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    Watch the Music Video Jonah Hill Directed for Sara BareillesWitness the ‘Moneyball’ actor lose his directorial innocence.
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    See James Franco Recut His Own My Own Private IdahoThe actor-slash-writer-slash-everything reevaluates the Gus Van Sant classic for ‘The Paris Review.’
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    Check Out Wavves’ Druggy, Boozy New Music Video for ‘Bug’From the band’s ‘Life Sux’ EP.
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    Watch Alec Baldwin Pee His Pants While Touching John KrasinskiThe rival baseball fans reuinite, urinate in “The Odd Couple.”
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    Watch Arcade Fire’s Win Butler Lose at BasketballThe Polaris Prize–winning musician falls on the court.
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    Check Out the Trailer for A Game of Thrones: GenesisWinter is coming, but the video game’s coming sooner.
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    Meet the Star WarsBatman Love Child, Darth KnightIt’s exactly what it sounds like.
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    Watch a Young, Pre-Fame Kanye West Perform at a Poetry Slam“The future of hip-hop,” says smartest man in the world Mos Def.
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    Watch Wilco Play a Full, Hour-long Show for LettermanThe band plays their classics, as well as new songs from their upcoming album ‘The Whole Love.’
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    Watch April Manage Andy’s Life in a Parks and Rec Sneak PeekShould Dwyer let Tom Haverford poach him?
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    Watch Alec Baldwin Joke About Trapper Keepers, Rupert Murdoch With Bill HaderAs usual, he’s this week’s ‘SNL’ host.
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    Watch Michael Showalter Be Hilarious for ToyotaCupholders: “They’re like cups … for your cups.”
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    Hear a Six-Hour Flaming Lips Song, ‘I Found a Star on the Ground’A long chunk of the band’s even-longer ‘Strobo Trip’ EP.
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    Watch Jonah Hill Call Meet Joe Black Boring in Front of Brad PittPlus: Brad Pitt may or may not enjoy ‘Jersey Shore.’
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    Watch a Wheelchair-Bound Sarah Michelle Gellar Return to All My ChildrenAnd she’s not alone!
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    Watch a Book Trailer for Art Spiegelman’s MetaMausThe artist addresses issues raised by ‘Maus.’
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    Check Out Four Crayons Whittled Into Star Wars CharactersChewbacca, C-3PO, Darth Vader, and more!
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    See a Picture of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Hanging Out With Six BabiesTaken from his Instagram account.
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    Watch Greyson Chance Play a Young(er) Jimmy on Raising HopeAnd he sings!
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    Watch Sofia Vergara Attempt to Sing Campfire Songs in a Modern Family Sneak PeekFrom tonight’s season-three premiere.
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    Watch The-Dream Endure a Painful Breakup in the ‘Long Gone’ VideoOff his free mix tape, ‘1977.’
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    Grab a Free Domo Genesis Mix Tape, Under the InfluenceIt’s worth every penny.
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    See Emma Watson and Rupert Grint’s Awkward First Harry Potter KissWatson uses her wits to avoid having to kiss Grint 27 times.
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    Hear a Pleasant New Wild Beasts Song, ‘Thankless Thing’One part art, one part pop, all good.
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    See a Shirted Hugh Jackman Help Shirtless Wrestlers on WWE RawHugh Jackman just can’t stop fighting people!
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    See 53 Pixelated Portraits of People From The WireCourtesy of Iotacon artist Andy Rash.
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    Hear J. Cole and Missy Elliott’s ‘Nobody’s Perfect’From the recently leaked ‘Cole World: The Sideline Story.’
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    Here Are Those Nancy Grace Dancing GIFs You Asked ForShe’s having a party and nobody’s invited.
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    Hear the Latest Backstreet Boys Song, ‘Lost in Space’The Boys, all 30 or older, want to “stay up all night” and “sleep all day.”
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    Watch a Shirtless Hugh Jackman Pal Around With a Shirted Sugar Ray LeonardAll in the name of ‘Real Steel.’
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    Watch Girls Pick Up Girls in the ‘Honey Bunny’ VideoChristopher Owens cruises with the top down.
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    Read Four Newly Released Shel Silverstein PoemsFrom the artist’s posthumous ‘Every Thing On It.’
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    Hear Ne-Yo, T-Pain, and Trey Songz Slow Jam on ‘The Way You Move’In which they rhyme “poet” with “know it.”
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    Watch Conan Use Peanuts to Reenact His Emmy LossO’Brien was apparently the only person there with hair.
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    Hear Three New Nevermind-Era Nirvana TracksWell, new to you!
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    Take the Official Ron Swanson Manliness TestTom Haverford failed but is demanding a retest.
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    Hear Childish Gambino’s Latest Single, ‘Bonfire’Donald Glover raps about ToeJam & Earl on the latest from his forthcoming ‘Camp.’
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    Watch Ned Flanders Be Walter White in a Faux Breaking Bad PromoCooking that blue-diddly meth-iddly.
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    Watch The Wire’s Bodie Push Weight in a FedEx CommercialThe memorable drug dealer finds a safer line of work.
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    Hear Jack White and Insane Clown Posse Reunite on ‘Mountain Girl’Watch out, Loutallica!
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    Watch a Birthday Skunk Enjoy a Birthday CupcakeA one-year-old Peaches dons her party hat, enjoys her treat, and ignores her present.
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    Meet the New Lily in Modern Family’s Season Three Sneak PeekNew season, new baby.
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    See the Outtakes From the Jersey Shore Emmys SkitIn which we learn about the Boss’s Asian heritage.
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    Listen to Das Racist’s Heems Rap About the Internet on ‘Computers’“The YouTubes has more science than Bill Nye the Science Guy.”
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    Watch a Walking Dead Season Two Teaser TrailerFeaturing what might be TV’s first zombie horse!
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    Watch a Montage of Famous People Ruining the National AnthemNot the Radiohead song, either.
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    Hear the First Sounds From That Lou Reed and Metallica Collaboration“Awe-inspiring. It’s maybe the best thing done by anyone, ever.”
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    Check Out Demi Lovato’s Rendition of Lil Wayne’s ‘How to Love’And the Lovatoheads go wild!
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    Watch a Supercut of Movie Characters Wearing Tom Selleck’s MustacheAll it needs now is a waterfall and a sandwich.
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    Watch Girls Play a Set in a Nashville BasementThe band does an in-store to promote ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost.’
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