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    Nelsan Ellis on True Blood’s Season of the Witches, Lafayette’s Mohawk, and Dodging the Marines“No one told me that when you’re in the military, they own you. I quickly changed up that situation.”
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    True Blood’s Rutina Wesley on Her ‘Feisty’ Character, the Origins of ‘Hooker,’ and Getting an Action Figure“Who’s to say that that won’t happen? I’m in a comic book now.”
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    True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten on the ‘Brutal and Dirty’ Fourth Season, Surviving a Shark Attack, and Working Out“Jason Stackhouse’s life is very much on the line.”
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    Michelle Forbes on The Killing, Rats, and Her ‘New Hero,’ Dan Harmon“One of my favorite shows right now is that damn ‘Community’! Oh my God, where did that come from?”
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    Lykke Li on Her New Album, Twilight, and Plans to Haunt David LynchQ: Why do rappers like you so much? A: Um … because I got balls?
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    Camelot’s Eva Green on Sex Scenes and PaganismThe sexified King Arthur series premieres tonight on Starz.
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    Carla Gugino on Her ‘Really Surreal’ Sucker Punch Role, and Being a Late-Blooming SexpotAlso, what’s the deal with ‘Entourage’?
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    Winter’s Bone’s John Hawkes on His Oscar Nomination and Deadwood-Inspired Cussing“Odd turns of phrase like ‘and the like’ and ‘don’t queer the game’ entered my vernacular.”
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    Lucy Lawless: Spartacus’s Hedonism Has a Point, But Jersey Shore Is ‘Repugnant to Me’“My daughter is 22. I don’t want to see people my children’s age getting their gear off.”
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    Watch a Lady Solve a Wheel of Fortune Phrase With a One-Letter ClueBet she can’t get through the Saturday New York Times crossword puzzle, though.
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    Watch Lil Wayne Say Thank You to His FansSort of gives you the fuzzies, dunnit?
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    Listen to Rival Michael Caine ImpersonationsCultural lesson: Michael Caine is to England as Christopher Walken is to America.
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    Watch M.I.A. Perform With the SpecialsAlas, some things are just cooler in theory.
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    See an Extended Cut of Conan O’Brien’s Exotic American Express Ad’The Darjeeling Limited’ < ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’ < Conan’s misadventures in India
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    Hear Rihanna’s New Song, ’Complicated’Oh man, this really hiiiiiiiigh electro-ballad is gonna be impossible to karaoke.
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    Watch the Bizarre Commercial That Unites the Snuggie With the MacarenaSpeechless.
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    Watch the Fisticuff-tastic Trailer for Bangkok KnockoutThe latest from the amazing ‘Ong Bak’ fight choreographer features a bunch of people getting kicked in the face. Also, there is a dude on fire.
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    Hear the New Swizz Beatz Track Featuring RakimIt’s Monster Monday (i.e. Swizz’s day of the week to release free tracks). This one is called “King Tut,” and it thankfully has no samples from the Steve Martin song.
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    See Some Walking Dead Target-Practice PostersOf course, if you need more guts, use an ax.
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    Watch Jared Leto and Kanye West Perform TogetherAt the MTV Europe Music Awards this weekend in Madrid. That’s the spirit, Yeezy: Keep these travesties offshore.
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    See a Promo Image for The SmurfsSince when did Smurfette have Kim Zolciak wig-hair?
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    Watch The Simpsons Parody Twilight’Tweenlight’ stars Daniel Radcliffe as a mysterious, brooding English vamp who likes to “move between the trees the way a bat does, by jumping.”
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    Watch the Kung Fu Panda 2 trailerAnd learn the ancient art of the kung-fu staring contest.
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    See the ‘Hobo With a Shotgun’ PosterAnother Grindhouse trailer to become a movie. We’ll pause — there’s a lot to take in here.
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    Watch Hulk Hogan Rap Badly and Then Whip It Out“It” stands for, you know, it. Mercifully a black bar makes this SFW.
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    Watch Oprah Reunite the Backstreet BoysThe Backstreet Boys, who performed “I Want It That Way” on the show, will tour with New Kids on the Block. This is progress?
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    Listen to the Liz Lemon–Christopher Cross SongCalled “All My Nights I’ve Been Waiting,” off the 30 Rock double-CD soundtrack out November 16
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    Watch Lisa Kudrow Video-Chat With Meryl StreepIt’s a peek at Kudrow’s new Internet series, ‘Web Therapy.’
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    Hear Duffy Perform Her New Track Featuring the RootsCurious: The Roots recorded the song with her in the studio, yet they weren’t Duffy’s backup band when she debuted the track live on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.’
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    Watch George Takei Call a Homophobic School-Board Member a Douchebag… And then call him a douchebag again. And again.
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    See a Painting of a Young Sean Connery’s BumWait, it gets better: He’s wearing a thong th-thong-thong-thong.
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    Watch ‘The Charlie Sheen Is Too Damn High Party’More Jimmy McMillan mileage. Eat his dust, landlords.
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    Watch the Pulp Fiction Response to the Don Draper ‘What’ Video“Say ‘what’ again. SAY. WHAT. AGAIN. I dare you.”
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    Watch Some Bizarre Harry Potter Role-Play at a Train StationIn which Voldemort and his crew seemingly attack a commuter.
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    Read Highlights From Jay-Z’s Upcoming Autobiography, DecodedA short list: crack, jail, bulletproof vests, Cristal, daddy issues, Oprah.
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    Watch Ricky Gervais Serenade ElmoBetween this “Letter N” song and “There’s an App for That,” Sesame Street is finding its own Lonely Island.
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    See All Five Covers of Kanye West’s ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’The last one’s a screencap from his webcast yesterday.
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    Hear Lil Wayne’s Lost Verse on ‘Talk That,’ Produced by TimbalandPart of the new Timbaland Thursdays.
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    Watch the Trailer for The Illusionist, from the Triplets of Belleville FilmmakerThis is Sylvain Chomet’s first animated full-length since Triplets, and as expected, it’s very lovely, very French.
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    Watch the Latest Yogi Bear Trailer, Starring Justin Timberlake’s Golden Voice As Boo-BooThen continue to speculate whether or not this flick will end up killing the ‘Social Network’ star’s invite to the Oscar pic-a-nic.
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    Hear Zach Galifianakis Give Two and a Half Men a Shout-out in a New Due Date ClipHere’s hoping Galifianakis and Downey Jr. become the 21st century’s Hope and Crosby.
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    Watch Paul Scheer Dispense Fantasy-Football AdviceIncluding a whacked-out reason why a black man should choose a player named Arian.
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    See Movie Scenes Re-Created With LegosI’m starting to think that, these days, adults play with Legos more than kids.
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    Watch the Video for Natasha Bedingfield’s ‘Strip Me’Yes, it’s SFW.
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    Play the Eye Spy Caruso GameOr, the latest contender for the new Sad Keanu.
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    Watch LeAnn Rimes Talk About the Misery of Child StardomCan we forgive her for the whole affair thingy now?
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    See Stills From an Unreleased Natalie Portman Movie’Love and Other Impossible Pursuits’ is a romantic drama featuring Portman as a stepmom.
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    See Some Fake-Picasso Superhero DrawingsInteresting. But how would Pablo do Bizzaro?
  49. tv
    Watch Joel McHale Explain to Kathie Lee and Hoda Why Their Show Is RidiculousHoda: “Why do you continue to mock our show?”
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    Hear Glee’s Cast Singing Songs From the Next EpisodeOne secret from the mysterious “Never Been Kissed” installment: They do reggae.
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