Richard Morgan

  1. stand-up
    Nimesh Patel Wants to Be on the Wrong Side of the JokeThe stand-up reflects on everything from leaving SNL to getting kicked out of a show at Columbia.
  2. casting couch
    Hamilton Has Found Its Next Burr, ElizaThey’re alums of Shuffle Along and In the Heights.
  3. hamilton
    Hamilton’s Out-of-Control Standby Line: Marriott Says No to ThisFor the first time since it debut, Hamilton has capped its standby line.
  4. Black Ops: ‘Post-Racial’ Comedy in the Age of ObamaIn 2010, former troupe-mates Donald Glover and DC Pierson returned from Los Angeles to perform at The Creek and The Cave, in New York City. […]
  5. What’s Wrong with Comedy Central?I have been writing about comedy for about seven years now — hi, 2005! — and, whenever I interview a comedian, almost without fail […]
  6. Messin’ with Texas: Why Doesn’t SXSW Pay its Comedians?Charlie Sotelo hasn’t gotten much sleep this year, but that’s true for him every January and February. Sotelo is the sole staffer handling the […]
  7. roundtable
    Due West: A Roundtable Discussion on New York’s Ongoing Comedy ExodusFeaturing Jason Mantzoukas, Eugene Mirman, Chris Gethard, and more.
  8. the most uplifting story you’ll hear all day
    The Legend of FeshFor 24 hours, both coasts of the Upright Citizens Brigade community and the cast of ‘Saturday Night Live’ teamed up to make this sad Ohio loner a hero.
  9. yuks
    New York Comedy Incubator Finally Comes to … New YorkBoom Chicago, stalwart entertainers for Amsterdam’s stoner tourists, now performing on Governors Island.