Sadie Gennis

  1. spoilers
    The Circle’s Winner on Pulling Off the Perfect Catfish“I knew I threw myself in for a big, big challenge and I studied hard.”
  2. vulture lists
    11 Fantasy Novels to Read After Bingeing Shadow and BoneBeyond the Grishaverse.
  3. chat room
    Melanie Scrofano on Facing Wynonna Earp’s Demons and Saying Good-byeAs the series nears its end, its star discusses Wynonna’s mental health, her relationship with Waverly, and what to expect of the final episodes.
  4. valhalla
    Vikings’ Most Memorable Deaths, As Chosen by Its CreatorThe blood eagle, the snake pit, and lots of stabbing.
  5. fun with statistics
    The Bachelor Premieres By the NumbersPrepare for tonight’s arrivals with a look at the biggest trends and critical statistics from every (streaming) premiere.