1. Exploring “Humamnity” with Jonny Sun Jonny Sun released his first book this year: Everyone’s a Aliebn When Ur an Aliebn Too. The book is an illustrated account following the […]
  2. Anthony DeVito on Overcoming Shyness and Taping His Comedy Central SpecialEvery so often you hear somebody say something like “Oh, I would love to do standup comedy, I’m just too shy.” And more often than not, they […]
  3. Casey James Salengo on the Importance of Just Enjoying YourselfI spoke with Casey James Salengo fresh off his return from taping his Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents, set to premiere tomorrow. From what […]
  4. On the Verge: Nick VatterottWelcome to our series On the Verge, where our contributors highlight comedians they feel are ready for their next big break. Whether they’re […]
  5. Jon Daly Still Wants to Play Golf with John DalyLast year, Adult Swim aired a golf special starring comedic actors Jon Daly and Adam Scott playing roles as their golf-world namesakes: John […]
  6. Seeking Adventure and Demystifying Philosophy with Danny LobellDanny Lobell has done some strange things for money. Running a hairless cat breeding business, selling Jackie Mason’s cassette tapes on […]
  7. Inside ‘Asian AF’ with Will ChoiAsian AF, an enormously popular variety show in LA featuring exclusively Asian-American performers, has yet to see a single empty seat. Will […]
  8. The Credibility of Late Night Comedy“Without credibility, the jokes mean nothing.”
  9. Bassem Youssef and Sara Taksler Take on Fragile Egos and Authoritarian […]Bassem Youssef has been through a lot. If you aren’t familiar with Youssef, he’s often described as “The Jon Stewart of Egypt,” but that’s more […]
  10. W. Kamau Bell Has Learned to Be Comfortably UncomfortableKamau Bell has spent a lifetime trying to figure out how he fits into the big picture of things. His new book, The Awkward Thoughts of W. Kamau […]
  11. Harnessing the Power of the Absurd with Musical Comedy Duo Sam & Bill Sam & Bill is a comedy musical duo consisting of one half Sam Haft and one half Bill Bria. Their new album Sam & Bill Are Huge […]
  12. Building on Sacred Ground with the New Cast of ‘MST3K’ Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) is one of those cultural touchstones – much like Doctor Who, Firefly, and the works of Terry Pratchett […]
  13. The Uplifting Nihilism of ‘Rick & Morty’2016 was a very, very bad year no matter how you slice it. In tough times, comedy is often a form of escape that people turn to when they need […]
  14. Finding Energy in Despair with the National ‘What a Joke’ Fest In those first few days after the election, it felt like everything everybody said pretty much just boiled down to “What do we do?” Comics […]
  15. Making ‘Limeade’ with Lahna Turner One of the aspects of comedy that I truly believe is most beautiful is its ability to turn heartache into laughter. The ability to take […]
  16. Loyiso Gola on Juggling Identity and Jokes Loyiso Gola is a part of a new wave of international comedians making stronger footholds in the American comedy scene. Gola recently joined […]
  17. Tim Dillon Just Wants the Truth Tim Dillon doesn’t really fall into any particular comedic niche. He is simultaneously a boisterous, conservative-leaning Long Island native […]
  18. Finding the Right Headspace with Rory Scovel Rory Scovel is a comic who, by all accounts, stands out. His talent for performing off-the-cuff spontaneous material is hard to match in the […]
  19. Nicole Byer Is ‘Loosely Exactly Nicole’ Nicole Byer, of MTV’s Girl Code fame, has appeared on Netflix’s Lady Dynamite, NBC’s 30 Rock and Fox’s Party Over Here. Her web series, […]
  20. Staying Present with Will Miles Will Miles moved to New York City three years ago from Chicago alongside two of his closest friends Kenny DeForest and Clark Jones. Thanks to […]
  21. Staying Motivated and Staying True with Christi Chiello The first time I saw Christi Chiello perform was three years ago in the basement of a bar at comedian Jared Wilder’s show Laugh and a Draft. […]
  22. What to Expect from David Mandel’s ‘Veep’ Congratulations! You are now the showrunner of a successful HBO series! After the feeling of victory has had time to wash over you for all of […]
  23. The Bitter Rage of @OpenMicComic It’s hard to say whether or not we’re in another comedy golden age – it really depends on where you’re sitting. If you’re sitting in a […]
  24. Rob Corddry’s Peaceful Breakup with ‘Childrens Hospital’ Not long after talking to David Wain about the seemingly endless possibilities for Childrens Hospital, the news broke that this season would […]
  25. How Jonny Sun Creates Community with Humor and Philosophy Jonny Sun, known on Twitter as “Jomny Sun,” leaned into Weird Twitter starting around 2011 or 2012 under the assumed identity of an “aliebn […]
  26. Eric André Treats His Talk Show like a Temp Job Eric André is erratic jazz. He’s polarizing. If you get it, you love it; if you don’t, you leave the room confused. His talk show The Eric […]
  27. Ari Shaffir on Giving Artists Free Rein and Life without a Smartphone When we last spoke, Ari Shaffir had just released his special Paid Regular. His storytelling YouTube series This Is Not Happening was just […]
  28. Giulia Rozzi Explores ‘True Love’ When we last spoke, Giulia Rozzi and I talked about her predilection for deeply personal topics and how she feels the most at home when she’s […]
  29. David Wain on ‘Childrens Hospital’ and His Love for Short-Form Comedy Childrens Hospital was the brainchild of Rob Corddry, who produces the show alongside David Wain and Jon Stern. Now in its seventh season, […]
  30. Max Silvestri Settles into LA and His Lifelong Calling of Mocking Chefs Max Silvestri hosted one of Brooklyn’s most popular comedy shows, Big Terrific, for nearly seven years alongside fellow comedians Gabe […]
  31. David Cross on Resurrecting ‘Todd Margaret’ After an Apocalyptic Ending Writers frequently talk about how one of the most difficult parts of writing a scene is finding a way to end it, but for David Cross and his […]
  32. Barry Crimmins Is Not Taking Life PersonallyThere are a handful of comedians that have been on the scene since the earliest days of the comedy boom of the 1980s, and even fewer who were […]
  33. Anthony Jeselnik’s ‘Thoughts and Prayers’Anthony Jeselnik is so much more than “unapologetically offensive.” He is sympathetically offensive. Few comedians understand the power and […]
  34. Gad Elmaleh Takes AmericaUnless you’re a French speaker, odds are very low that you have heard Gad Elmaleh’s standup. However, he is very well known among at least five […]
  35. Inside Brian Regan’s Live Standup SpecialBrian Regan is one of the most trustworthy comics performing today: he can be trusted to make practically anybody laugh, from children to the […]
  36. Saying Goodbye to ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’ with Co-Creator Dave WillisFor nearly fifteen years Aqua Teen Hunger Force has left us all confused and amused. Its creators (Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro) met while […]
  37. Judy Greer and Nat Faxon on Their Weaknesses, Expectations, and Finding […]Married has been praised widely for its uniquely unromantic portrayal of married life. Nat Faxon and Judy Greer portray Russ and Lina Bowman, […]
  38. Pryor, Rickles, and Mason: Doing Comedy as the Daughters of LegendsMy father is an electrocardio physiologist. I did not follow in his footsteps, and nobody has ever come up to me after a show and said, “You […]
  39. Tommy Wiseau Discusses Americans, Chickens, and Questions He HatesTommy Wiseau and his cult-classic film The Room are two of the greatest mysteries of the entertainment industry. Since its release in 2003, […]
  40. Giulia Rozzi and the Art of Making Comedy That’s True to YourselfGiulia Rozzi is a true comedic factotum – a jack of all trades – who has a well-developed talent, crucial in comedy, for making virtually any […]
  41. Sara Schaefer on Coming Out of Her ChrysalisSara Schaefer has proven herself as a capable and talented comedian on nearly every front in comedy. Together with Nikki Glaser, she hosted […]
  42. Vampires, Gangs, and Avian Puns with Jemaine Clement and Taika WaititiJemaine Clement (of Flight of the Conchords fame) and Taika Waititi (director of Eagle vs Shark and Boy) have been friends since their college […]
  43. Inside the Boom and Bust Cycle of Standup Comedy with Jordan BradyJordan Brady’s love of comedy has carried him through two great comedy “booms” and “busts” over the past 30 years. Although he was a highly […]
  44. Ari Shaffir and the Importance of IntimacyWho would tape and produce their comedy show in a strip club? Ari Shaffir. This Is Not Happening has proved its merit as a successful web […]
  45. The Secret to Bill Burr’s SuccessBill Burr was never an overnight sensation. It happened gradually. He’s a comedian who has been so consistently hilarious, so consistently […]
  46. Turning the Show Around with Big Jay OakersonEvery time I’ve seen Big Jay Oakerson, I’ve seen a different (but always hilarious) act. He’s certainly not alone in the growing genre of […]
  47. How the Birthday Boys Found Their Footing in Their Second SeasonWatching The Birthday Boys feels strangely candid. Their antics and self-described “stupidity” are immersed in a sort of all-inclusive […]
  48. Cameron Esposito and the Business of Being HerselfCameron Esposito is honestly hilarious and hilariously honest. She is vest-obsessed and unbeatably upbeat. These characteristics make for a […]
  49. Inside Rachel Bloom’s Showtime Pilot ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’Rachel Bloom made her first big splash in 2010 with the hilarious short “Fuck Me Ray Bradbury,” which was so successful that Rachel had the […]
  50. The Art of Holding Nothing Back with Chris LakerChris Laker has nothing to hide. For fans of comics like Marc Maron or Patrice O’Neil, that can only mean better comedy. Laker has cycled […]
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