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    T.I. on Trouble Man, R. Kelly’s ‘Eclectic’ Art, and Will Smith“He’s still, excuse my term, a ‘Hood N*gga.’”
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    Meek Mill on Voting, Quitting Pot for Now, and Jay-Z’s Lost Verse“All the girls liked it, but he said that girls just love his voice.”
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    Pusha T: ‘Certain People I Stalk’“You know someone I’m gonna Twitter-stalk?”
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    Hit-Boy Weighs In on Gwyneth’s Twitter Scandal“Champagne was flowing.”
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    Young Jeezy on Thug Motivation 103, Occupying the Hood, and His Bond With Samuel L. Jackson“Sam Jackson is like the Jeezy of Hollywood: He’s for his people.”
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    Yelawolf on His Debut Album Radioactive, His Reality-TV Past, and Hip-Hop Race Relations“If there’s a white rapper throwing [the N-word] around all over their records, then they need to be addressed immediately.”
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    J. Cole on His Album’s Eleventh-Hour Jay-Z Verse, Reality TV, and Beyoncé’s Swanky Baby Registry“There will be some heavy hitters at the baby shower.”
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    Jerry Ferrara on the End of Entourage, Losing All That Weight, and the Meaning of Swagger“I feel like that word has become the new … confidence? What does ‘swagger’ mean?”
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    The Ascendant Big K.R.I.T. on His ‘Soulful, Gritty, Southern Hip-Hop’“This is just preparing people for what’s to come …”
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    What’s Life Like for Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt in that Secret Samoan Academy?For one, he has to ask permission to use mosquito repellent.
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    Beef Squashing, Optimism, and Getting Lindsay Lohan’s Phone Number: Life Lessons From Mobb Deep’s Prodigy“‘Lindsay who?’ I asked. ‘She’s an actress, nigga,’ he said, laughing.”
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    Lil B on Confronting Hip-Hop’s Biggest Taboo: ‘In 100 Years People Will Look Back and Appreciate It’The BasedGod talks ‘I’m Gay.’