Rob Tannenbaum

  1. in conversation
    Liz Phair on Being Misunderstood, Ryan Adams, and the Dawn of Girlville“My theory was, if I say the dirtiest things in the world, but like a little girl, will anyone actually hear it? That was the game I was playing.”
  2. How to Fix the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Voting System, by a VoterIn any given year, if you want to know who will definitely get in, find the most popular white rock band on the ballot. They’re a clinch.
  3. The 32 Greatest Talk-Show Hosts Ever, RankedLet’s be clear: If your favorites aren’t on this list, it’s not because we forgot to consider them.
  4. playlist
    Your La Monte Young Listening GuidePerfect for your Fourth of July BBQ.
  5. music
    Minimalist Composer La Monte Young on His Life and Immeasurable Influence“It’s not just a work of genius — I did things no one ever dreamed of and I set up an approach to sound that parallels universal structure.”
  6. long story short
    How Azealia Banks’s Broke With Expensive Taste Finally Got ReleasedA short history of how it came together.
  7. horror week
    Freddy Lives: An Oral History of A Nightmare on Elm StreetDon’t sleep on this.
  8. oral histories
    The Hoboken Sound: An Oral History of Maxwell’sIn the pantheon of important New York City rock clubs — Max’s Kansas City, CBGB, the Bottom Line — Maxwell’s ranks as high as any, even though its legal address is New Jersey.
  9. reevaluations
    In Defense of Third Eye BlindIn the wake of inflamed debate, we asked former ‘Blender’ music editor Rob Tannenbaum to evaluate the legacy of 3EB.
  10. last night’s gig
    Tasty! Steely Dan Brings the Guitar Solos, Male PonytailsRob Tannenbaum on the band’s ongoing Beacon Theatre residency.
  11. mj
    Rob Tannenbaum: The Alien Michael JacksonThe most popular singer in America would be black, but not too black; male, but not masculine; sensual, but not sexual.