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    The Defenders Season-Finale Recap: There’s No ‘I’ in TeamThe heroes of The Defenders face off in their final battle against the Hand.
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    The Defenders Recap: Enter the Dragon“Fish in the Jailhouse” reveals the personal costs of this increasingly fantastic conflict.
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    The Defenders Recap: Black Sky Rising“Ashes, Ashes” serves up the show’s most dramatic cliff-hanger yet.
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    The Defenders Recap: Nowhere to HideThe Hand isn’t an interesting villain.
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    The Defenders Recap: Not Looking for Super-Friends“Royal Dragon” proves that The Defenders has a lot of room for improvement.
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    The Defenders Recap: All Together NowThe big team-up finally arrives in “Worst Behavior.”
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    The Defenders Recap: Talk to the HandThe fight scenes in “Mean Right Hook” are a big step up.
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    The Defenders Series-Premiere Recap: Don’t Call Them HeroesIf you expect to see Marvel’s street-level heroes team up in this episode, prepare to be disappointed.
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    American Gods Season Finale Recap: Don’t Cross EasterKristin Chenoweth brings a bubbly brightness to American Gods.
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    American Gods Recap: Semi-Charmed Life“Prayer For Mad Sweeney” reveals a lighter, softer side of American Gods.
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    American Gods Recap: Burn, Baby, Burn“A Murder of Gods” doesn’t shy away from scathing political commentary.
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    American Gods Recap: A Whole New World“Lemon Scented You” ups the tension between Old and New Gods.
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    American Gods Recap: Death Becomes Her“Git Gone” is a very big risk that pays off.
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    American Gods Recap: Snow DayShadow Moon doesn’t believe in anything anymore.
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    American Gods Recap: The SlaughterhouseEveryone seems to know that Mr. Wednesday is bad news, but they still can’t resist him.
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    American Gods Series-Premiere Recap: Where Is Your God Now?“The Bone Orchard” is an ambitious, messy introduction.
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    Legion Season-Finale Recap: Dark Side of the MutantUnpredictability is one of the best things about Legion.
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    Legion Recap: Bow to the King“Chapter Seven” reveals the true identity of Legion’s villain.
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    Legion Recap: Group Therapy“Chapter 6” returns to Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital and stays there far too long.
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    Legion Recap: The Lunatic Takes OverDavid Haller has officially lost control.
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    Legion Recap: The Warlike Man“Chapter Four” is a mind-bending example of what Legion can accomplish.
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    Legion Recap: Nightmare on Memory Lane“Chapter Three” offers a simplified version of Legion’s challenging premise.
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    Legion Recap: Summerland BluesThe question at the heart of Legion: Is David Haller mentally ill?
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    Legion Series-Premiere Recap: Something New“Chapter One” is a bold revitalization of the superhero story.