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    Taryn Manning on How OITNB Handles Rape in S4“It’s interesting because it shows how some people don’t really know they’ve committed such a crime.”
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    Dascha Polanco on That Orange Is the New Black CliffhangerSpoilers ahead!
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    Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin Pranked Each Other“Sam stole all of the furniture out of my room.”
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    Russell Crowe Explains His On-Set Injuries“The disintegrating hip goes back to a fall that I had on Gladiator.”
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    Priyanka Chopra on Playing the Baywatch Mean Girl “I’m the interruption in their slow-motion running.”
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    Damn Right, Helen Mirren Will Swear If She Wants To“I’m not actually the Queen.”
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    No, Andrew Rannells Won’t Get You a House Ticket to See HamiltonHe says Girls grows up for season five.
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    Michael Shannon Once Got Stuck in a Porta PottyYes, flippers.
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    Alexander Skarsgard on How His ‘Farrah Fawcett’ Drag Look Came About“You can’t really hold back if you’re gonna do it.”
  10. song of the summer 2015
    Ed Sheeran Says ‘Shut Up and Dance’ Is This Year’s Song of SummerSorry, “Bad Blood.”
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    Why the New Ghostbusters Cast Is So SNL-HeavyAnd how he knew that each actress was the One.
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    Rose Byrne’s Gigantic Spy Hair Was Supposed to Get Its Own Credit“It was the most complicated hairstyle I’ve ever seen in my life.”
  13. mad men
    Sarah Silverman and More on Mad Men Memories“I don’t think I’ve ever, in any R-rated movie, in anything, seen period blood.”
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    Legally Blonde Cures Sarah Koenig’s Flying FearsAnd Legally Blonde 2.
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    Alison Wright on Martha’s Americans FutureStay safe, Martha!
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    Harvey Weinstein Calls Out Hollywood’s Lily-White Awards Mentality“You can’t put three black actors in the Best Actor category? You can’t put two black screenwriters in?” 
  17. John Slattery on the Mad Men Scene He Wishes They’d Kept“Man, I wish … we should go back and shoot that.”
  18. shut-ins
    Michael McKean Talks Playing a Shut-in on Better Call SaulAnd why Chuck’s affliction is real.
  19. snl 40
    Rachel Dratch Gets Called Out on Twitter for Being a Debbie DownerWah, wahhhhhh.
  20. hot tub time machine
    Comics, Celebs Pick Their Favorite SNL SketchesCrowd favorite: Eddie Murphy’s hot tub.
  21. anti-valentines
    11 Celebrities on How to Spend Valentine’s Day Alone“I will be in the cinema watching Fifty Shades of Grey on my own. I’m serious.”
  22. partylines
    Girls Cast Talks That Sex Scene From PremiereYou know the one.
  23. wow that was fast
    HBO Wants Girls Back for Season 5That was fast.
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    Where Would Liam Neeson Hide a Body?Tips from the Walk Among the Tombstones premiere.
  25. videos
    Which Celebrities Got Raptured on The Leftovers?“The Pope I get, but Gary f—king Busey?”
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    Justin Theroux Would Want His Cell Phone for the RaptureAnd other Rapture-related worries from The Leftovers premiere.