1. comics talk to comics
    Pete Holmes Talks to Gary Gulman About Stand-up, Riffing, and Reusing Material“I overly gush to you and then threw Bill Burr a ‘You were good, too.’” 
  2. chat room
    Pete Holmes Talks to Sinbad About Comedy“I was dirty when I started. The thing is everyone was dirty. We all sounded like Richard Pryor.”
  3. chat room
    Pete Holmes and Kumail Nanjiani Talk Stand-upNanjiani’s Beta Male premieres this Saturday. “I did wear a hoodie and I regret it.”
  4. comedy week
    Pete Holmes: The 3 Agonizing Stages Between Talk-Show Pilot and Talk ShowWhat the comedian learned over the agonizing six months before hearing that he will host a show after Conan this fall.
  5. chat room
    Pete Holmes and Anthony Jeselnik Talk Dark Jokes“Let’s just do what we think is funny and worry about the complaints later.”