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    Kim Cattrall Likes the Sex and the City Jokes in GirlsThough she still needs to watch it.
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    Julie Taymor Has a Bone to Pick With the MPAA“It’s okay to have violence, but you can’t have love?”
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    Party Lines: Ed Westwick and More at the World Premiere of War HorseWho’s obsessed with Jurassic Park? Their dog? Pink tissues?
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    Party Lines Slideshow: Emily Mortimer and More at the World Premiere of HugoCelebs on toys, time, and 3D glasses.
  5. Ellen Barkin Made Olivia Wilde Freak Out Last Night“I can’t believe she knows I’m on Twitter! She knows who I am?”
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    Party Lines Slideshow: Amy Ryan at a Screening of ‘Like Crazy’Find out who’s done the long-distance thing.
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    Cary Fukunaga Makes a Case for Dating DirectorsSays the ‘Jane Eyre’ director: “I’ve scoured for mourning jewelry, put pieces that have matched from around the world; I’ve given lost lockets as gifts.”
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    Party Lines: Bobby Cannavale at the Tony Nominees Press ReceptionBroadway stars in their glory.