1. q&a
    Who’s Still Laughing With the Razzies?Forty years into the gag, the Razzies’ co-founders explain their purpose, process, and why they let anyone pay $40 to name the “worst” of the year.
  2. The History of Cinematic Kinkiness, in 20 FilmsFifty Shades is following in a long, scandalous tradition.
  3. primer
    5 Movies to Watch by the Dardenne BrothersThe Belgians are among the world’s greatest living filmmakers.
  4. movies
    Despite This Season’s Oscar Bait, Biopics Were Reinvigorated in 2014A trio of movies undercut the biopic’s tendency toward simplicity.
  5. future of movies
    6 Ways the Movie Distribution Model Is ChangingVOD, BitTorrent, and something called Tugg.
  6. movies
    YA Dystopian Films Have Become What They HateConformist instruments of the ruling machine!
  7. vulture lists
    8 Great Mike Nichols Movies (and 4 Wonderful Comedy Sketches)A career long and wide.
  8. movies
    Robert Zemeckis’s Contact Is the Proto-InterstellarThe two have more in common than you might recall.
  9. editorials
    The Expendables 3 and How PG-13 Has Ruined the Modern Action MovieCan you point to any decent action in a recent big-budget American movie?
  10. looking back
    The Enduring Uncoolness of the Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesHeroes in a half shell, corny power.
  11. one of these things is much like the other
    7 Ways Guardians of the Galaxy Reminds Us of the Star Wars MoviesSpace operas!
  12. primer
    Primer: Snowpiercer Director Bong Joon-hoHis is a diverse and daring canon with universal appeal.
  13. movies
    Robots Have Become One of 21st-Century Cinema’s Go-To Blockbuster ClichésIf you plan on going to the movies this weekend, or this month, or at any point this summer, it might help if you like robots.
  14. movies
    Edge of Tomorrow: The Pinnacle of Video-Game CinemaLive. Die. Repeat. You see?
  15. let cage be cage
    Nicolas Cage Doesn’t Need a McConaissanceHe delivers a sturdy, soulful performance in Joe. But he doesn’t need roles like that.
  16. movies
    Robert Redford, Awards Buzz, and How Hollywood Takes Movie Stardom for GrantedRobert Redford has been thrust into the awards-season storm courtesy of All Is Lost, and with good reason.
  17. movies
    Talkin’ to Himself: The Family and Robert De Niro’s Self-Parody ProblemThere are two kinds of self-parody — deliberate and unintentional — and Robert De Niro is now a master of both.
  18. directors
    Edgar Wright Is the Patron Saint of Fanboy CultureBetween Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and The World’s End, Wright has crafted a canon that’s the apex of fanboydom.
  19. movies
    The Conjuring and Horror Cinema’s ‘Real’ ProblemWhy do some scary movies increasingly seem so intent on striving for realism?
  20. primer
    What the Hell Is a Kaiju? 5 Movies That Can Help Explain Pacific RimGuillermo del Toro’s monsters-versus-robots movie is constructed from the disparate parts of myriad genre predecessors.
  21. abracadabra
    Now You See Me: Why Movies About Magicians Don’t WorkIf there’s a trick the cinema has rarely pulled off, it’s making a decent magic movie.
  22. movie stars
    The Year of Rock: How the Former Wrestler Became King of the Action-Cinema RingIt’s not hard to smell what The Rock is cooking this summer — it’s box-office domination.
  23. stop biting
    Hands Brushing Against Wheat, or the Many Mimics of Terrence MalickAs other filmmakers borrow from Malick, has the director devolved into self-parody?
  24. familiar feelings
    Evil Dead: 4 Reasons Why Most Horror Remakes FailIt’s scary how bloodless they can be.
  25. instructions
    How to (and How Not to) Make a Good Horror Anthology MovieThis weekend’s ABCs of Death is just the latest in the scary subgenre.
  26. primer
    Director Park Chan-wook: Six Movies to WatchThe following works are required viewing.
  27. man and superman
    The Downward Spiral of Die Hard’s John McClane From Everyman to SupermanFor our macho movie hero, dying hasn’t just become hard — it’s become impossible.