Patrick Mortensen

  1. The Three Michael O’Donoghue Books You Should Read Before You DieHis most incisive and shocking and cruel and funny stuff comes in quickly, destroys everything and leaves before anyone knows what happened.
  2. The Invention of Nostalgia: Inside the National Lampoon’s ‘1964 […]Who would win in a fight between Don Draper talking about how nostalgia is a “twinge in your heart, far more powerful than memory alone” and […]
  3. Inside the Almost 100% Successful 1985 Late Night with David Letterman BookEveryone knows that Merrill Markoe just wrote a book called Cool, Calm & Contentious. But did you know she also did a first book? It’s […]
  4. It’s Too Late, the Cones are Built: Inside the Strange, Writer-centric […]There is a book I love and it is not clear to me what the name is, but I think it is just Saturday Night Live. If you’re looking for it, you […]
  5. Instead of Playing Music, Yo La Tengo Performs an Entire Seinfeld EpisodeI saw Yo La Tengo Friday night in Chicago. On this tour, they have a giant Wheel-of-Fortune-style wheel, with accompanying theme music, that […]