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  1. chest-off
    15 Greatest Man Chests in MusicIn baring his Christian nipples, Stapp carries on a long tradition in music.
  2. right-click
    Lights Have Your Halloween PlannedYou could die high and go to Halloween heaven and it wouldn’t equal this music video.
  3. right-click
    Julian Casablancas’s Sex Is On FireHe’s still all about the black-leather cool — or maybe it’s black-latex cool.
  4. right-click
    Down With Vivian Girls; Up With Jemina Pearl!“I Hate People”: Brat-rock the way it was meant to be.
  5. rebel rebel
    Sons of Anarchy Achieves NirvanaWe love “Jax” Taylor for his screamingly obvious patron saint, Kurt Cobain.
  6. right-click
    Black Eyed Peas Have Song of the Autumn on LockHere’s the crazy thing: For the first time, we’re really feeling Fergie.
  7. right-click
    Modest Mouse Video Creepier Than a Letterman-Polanksi Brunch DateSee Isaac Brock’s bowels unravel and splatter on the floor!
  8. right-click
    Quote Us on It: Hipster Runoff Band Actually Quite GoodIt is called, deep sigh, “Jesus Christ.” (the indie band).
  9. right-click
    White Shit, Our New Favorite Punk BandTheir song “Jim Morrison” is utterly transfixing.
  10. right-click
    New Chris Brown Track More Awkward Than You Might ImagineA fantasy of zombified women made to do men’s bidding? You betcha.
  11. playlist
    Which Songs Would Dave Matthews Play at John Edwards and Rielle Hunter’s Wedding?We were struck by Edwards’s selection of an artist so well known for his frankly sexual lyrics.
  12. vulturazzi
    Pics: SJP and the Sex and the City 2 ShootCould the ladies’ outfits still be variously described as skanky, preppy, dorky, and tranny? See for yourself!
  13. right-click
    Paramore Leaves Kings of Leon Feeling Used?Making beautiful music, etc.
  14. right-click
    Gus Van Sant Grants Wish of Undertalented Rock ComboRarely does such a poor song get such a great video.
  15. right-click
    Drake and Some Kid Make Rap New AgainSee what’s billed as “The Greatest Amateur Rap Ever.”
  16. right-click
    A Fleet Foxes Fix, and Then Some, Courtesy of J. TillmanEver wished you could be the meat in a Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver sandwich?
  17. right-click
    Lou Barlow Would Like to Show You His DollhouseAnd yes, it’s pretty creepy.
  18. right-click
    Yo La Tengo Pretty Into This YouTube ThingThe latest of four videos the group has introduced since July also looks as though some clever kids made it in an afternoon.
  19. right-click
    New Paramore Video: Tight!Is this the greatest lady-fronted rock band in the country?
  20. right-click
    The Big Pink Make Their Feelings on Ice Queens KnownThey should be blown up, apparently.
  21. right-click
    All Other Indie Rockers, Give Up: Introducing Bon Iver Spinoff Volcano Choir“Island, IS” is a double dose of headphone music.
  22. song of the summer
    Song of the Summer: Tim McGraw in the Saddle“It’s a Business Doing Pleasure With You”: And with you, sir!
  23. no means yes?
    ‘No Homo’: Cause for Hope in Hip-hop?Is hip-hop becoming gayer — or is it just up to some old tricks?
  24. right-click
    Interpol Singer Lampoons Interpol SingerWelcome to the un-fun house.
  25. right-click
    Maxwell: Down With ‘O.P.P.’Descending into a red-lit basement apartment no doubt redolent of sensual rubbing oils.
  26. right-click
    New Major Lazer Video Probably Not Safe for Work, EpilepticsDo you prefer music videos that feature men who drop trou and jump off ladders onto prone women?
  27. right-click
    New Shakira Video Apparently Pulled Out From Under Some Dude’s MattressIt gives us a funny, climbing-the-rope-in-gym-class feeling.
  28. right-click
    Monsters of Folk: When Conor Oberst, M. Ward, and Jim James Talk to GodWe have to go ahead and call this song heavenly.
  29. right-click
    Panic! at the Disco Defectors Face Off Against Old Bandmates!Panic! at the Disco recently had two members defect. Today we hear not only the latest track from the remaining Panic members, but the first song from new band the Young Veins.
  30. right-click
    New U2 Can’t Be Hated OnWe’re really feeling “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight.”
  31. right-click
    The Best New Pearl Jam We’ve Heard in Forever“The Fixer” might inspire us to love again.
  32. song of the summer
    Song of the Summer: Rob Thomas and a Radical Revamp of the Power RankingsThe Black Eyed Peas have finally spilled from the No. 1 spot, and the effects have cascaded downward!
  33. right-click
    Maxwell Damn Sure Knows How to End a Dry SpellWhat’s the sexiest thing you’ve done all day? Whatever it was, it won’t compare to this.
  34. right-click
    Mariah Carey Inhabits a Stalker, But What’s in the Minds of Her Haters?We’re actually rather shocked at the level of vitriol directed at the singer.
  35. right-click
    Alice in Chains Returns, Bonds UnbrokenThe black-molasses riffing and anguished singing? The musical equivalent of a familiar old drug high.
  36. song of the summer
    Song of the Summer: Michael Jackson Rarities, Remixes, Covers and More!Freddie Mercury! Jay-Z! Supergrass!
  37. right-click
    KRS-One and Buckshot Have Officially Saved ‘Hip-hop’A great, gimmicky rap song about how gimmicky rap songs have become.
  38. right-click
    Drake’s Vixens Hold Up Admirably Well in Demanding VideoThe rapper plays the coach of a basketball team comprised of remarkably well-endowed women.
  39. right-click
    M.I.A.-Directed Video a Kaleidoscopic Kick in the HeadIn case you’ve ever wondered what it’s like at one of those mythical Baltimore D.J. parties — or to trip balls in a mid-eighties JCPenney.
  40. michael jackson
    Greg Tate’s Michael Jackson: ‘Secretly Angry Black Race-Man’The great Tate in today’s ‘Voice.’
  41. right-click
    Kanye West Hits BottomThe evidence is on video.
  42. right-click
    ‘Birthday Sex’ Finally Committed to FilmAnd they couldn’t work candle wax into this?
  43. last night's gig
    Passion Pit Represents for the Massholes at Bowery BallroomThe last time we saw a Boston band play must’ve been ten years ago.
  44. song of the summer
    Song of the Summer: Mariah Carey Dominates (Pun Intended!)Spin us right round, Mariah, and feel free to do so all summer.
  45. right-click
    No Riots Reported As Taylor Swift Raps With T-PainThey no longer need to make room for a white country girl to stand next to a black guy who raps.
  46. right-click
    Fifteen-Year-Old Usher Protégé Throws a Sexy PartyLadies, are you feeling this little homey?
  47. help
    Should We Recap True Blood?Do you enjoy reading about television programs in addition to watching them?
  48. last night's gig
    Indie-Rock Show of the Year? The Decemberists and the Diamond TwinsIt culminated with the most remarkable karaoke this side of the Japanese islands.
  49. right-click
    Brandon Flowers, of All People, on the Time When Men Were MenAnd cars were boats, and Europe owed us a fat one for dubya dubya two.
  50. right-click
    Whose Song Is Sexier?“Dear Vulture, I never thought this would happen to me … “
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