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  1. video
    See Homeland’s Woods Fight Edited As a ComedyFighting in the woods while on the phone with your wife: HILARIOUS!
  2. video
    Video: Dina Lohan’s Wacky Dr. Phil Interview“Are we rolling?”
  3. video
    Video: The Collected Musings of Honey Boo Boo Child’s MotherJune’s thoughts on “beauty,” “health,” and “love.”
  4. video
    Vulture Examines Christopher Nolan’s ‘Funniest’ ScenesWhy so serious, Christopher Nolan?
  5. gone in 60 seconds
    Video: Bachelor Pad Cast in One Sentence ApieceAnd twins!
  6. insults
    Video: Breaking Bad’s Walter Chews Out JesseHey, ease up, W.W.!
  7. supercut
    Watch a Supercut of Weeds’ Nancy Botwin Guzzling Iced CoffeeNance knows there’s nothing a little chilled java can’t fix!
  8. vulture video
    Video: Who Is the Slow Motion–iest Movie Director?Aside from John Woo, of course.
  9. the aural recap
    The Sounds of Mad Men: Relive Season Five Without Any WordsWe’re having separation anxiety — here’s one last season five wrap-up.
  10. vulture video
    In Memoriam: A Vulture Video Celebrating Mad Men’s Lane PryceA compilation of his best moments, from Pete-punching to pubis-mentioning.
  11. call me maybe
    The Today Show Hosts Were Bit by the ‘Call Me Maybe’ Bug This Morning… And this is craaazy!
  12. getting to know you
    Video: Bachelorette Contestants in One SentenceWho’s got two thumbs and is about to embarrass himself on national TV? All these guys!
  13. eye rolls
    Watch a Parks and Rec/Office Cast Scoff-OffCome with us on a video journey through some of this year’s biggest eye-rolls and annoyed stares.
  14. sex talk
    Watch a Supercut of Zooey Deschanel Trying to Talk About Sex on New GirlBing-bongs and cannon balls for everyone.
  15. See How the Mad Men Blow Job Was Cleaned Up for RerunsYou can’t have head-bobbing during family hours.
  16. drinking games
    Mad Men vs. Game of Thrones: The Drink-OffDo NOT take a drink every time they take a drink.
  17. supercut
    Watch a Compilation of Ridiculous Sexual Wordplay From RuPaul’s Drag Race“Her legs are like peanut butter. Easy to spread.”
  18. as himself
    Watch a Supercut of Celebrities Playing Jerky Versions of ThemselvesFrom now on, we’ll call this “Van Der Beek-ing.”
  19. omglee
    Watch Glee’s Matthew Morrison Break-dance During Inside the Actors StudioThe tweens could hardly contain themselves!
  20. the killing
    Watch The Killing’s Detective Linden Keep Trying to Make a Flight to CaliforniaOver and over and over.
  21. the chewing
    Let’s Relive The Killing’s Best Moments in ChewingBoy did those detectives like to work their jaws.
  22. bobby’s world
    A Look Back at Mad Men’s Many Bobby DrapersC’mon, No. 4!
  23. 30 rock
    Video: What We’ve Learned About Jenna Maroney’s Celebrity-Studded Past on 30 RockSex partners include Tony Shalhoub, Mickey Rourke, and two Backstreet Boys.
  24. the oscars
    See the Best Actor Nominees Answer the Same Questions Over and OverAnd see Jean Dujardin dance.
  25. Watch Vulture’s Trip to the Uggie-Dominated Golden Collar AwardsJulie Klausner interviewed Uggie and the rest of this year’s canine stars on the red, surprisingly unsoiled carpet!
  26. sneak peek
    Exclusive: Watch a Hung-over Snooki Tumble Out of a Hammock in a Jersey Shore Sneak PeekSad Snooki + swing = bruising.
  27. emotions
    Watch Just How Sad Drew Barrymore Can GetThis video shows the many ways she can weep, bawl, sniffle, and scream. So very sad.
  28. delocated
    Watch Delocated’s Jon Glaser and Janeane Garofalo Talk Dad Jeans, Method Acting, and Their Characters’ Possible Love Sex Connection Will we see Garofalo in a balaclava soon?
  29. quotables
    Watch 90 Seconds of Silliness From Rob Lowe’s Drew Peterson Lifetime Movie“I’m untouchable, bitch.”
  30. knope 2012
    See Vulture’s Proposed Ad for Leslie Knope’s City Council RunKnope 2012!
  31. supercut
    Breaking the Fourth Wall: From Ferris Bueller to Zack Morris to House of Lies And Woody Allen, Wayne of Wayne’s World, and so many more.
  32. portlandia
    Video: Vulture Chats With Portlandia’s Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, Learns When Not to ‘Put a Bird on It’Plus, the duo’s upcoming brownie-themed action film? (We wish.)
  33. vulture on set
    Let the Happy Endings Cast Serenade You With the Full House Theme SongHappy Endings returns tonight!
  34. introductions
    Watch Every Bachelor Contestant Introduce Herself in One SentenceA rapping doctor, a pageant queen, and one grandmother straight ahead!
  35. holidaze
    See 40 TV Christmas Moments in Two MinutesGet a speed round of holiday wishes from 30 Rock, 3rd Rock From the Sun, Urkel, Cindy Brady, Murder She Wrote
  36. i quit!
    Watch the Many Ways Movie and TV Characters Dramatically Quit Their Jobs“Frankly, I’d rather have a job wiping Saddam Hussein’s ass.”
  37. vulture can dream
    Watch Friday Night Lights Connie Britton Get Increasingly Concerned for American Horror Story Connie BrittonMrs. Coach, meet Vivien Harmon.
  38. name-dropping
    Video: Watch Happy Endings, How I Met Your Mother, and Up All Night Get Off on Celebrity Punch LinesIan Ziering! Lebron James! Temple Grandin?!
  39. Watch the Community Cast Engage in a Hilarious Pop-Culture BattleJoel McHale & Co. battle each other to prove their entertainment savvy.
  40. vulture on set
    Happy Endings Confessions Part Two: The Naked, Grabby Cast PartiesLife of the party, these kids are.
  41. vulture on set
    Watch the Happy Endings Cast Discuss Bad Pickup Lines, Sex in Bathrooms, and Drunk KaraokeThe gang tells all.
  42. vulture remix
    Listen to Vulture’s Remix of Annie Squealing on CommunityWho knew Annie could rap?
  43. the tao of patti stanger
    Watch a Compilation of Patti Stanger’s Most Cutting Insults“Are you a man? Are you a woman? Are you a mouse?!”
  44. missing persons
    The Walking Dead’s Search for Sophia … in Two MinutesSophia? Are you in here? No?
  45. supercut
    Watch a Montage of Characters Doing Marilyn Monroe’s Infamous MoveFeel a draft?
  46. big reveals
    Watch a Vulture Compilation of Cross-Dressing RevealsShe’s a he and he’s a she.
  47. junk
    Watch a Supercut of All the ‘Penis’ and ‘Vagina’ Shout-outs on Fall TVWe are immature, we know.
  48. trippin’
    Watch a Jersey Shore Ballet of PratfallsMust be all the cobblestone streets, right?
  49. video
    The X Factor Singers Cannot Stress Enough That This Is Their DreamIn this montage, they also would like you to know that it is do or die, and that they want it so bad.
  50. oh em glee
    Watch a Rapid-Fire Montage of Glee Positive ReinforcementChin up! Finn thinks you’re awesome and Quinn thinks you’re pretty.
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