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    The Crown Season-Finale Recap: Full CircleThe season ends with another poll, another new prime minister, another boat trip, and a lingering sense of unease.
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    The Crown Recap: The War of the WalesesBreakups suck, but this episode doesn’t.
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    The Crown Recap: The Wrong Side of HistoryThe evolving relationship between the media and the monarchy gets teased out in a classic ideological tale of old guard versus new.
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    The Crown Recap: Tear Down the TempleIf this episode of The Crown had aired three years ago, Martin Bashir might have gotten a very different edit.
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    The Crown Recap: DNA BusinessAh The Crown, a show about the royal family — you know, the Romanovs.
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    The Crown Recap: TampongateSome doubted The Crown would touch this incident, and yet here we are.
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    The Crown Recap: Love’s RefrainThings heat up in this Margaret-focused episode (literally, in Windsor Castle’s case).
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    The Crown Recap: Puttin’ on the RitzThe Crown steps away from the royal family and puts the spotlight on Mohamed and Dodi Al-Fayed.
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    The Crown Recap: True GriefPhilip helps a family member through a hard time but basically tells Diana to suck it up.
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    The Crown Season-Premiere Recap: I’m on a BoatNetflix’s prestige drama is really amping up the drama as season five kicks off.
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    Never Have I Ever Season-Finale Recap: Should I Stay or Should I GoWe’re finally here — the last day of Devi’s junior year.
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    Never Have I Ever Recap: Parents Just Don’t UnderstandDes, we go to bat for you, and this is how you repay us?
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    Never Have I Ever Recap: Vertical LimitsWhat’s a girl got to do to get horizontal?
  14. overnights
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Double JeopardyThe sky’s the limit for Devi and Des as a potential power couple.
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    Never Have I Ever Recap: Mass ExodusWe’ve got another Ben-centric episode, so Andy Samberg is back as our buoyant, eternally boyish guide.
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    Never Have I Ever Recap: How Devi Got Her Vibe BackDevi’s sexual vibes are rusty, and people can tell.
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    Never Have I Ever Recap: Saving FaceDevi is still hung up on Paxton until Nirdesh, a stone-cold hottie, enters the chat.
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    Never Have I Ever Recap: Love Is a BattlefieldIt’s Valentine’s Day, which means relationships end left and right.
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    Never Have I Ever Recap: TrollhunterIt’s admirable of Never Have I Ever to navigate the gray areas of the Paxton/Devi/Haley dynamic.
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    Never Have I Ever Season-Premiere Recap: The Odd CoupleThe gossip and pressure of being the school’s hottest and unlikeliest couple get to Devi.
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    Bridgerton Season-Finale Recap: One Last TimeAfter fighting their feelings for so long, Kate and Anthony finally allow themselves the love and self-acceptance they deserve.
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    Bridgerton Recap: Do Not StopAs the Bridgertons and Sharmas do damage control in the wake of the failed wedding, we finally get a steamy sex scene.
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    Bridgerton Recap: Faith or FoolsOkay, Edwina, out here making decisions for yourself, we see you.
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    Bridgerton Recap: Mr. DuplicityWhy won’t these two kiss already?
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    Bridgerton Recap: A-Hunting We Will GoHope you were sitting down for that dancing scene. Phew!
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    Bridgerton Recap: Into the WoodsAn intense moment between Anthony and Kate reveals how much trauma these two are carrying around.
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    Bridgerton Recap: Love LanguagesKate runs interference on Anthony’s efforts to win Edwina’s hand, while the queen is on Whistledown’s trail.
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    Bridgerton Season-Premiere Recap: No Pressure, No DiamondAnthony’s criteria for the ideal viscountess is woefully lacking, but he’s already quite smitten with the mysterious, badass Kate.