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    Director Michael Winterbottom on The Killer Inside MeThe director talks violence, sex, and sexy violence.
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    Monogamy’s Rashida Jones and Chris MessinaThe actors and friends talk long-term relationships, exhibitionism, and taking onscreen risks.
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    Kim Cattrall Talks Meet Monica Velour, Looking UglyThe ‘Sex and the City’ star talks about gaining weight for a role, the true colors of famous male actors, and seeing Brian Dennehy’s balls.
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    Mumblecore Muse Greta Gerwig on ‘Nights and Weekends’ and the Ugly Side of Movie SexGerwig spoke to Vulture this week about her tempestuous relationship with Joe Swanberg and the joys of seeing your head explode.
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    Exclusive: Sam Mendes Tells His Best Paul Newman StoriesMendes, who worked with Newman on the Oscar-nominated gangster epic ‘Road to Perdition,’ had many memories of their time together, some funny, some inspirational, all moving.
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    Stuart Townsend on ‘Battle in Seattle’ and Battling Hollywood’If someone would give me a decent job I’d go and do it! But if they won’t? Then I’m going to go and make my own shit.’
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    ‘House’ Star Olivia Wilde on Which Characters Thirteen Might Make Out WithWilde raps with Vulture about the upcoming season and her character’s recent diagnosis with Huntington’s.
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    Producer Walter Bernard on the Documentary ‘Painting a Lady’Bernard raps with Vulture on ‘Portraits of a Lady.’
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    Free Blood’s John Pugh and Madeline Davy Are Totally Done With Drum MachinesThe former !!! singer raps to Vulture about his new band.