Sarah Frank

  1. video
    Modern Family’s New Lily Has Been Getting Handsy With Sofia VergaraKids these days!
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    Video: Vulture Chats With The League Cast, Learns Who Talks the Best SmackAlso: who’s drinking whose urine, and more!
  3. supercut
    Video: Sing Along With Andy Bernard’s Greatest HitsNow with more a cappella!
  4. francophile
    Watch a Brief History of James Franco’s Dramatic WhisperingTurn up your volume and enjoy.
  5. video
    Measure Ryan Gosling’s Working-Class-Guy Voice With Vulture’s Gosling Accent-O-MeterWe rate the actor’s evolving accent on a scale of Canadian Mountie to full-on Marlon Brando.
  6. supercut
    ‘I’m a Vampire!’: Watch Vulture’s True Blood Self-Identification SupercutVampires, fairies, and werepanthers, oh my!
  7. the protectors
    Which Creepy Reality Show ‘Knight’ Would You Want Protecting You?Brendon of ‘Big Brother’ or Kasey of ‘Bachelor Pad’?
  8. fantasies
    Vulture Reimagines Jersey Shore As the Classic Film Roman Florence HolidayDo not be alarmed, we cast Snooki as our princess.
  9. you crazy for this one
    Hear All of Kanye West’s Many ‘Huh’s, ‘Hah’s, and ‘Heh’s From Watch the ThroneTo be fair, the night is young.
  10. four letter word
    Great Moments in Onscreen Crossword Puzzle SolvingIn the movies and on TV, someone always knows the answer, immediately.
  11. race against the clock
    Watch a Vulture Supercut of Movies Up Against a DeadlineYou have one hour to live. Duhn duhn duhn.
  12. gone in 60 seconds
    Video: Judge the Bachelor Pad Contestants From Just One Sentence“My astrologer thinks I am going to win ‘Bachelor Pad.’” Of course she does!
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    Watch Vulture’s Guide to a Male-Makeover SceneIt takes more than just a new suit.
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    Watch a Dance Rehearsal with Sufjan StevensSee footage of Sufjan Stevens practicing his dance moves.
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    Watch a Vulture Movie Montage of Big Apple Visitors Befuddled and Confused by New YorkThey can’t get enough of those big shiny buildings.
  16. clear eyes full hearts
    Vulture Presents the Ultimate Coach Taylor Pep TalkA greatest-hits collection of his wisdom and encouragement to inspire you in the locker room of life.
  17. supercut
    Be Hypnotized by Vulture’s Supercut of Nearly 60 Harry Potter SpellsPetrificus totalus!
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    Big Brother’s Adam Really Wants You to Know He Loves Heavy MetalWatch the many ways in which he cannot stress it enough.
  19. video
    Watch Kevin James Echo Chris Farley’s Best MovesIs James’ love of head bonking and ass-gyrating homage or mimicry?
  20. supercut
    Watch a Montage of Awful TV and Film Bosses Being AwfulWelcome back to work, everyone!
  21. vulture can dream
    Watch the Trailer for the Buddy Comedy Version of Game of Thrones“They’ll have to get along. Even if it kills them.”
  22. gone too soon
    In Memoriam: In Honor of Super 8, A Look Back at Other Trains that Went too SoonRest in peace, dear choo-choos.
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    Watch the New Bachelorette Contestants Sum Themselves Up in One Awkward Sentence Apiece“I went to Yale, which is in Connecticut.”
  24. clickables
    Watch YouTube’s ‘Sax Walrus’ Dominate Gaga’s ‘Edge of Glory’ SoloDance along at home.
  25. supercut
    Watch Proof That Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara Is Quite Possibly TV’s Greatest ShouterLower your computer volume.
  26. video
    Watch Ellen DeGeneres and Bradley Cooper Discuss How Pretty Bradley Cooper IsSo pretty, in fact, he was once mistaken for a girl.
  27. video
    How Much Does Piers Morgan Love Talking About Love?A lot, as you’ll see from this super-cut.
  28. explanations
    Brother’s Lee Newell Explains the Principles of Effective Stage Banter“What makes good stage banter? Mainly, me.”
  29. supercut
    From De Niro to MacGruber, Watch Michael Scott’s Worst ImpressionsWe’ll actually kinda miss these.
  30. supercut
    Which TV Show Has Cast the Most The Wire Alumni?We missed you, Omar!
  31. video
    Watch the Doctor Who Cast Challenge Each Other to Doctor Who PinballAnd in between grudge matches, we grill them about the new season of the show.
  32. video
    Watch and Learn the Many Expressions of Audrina PatridgeWow, she’s, like, so expressive.
  33. video
    Watch Steven Tyler Mispronounce Common Musical Terms on American IdolBut to be fair, they are hard words and it’s not like he’s a musician.
  34. supercut
    Watch Vulture’s Collection of Chris Pratt’s Best Spills on Parks and RecreationThese falls are pure “awesomesauce.”
  35. video
    Jane Curtin Says John Belushi Was a Total Sexist“He felt as though it was his duty to sabotage pieces that were written by women.”
  36. supercut
    Watch Vulture’s Disturbing Montage of Killer Children at WorkOh, what those tiny hands can do.
  37. video
    Jesse Tyler Ferguson Says Lady Gaga Wants to Guest-Star on Modern FamilyBut what’s she gonna do, play the neighbor who always parks her egg on their lawn?
  38. video
    Watch Ramona Fend Off Joy Behar’s Suspicions That the Real Housewives of N.Y. Are Fakin’ ItSo what? Who cares?
  39. supercut
    ‘That’s Not My Face!’: A Montage of Body-Switching Reactions From Movies and TVSee the pretty girl in the mirror there … Wait. Who is that?
  40. video
    Watch The Book of Mormon’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone Discuss Just How to Find a Rhyme for ‘Scrotum’We sat down for a video interview with the dependably crass ‘Book of Mormon’ writers.
  41. supercut
    Watch Jersey Shore’s Season in PoopThe supercut.
  42. video
    Jason Patric Has a Macho Preshow Ritual, Says Jim GaffiganIt’s so manly, it burns.
  43. video
    From Jane Eyre to Grey’s Anatomy: A History of Surprise Cinematic SpousesA roundup of the best “Surprise, I’m married!” movie and TV reveals, honoring great achievements in husband and wife concealment.