1. supercuts
    Watch a Supercut of Every Impression Bill Hader Did on SNLFrom Al Pacino to Yitzhak Hofi.
  2. vulture with julie klausner
    Watch Patton Oswalt Rant About EraserheadHe and Julie Klausner got on the topic because Patton had a prosthetic rabbit foot poking out of his chest.
  3. vulture with julie klausner
    Rob Delaney and Julie Klausner Go Head-to-Head on Classic Board GamesThe comedian and Twitter superstar demonstrated his Hungry Hungry Hippos skills, which were quite impressive.
  4. the voice
    Watch Alan Cumming Read Anything We Put in Front of HimThat Scottish brogue is put to the test with Ryan Lochte tweets, porn DVD titles, and more.
  5. the best of tv
    The 10 Best Oral-Sex-Face GIFs of the 2012–13 Television SeasonActing!
  6. the best of tv
    Watch a Supercut of the Year’s Best TV DrunksGrab your work flask and enjoy!
  7. gifs
    Five Adam Scott & Amy Poehler Hart to Hart GIFsThese two.
  8. side by side
    Scott/Poehler’s Hart to Hart Alongside OriginalMarvel at how adeptly Adam Scott and Amy Poehler pull off their Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers impersonations!
  9. nice to meet you
    Video: Bachelorette Contestants in One Sentence#Letthejourneybegin
  10. pop pop off
    Arrested’s Pop-Pop vs. Community’s ‘Pop, Pop!’Grandfather Bluth versus Magnitude’s catchphrase.
  11. sing along!
    Watch a Supercut of the Best Musical Moments From Arrested DevelopmentWe have a dream that Franklin and Hung Jury will come back for season four.
  12. vulture with julie klausner
    Watch the Backstreet Boys Get Quizzed on the Silliest Quotes From Their PastAnd harmonize the answers!
  13. series finales
    Our Six Feet Under–Style Good-bye to The OfficeHere’s how the Dunder Mifflinites will all pass. Cue the Sia.
  14. happy mother’s day
    Celebrate Mother’s Day With Advice From Game of Thrones’ MomsEven when winter is coming, a mom is still a mom.
  15. mashups
    Watch Our Definitive Game of Thrones Gilly–SNL Gilly Mash-UpSorry.
  16. vulture with julie klausner
    Video: Julie Klausner and New Girl’s Jake Johnson Go Day-DrinkingThey hung out at one of Jake’s favorite New York bars.
  17. mad men
    Vulture Video: Watch the Ultimate Don Draper PitchWe don’t know what the hell he’s selling, but we’re certainly buying it.
  18. vulture with julie klausner
    Watch Jim Gaffigan Taste-Test Vegan Junk FoodNary a Hot Pocket in sight.
  19. quotables
    Downton’s Dowager Countess vs. GoT’s Lady OlennaWarning: sharp tongues ahead.
  20. slow clap
    Watch Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Get the Ultimate Slow ClapAnd slow clappers from movies past gathered to (slowly) join in.
  21. lost in thought
    Each Judge on The Voice Has a ‘Think Face.’ These Are Their Think FacesNever forget the fun we had during the blind auditions.
  22. not amused
    Video: See the Most Unamused Celebrities From the MTV Movie AwardsSo much polite clapping!
  23. supportive families
    Meet The Voice’s Seven Most Apoplectically Happy FamiliesCue up these bonkers GIFs whenever you want to feel like people are rooting for you.
  24. video
    Video: Do Bravo Stars Fear the Threat of North Korea?We sent Julie Klausner to the Bravo upfronts to find out!
  25. callbacks
    25 Sex and the City Callbacks in Carrie DiariesVulture scoured the CW show for hints to the original.
  26. trippin’
    Watch Julie Klausner Drop Acid With Roger Sterling on Mad MenWhat, you didn’t notice that she was tripping at the party with him last season?
  27. vulture with julie klausner
    Watch Chris Hardwick and Julie Klausner Dominate at Pop-Culture PictionaryThey are too good for this game.
  28. mix-ups
    Watch The Nerdist Panel Mix Up The Hobbit, LOTRDominic Monaghan played a hobbit, he was not in The Hobbit.
  29. community
    Gillian Jacobs’s Strange YouTube Rabbit Hole“These are the things I like to watch.”
  30. vine on
    More Than Just Cats: 14 Clever Six-Second Vine MoviesShortest Attention Span Theater.
  31. fanksgiving
    Video: We Just Can’t Get Enough of Hearing Adele Say ‘Fank You’“Fank you so much!”
  32. video
    Watch Jackie Collins Play Vulture’s ‘Name That Famous Shirtless Hunk’ GameLike Password, but with more abs.
  33. super bowl xlvii
    Relive Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance in 11 GIFsPlus the Destiny’s Child reunion!
  34. slim legging it
    Video: What Do Brooklynites in Hannah’s Hood Really Think About Girls?Is Cafe Grumpy ready for a Sex and the City–style Girls bus tour?
  35. acting
    Paul Giamatti As Twilight’s Edward, Magic MikeGiving these romantic leads the Giamatti flair!
  36. put a book on it
    Video: Armisen and Brownstein Pick Obscure BooksJust like their characters Toni and Candace from Portlandia.
  37. julie klausner
    Playing Pool With RHOBH’s Lisa VanderpumpOur own Julie Klausner challenged her to a game.
  38. 50 shades of cray
    Watch the Awkward Introductions of the Newest Cast of The BachelorAlternate title for the show? Fifty Shades of Cray.
  39. video
    Watch As Julie Klausner Gets a Les Misérables MakeoverShe looks Fantine-stic!
  40. video
    Watch Doctor Who’s Cast Pick Out Christmas Ornaments for Each OtherMatt gets giant Christmas stockings to use as socks and Jenna-Louise gets a stripper merman.
  41. jazz it!
    Vulture Wrote a Better, Even Jazzier Homeland Theme SongHomeland’s been a lot less jazzy lately, but we have the cure!
  42. downton abbey
    Watch Downton Abbey’s Mr. Carson Juggle on The ViewThere’s a circus happening at Downton!
  43. zero dark thirty
    Edelstein on Hardball: Zero Dark Thirty Torture“I don’t think friendly interrogation frankly is quite as cinematic.”
  44. gone too soon
    In Memoriam: TV Shows and Characters We Lost in 2012Grab the tissues!
  45. vulture chat
    Video: Slattery and Gilford on In Our NatureThey play a father and son in In Our Nature, opening today.
  46. homeland
    Watch As Homeland’s Sad Chris Brody Is Always Asked to Leave the RoomThink he and Dad will ever finish that game of hearts?
  47. it’s a girl!
    Video: Vulture’s Baby Registry for The Walking Dead’s New ArrivalThis baby’s gonna need more than a Diaper Genie to survive.
  48. supercut
    Video: The Best Lines From Liz & Dick“I’m bored! I’m so bored!”
  49. the arousal index
    Watch Vulture’s Twilight Horniness Focus GroupCharting the arousal level of Twi-hards from Twilight to Breaking Dawn Part 2.
  50. the shade of it all
    Drag Race All Stars Cast Drag-ify the ElectionWho’s serving up the most shade in the campaigns?
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