1. the law
    Man Wrongfully Accused of Author Alice Sebold’s Rape Exonerated After 40 YearsAnthony Broadwater’s name was cleared after pre-production for a film adaptation of her memoir, Lucky, brought up mistakes in the decades-old case.
  2. grammys 2022
    Grammys Further Shake Shit Up With Last-Minute Change“Many other Award shows, including the Latin Grammys and the Oscars, already honor ten nominees for their big categories,” said the Academy CEO.
  3. fake couples
    HBO’s The Idol Casts a Cult for The Weeknd and Lily-Rose DeppSuzanna Son, Steve Zissis, Troye Sivan, and more will star in the series focused on the music industry.
  4. the law
    Kevin Spacey to Pay $31 Million in House of Cards DamagesLet him be Frank(ly guilty).
  5. will forte fan club
    Watch This Harrowing Prison Interview With MacGruber“It’s all about lights and moths and dicks.”
  6. overnights
    Canada’s Drag Race Recap: The Yassification of Season TwoFinally, every single queen gets to shine in some capacity.
  7. overnights
    Canada’s Drag Race Recap: Why, Flop?It’s girl-group challenge week (bing bang bong), no pressure (sing sang song).
  8. snl
    Billie Eilish, Paul Rudd, and Charli XCX Will Close Out SNL for 2021Eilish is doing double duty.
  9. not the father
    Lil Nas X’s Fake Maury Episode Is Basically Kroll ShowNot Lil Nas X making a whole episode-length sequel to his music video!
  10. arrests
    Polo G Has Felony Charges Dropped in Miami ArrestThe rapper was stopped by police in June on the way back from his Hall of Fame album-release party.
  11. vulture festival 2021
    Jeff Goldblum, Uh, Opened Himself to LegosIn season two of The World According to Jeff Goldblum he goes to Legoland but does not take his Lego-obsessed kids.
  12. vulture festival 2021
    JoJo Siwa Gives Jenna Johnson a Gucci Present Every Week on DWTS“Salamis to the face.”
  13. replacements
    Annie Live! Swaps Jane Krakowski Out For Smash’s Megan HiltyAfter Krakowski contracted a breakthrough COVID-19 case.
  14. 30 flirty and thriving
    Yes, Adele Has Probably Seen Your Carnival Memes“I know how to trace something online like no one’s business.”
  15. superlatives
    John Linnell on They Might Be Giants’ Best, Latest, and Flansburghiest StuffOne out of two Johns talks their new album, BOOK; using a giant stick; and free doughnuts.
  16. trailer mix
    How to With John Wilson’s Season Two Trailer Is Better Than Most TV EpisodesRIP Gem Spa, and long live Mama.
  17. wig!
    Nicole Kidman Has Some ’Splainin’ to Do in Being the Ricardos TrailerWhy are you gagging so? You know she brings it to you every Lucille Ball.
  18. oh noooo
    Vibrator Salesperson Demi Lovato Is Promoting a Conspiracy-Theory Platform“Thrilled to be” an ambassador for a platform full of Q-aligned conspiracy theories about cabals and vaccines.
  19. rip
    Dean Stockwell, Quantum Leap and Paris, Texas Actor, Dead at 85The Emmy- and Oscar-nominated actor worked in film and television over eight decades.
  20. trailer mix
    C’mon C’mon Trailer: Joaquin Phoenix Isn’t a Very Good Babysitter“What makes you happy?” Phoenix asks in the trailer. “Knowing that Jaboukie Young-White is in this,” we answer.
  21. chat room
    Nicholas Braun Feels the ‘Weird Energy’ Between Greg and Tom Too“I don’t think it can get more tense or more unhealthy of a relationship than it already has.”
  22. prequels
    Yeehaw, Yellowstone Is Getting a PrequelY: 1883 will be a Dutton family origin story, and it will stream on Paramount+.
  23. emotional motion sickness
    Paul Mescal, Confused Sauce Boy, Gets to Date Phoebe Bridgers“paul thinks thousand island is called hundred years sauce.”
  24. overnights
    Canada’s Drag Race Recap: Snatch and ReleaseSnatch Games matter so much because when a performance is iconic, it tends to get tied to a queen’s drag persona for years.
  25. vulture sports
    Aaron Rodgers Got Homeopathic Treatment Instead of a Vaxx, and Now He Has COVIDApparently he’s consulted his “good friend” Joe Rogan.
  26. post-credits scene
    What’s Going On With Harry Styles’s Accent in Eternals?It’s giving … Irish lilt? American? Full Russian mobster?
  27. reunions
    Dolly Parton Is Going to Appear on Grace and Frankie! Finally!It’s gonna be a rootin’-tootin’ 9 to 5 reunion.
  28. smooooooth
    Mariah Carey Has a New Holiday Song, So Christmas Starts Now“Fall in Love at Christmas” will make you want to curl up in front of the fire on the bearskin rug we assume you own.
  29. cute
    Everybody Shut Up! Elmo Has a Puppy Now.Sesame Street welcomes Billie Eilish, Naomi Osaka, Elmo’s puppy, and more beginning November 11.
  30. date night
    Kim Kardashian Is Now the Queen of Staten IslandShe joined its king, Pete Davidson, for a customary strip-mall Italian dinner.
  31. the law
    Rust Assistant Director Wants Industry to ‘Reevaluate Its Values’ After ShootingAn attorney for Halls, who allegedly handed the gun to Alec Baldwin, claimed it was “not his responsibility” to check the firearm.
  32. summer of scam
    Julia Garner Scams Us Into Believing She’s Anna DelveyShe really delved into the role.
  33. capitalism
    Biden Administration Sues to Halt $2 Billion Simon & Schuster AcquisitionIn an antitrust case to prevent Penguin Random House from buying its competitor.
  34. chat room
    Linda Emond Recorded Her Succession Phone Call From a Horse-Drawn CarriageThe show’s latest power player on the intricacies of phone acting, sparring with Brian Cox, and serving as an emissary for President Raisin.
  35. utalkin2me?
    Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz Enter the Couples-Costume RaceOoooh, you’re soooo edgyyyyyy.
  36. celebrity feuds
    Shakira Got Mugged by Wild BoarsIn a wrinkle to this saga, Shakira now says multiple bystanders neglected to step in.
  37. comics to watch
    The Comedians You Should and Will Know in 2021These are the 22 comics who industry insiders predict will be the superstars of tomorrow.
  38. overnights
    Canada’s Drag Race Recap: Shriek in ReviewDrag Race has many strong suits, but scripted acting challenges have rarely been one of them.
  39. slashfic
    Josh O’Connor and Paul Mescal to Play Wartime Lovers in World’s Hottest WWI Film“In this snatched, short-lived moment in their young lives, and while discovering the epic sweep of the U.S., both men are deeply changed.”
  40. allegations
    Zayn Malik Pleads ‘No Contest’ to Assaulting Gigi & Yolanda Hadid in Court DocsMalik was given 90 days of probation and must “successfully complete an anger-management class.” He was ordered not to have any contact with Yolanda.
  41. draculean feats
    Most Shows Would Be Better If They Were About VampiresLet’s raise the stakes (sorry).
  42. blabbermouths
    Is Brian Cox Allowed to Be Saying All This?L-to-the-O-G off, Brian.
  43. treasure!
    Treasure Hunters Doc Will Adapt a New York Mag Piece That Was Pure GoldAnd they’re calling all treasure seekers.
  44. trailer mix
    John Cho Rocks Steady in Cowboy Bebop TrailerAll aboard the Bebop.
  45. trailer mix
    Pixar’s Lightyear Trailer: To Infinity and We YawnedAnd just to be clear, this “isn’t Buzz Lightyear the toy. This is the origin story of the human Buzz Lightyear that the toy is based on.”
  46. rip
    Legendary Comedian Mort Sahl Is Dead at 94His political satire opened the floodgates for modern American stand-up comedy.
  47. dune
    Dune Is the Sequel-Getter‘Dune DUne DUNE dUNE dun3’ is getting a Part Two TWo TWO tWO tw2.
  48. halloween
    Dancing With the Stars Horror Night Is Frightfully Entertaining TVHas Jordan Peele seen this?
  49. netflix is a joke
    The Jonas Brothers Are Going to Roast Each Other for Your AmusementPete Davidson and Kenan Thompson are mixed up in this too.
  50. apologies
    J Balvin Apologizes for, Takes Down ‘Perra’ Music VideoJ Balvin issued an apology on Instagram regarding his now-deleted music video.
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