1. seen in the studio
    Canines to Cannabis in Artist Huma Bhabha’s New Show“But hair, or maybe a swath of tentacles, covers where a nose and mouth would be.”
  2. seen in the studio
    Tony Oursler’s Ghost StoriesYes, the artist’s studio is a bit spooky.
  3. seen in the studio
    All Aboard Keith Edmier’s New Show“I got interested in the whole story of the birth of Aphrodite born from sea foam of Chronos castrating his father Uranus.”
  4. seen in the studio
    SEEN in the Studio: Shirin NeshatA visit to the Iranian filmmaker and artist’s Canal Street space.
  5. art
    Why We’re Seduced by Rashid Johnson’s Studio RitualsOver in Bushwick, we play with some wax.
  6. art
    A Visit to William Wegman’s Home StudioHe and his Weimaraners were so excited to discover it again. 
  7. analia saban
    The Legendary Past of Analia Saban’s Santa Monica StudioInside the space once occupied by John Baldessari and William Wegman.
  8. slideshow
    How to Spot a Lawrence Weiner in the WildSharing what the artist has been up to lately across the globe. 
  9. seen in the studio
    SEEN in the Studio: Lawrence WeinerWe stopped in to take a look at the 72-year-old artist’s West Village home.
  10. art
    This Artist Made Soy Sauce Out of Human HairInside Nicolas Lobo’s studio.
  11. seen in the studio
    SEEN in the Studio: Ajay KurianThe artist recently shared what he was preparing to bring to Art Basel Miami Beach. 
  12. art
    A Peek at Marilyn Minter’s Bush Book (NSFW)All real! 
  13. seen in the studio
    SEEN in the Studio: Marilyn MinterA look inside the artist’s midtown loft.
  14. seen in the studio
    SEEN in the Studio: Kalup LinzyThe video and performance artist takes us inside his Crown Heights apartment.