Alabama by the Serial Productions team.
  36. sound advice
    Review: S-Town Transcends the True Crime of SerialThe latest podcast from the creators of Serial offers a mystery, but also greater complexity and ambition than the medium has seen.
  37. spring preview 2017
    Spring 2017 Podcast Preview: S-Town, Rookie, and Other Great Shows to Watch ForThe Serial crew returns with a brand-new podcast you’ll love.
  38. finale review
    In the End, Missing Richard Simmons Was Questionable, But Not CruelAs it became popular, the six-episode podcast had to contend with a narrative that was changing in real time.
  39. hear we go
    Missing Richard Simmons Is a Brilliant Podcast – So FarThe show is 2017’s first breakout hit, but questions about its ethics linger.
  40. podcasts
    Serial Creators Announce New Podcast SeriesThis marks the highest-profile podcast attempt at a fully serialized narrative that’s being designed for binge-listening purposes.
  41. What the Future of Political Podcasts Looks Like in the Trump EraWill listeners flock to shows like Pod Save America that embrace activism?
  42. most anticipated of 2017
    9 Subscription-Worthy New Podcasts for 2017Including ESPN bringing 30 for 30 to the earwaves and a new Night Vale Presents nonfiction project.
  43. year in culture 2016
    The 10 Best Podcast Episodes of 2016Just another “Best of 2016” list featuring Beyoncé.
  44. year in culture 2016
    The 10 Best Podcasts of 2016Including financial insecurity, dunk histories, and a couple of true-crime series — including an unfairly criticized returning classic.
  45. vulture hacks
    20 Great Podcasts Under 25 Minutes LongOnly have a half hour of listening time? We have suggestions, from sociology to science fiction.
  46. year in culture 2015
    The 10 Best Podcasts and 10 Best Podcast Episodes of 2015From “Death, Sex, and Money” and “Another Round” to “Reply All” and “Criminal,” these podcasts ruled the year.