1. flop weekend
    Disney’s Strange World Eats Space Dirt at the Box OfficeNot even Jake Gyllenhaal’s press-junket memes could save it.
  2. #thankful
    Don’t Rain on Lea Michele’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day ParadeHey, Mister Macy’s, here she is!
  3. last night on late night
    Marla Mindelle Hijacks Seth Meyers on Her Quest for World DominationThe Off Broadway cast of Titanique gave TV viewers a taste of its live-theater magic.
  4. set visit
    I Made a Lifetime Christmas Movie!Over 100 made-for-TV holiday movies will premiere this season. Here’s what it’s like to work on one.
  5. halleloo!
    World’s Most Famous Dancer Wins Dancing With the StarsThat seems … fair.
  6. this! is! nice!
    Amy Schneider Is Your Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions ChampionJeopardy! released the Schneider cut … of the grand-prize money.
  7. 100 days of avatar
    Avatar 2 Trailer Teaches Us The Way of WaterYour good old pals Jake Sully and Neytiri are back in action.
  8. crime
    Sonic Creator Arrested for Using Cheat Code on the EconomyYuji Naka might get more than a rap on the Knuckles.
  9. vulture travel
    Start Making Your Reservations for The White Lotus Season 3White Lotus: Great Wolf Lodge.
  10. awards season
    Brendan Fraser Will Not Be Attending the Golden Globes“It’s because of the history that I have with them.”
  11. y’arrrr
    The Bahamas Will Straight Up Arrest Billy McFarland If He Tries Another Venture(1) Ninety-nine messages in bottles. (2) ??? (3) Profit.
  12. vulture festival 2022
    Kumail Nanjiani Has a Male-Stripping Fallback PlanIt involves baguettes (suggestive).
  13. vulture lists
    The 23 Best TV Shows to Stream As You’re Falling AsleepThrow on what the sleep scientists call a “low-challenge show.”
  14. perseverance
    25-Year-Old Pallet Town Boy Wins Pokémon World SeriesAsh Ketchum just had the greatest day of his life. He has become the very best.
  15. trans rights
    Nikita Dragun Arrested and Says She Was Placed in Men’s Unit of Florida JailThe Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department released a statement denying that Dragun was placed in a men’s facility.
  16. podding off
    Talking With the Video-Game Podcasters Who Put Me to SleepGet Played isn’t made for me, but each night I look forward to not finishing it.
  17. trailer mix
    The Whale Trailer Is Like the Crying OlympicsAnd the Oscars are gonna drink those tears up like the finest wine.
  18. trailer mix
    Weird: The Al Yankovic Story Weird Als the Musical BiopicDaniel Radcliffe parodies the parodist on November 4.
  19. hoedown throwdown
    Whose Line Is It Anyway? to Say, ‘And Scene’Longtime cast member Colin Mochrie tweeted the show is set to film its final season.
  20. controversy
    Asghar Farhadi’s Attorney Responds to Accusations of Plagiarism“Ms. Aviv has uncovered a handful of people with complaints that they were not thanked enough.”
  21. vultúr on tár
    49 True Facts About Lydia TárThe superstar conductor is the subject of a new biopic — what do we know about the real her?
  22. jk rowling this is on you
    Harry Potter Fans Are Probably Killing Seals in Dobby’s NameThey’re leaving socks at the elf’s oceanfront “grave.”
  23. the blip
    Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Was Always Going to Be About GriefThe late Chadwick Boseman’s character, T’Challa, “was grieving time he couldn’t get back.”
  24. oh marone!
    Jennifer Lawrence Says Katniss Everdeen Stole Her Name“Jennifer Lawrence is Katniss Everdeen, I guess,” she said in a new interview. “Is that weird?”
  25. mcu but the ‘c’ is a ‘t’ for ‘tv’
    Yahya Abdul-Mateen II to Dump DC for Marvel Series Wonder ManIsn’t it ionic?
  26. what ‘the menu’ should be about
    Keith McNally Double-Quitsies-No-Takebacksies James Corden“LAST POST ON THIS NON-STORY.”
  27. lumon+
    Severance Recruits Alia Shawkat, Gwendoline Christie, Bob Balaban for Season TwoOh, you just know Balaban is gonna get all up in Burt and Irving’s situation.
  28. corn pop
    Oh Dear, SNL Is Already Doing 2024 Presidential-Election Sketches“I’m with her.” —Mikey Day, possessed by a demon.
  29. snape’s snipes
    Alan Rickman’s Decades-Old Diaries Are Still Hot GossSnape snipe snippets.
  30. coming soon
    Pablo Larraín to Extend the Jackie-verse With Angelina Jolie’s MariaJolie will play the legendary soprano Maria Callas in Larraín’s follow-up to Spencer.
  31. le corden bleu
    James Corden Says ‘I Haven’t Done Anything Wrong on Any Level’Cordy not sorry.
  32. holey moley
    Post Malone Fell Into a Hole AgainSomebody please buy him a better floor.
  33. astroworld
    Travis Scott Privately Settles First Astroworld Lawsuit With Families of VictimsScott, who still faces billions of dollars in numerous lawsuits, reached a private settlement out of court.
  34. vulture jr.
    Bear in the Big Blue House Is Finally Streaming, So the Internet Is Nice AgainTutter hive, your time is now.
  35. the great british baking no
    A Great British Bake Off Musical? Scrummy!Staging a musical adaptation of a low-stakes reality baking competition for the West End sounds like a technical challenge.
  36. icky men
    Anna Faris Says Ivan Reitman ‘Humiliated’ and ‘Slapped’ Her on Set“I mean, the idea of attempting to make a comedy under this, like, reign of terror. He was a yeller.”
  37. dr. mad-hatin’
    Who Watches the Watchmen? Not Alan MooreDamon Lindelof tried to appease the writer with a Dr. Manhattan–blue apron, which Moore found “embarrassing.”
  38. coming soon
    What’s Bigger Than an F5 Twister? Twisters.Practical effects! Practical effects!
  39. le corden bleu
    James Corden Has Been Unbanned from BalthazarRestauranteur Keith McNally has 86’d this “tiny Cretin of a man” from the New York establishment.
  40. ford smash!
    The MCU Gobbles Up Harrison Ford for Captain America 4More like Captain America Fourd.
  41. crime
    Ezra Miller Pleads Not Guilty to Their Least-Egregious ChargeMiller was charged with felony burglary of several bottles of their neighbor’s liquor in May.
  42. spinoffs
    Besties Eat Testes on Luann and Sonja: Welcome to Crappie LakeLuann de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan previewed their upcoming spinoff series at BravoCon.
  43. elephant in the room
    Leah McSweeney ‘Probably’ Threw Elephant Poo at Castmates“She was just trying to get the other ladies to join the party!”
  44. boffo b.o.
    Martin Scorsese Finds B.O. ‘Repulsive’That’s “box office.”
  45. again with this guy!
    More Layoffs Hit the Animation Group at Warner Bros.Cartoon Network Studios and WB Animation feel the squeeze.
  46. 2une
    Everything We Know About How Dune 2 Is Doin’“Dune DUne DUNE dUNE dun3” is getting a Part Two TWo TWO tWO tw2.
  47. intergenerational drama
    The Joy Luck Club Is Getting a Sequel From Amy TanA new generation is coming to the table.
  48. hei network
    Tim Heidecker’s On Cinema Season 13 Will Be a Morning ShowFive bags of popcorn? More like five cups of java!
  49. to to to to the moon
    Tom Cruise to ‘Yes, And’ Himself Off the Face of the EarthHe plans to film an action movie on the ISS (International Stunt Station).
  50. trowma
    Babe Wake Up, Jamie Lee Curtis Said ‘Trauma’ AgainMaybe she’s just a Halloween-promotion mastermind.
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