1. Martin Morrow Talks Getting Started in Comedy, and the Best Ways to […] Brought to you by TodayTix TodayTix spoke with Martin Morrow, one of Chicago’s top comedic talents, about Chicago’s comedy scene, his […]
  2. You Should Go See Brigsby Bear, Now Playing in Theaters We’ve been fans of Kyle Mooney’s for quite some time. Now you can catch him and an all-star cast in the buzzy new movie, Brigsby Bear. […]
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  4. Holy Crap Chris Hardwick Can Sing?We’ve been waiting for a show like Comedy Central’s The Comedy Jam. It’s got a little bit of everything we like: comedians, celebrity guests, […]
  5. The Man Who Would Be MascotIntrepid Splitsider correspondent, Jon Bander, is on assignment yet again – this time to interview the stars of the Seeso Original […]
  6. Would You Like to Play a Game (With Seeso)?On episode 2 of The Seeso Guide to Seeso Shows, Brought to You By Seeso, Dave and Ethan were still trapped relaxing in an underground bunker to […]
  7. Watch truTV’s IMPRACTICAL JOKERS LIVE: Nitro Circus SpectaculartruTV is capping off the fifth season of the popular truTV series Impractical Jokers with a two-hour special live event. Hosted by extreme […]
  8. Paul F. Tompkins Doesn’t Treat His Friends Like Objects (and Neither Do We)Senior Splitsider correspondent Jon Bander sat down with Paul F. Tompkins recently to discuss season 2 of his Seeso Original Series Bajillion […]
  9. Seeso Update: Dave and Ethan Still Trapped in BunkerStill can’t decide is Seeso is right for you, comedy person? Well, you’re on this website, so obviously you’re a comedy person—and Seeso is […]
  10. Watch Seeso! Please! They’re holding us captive Bringing You Great Comedy!Seeso stars Dave Ahdoot and Ethan Fixell are terrified thrilled to share the latest and greatest of what’s streaming in “The Seeso Guide To […]
  11. Watch Comedians Decide If Pie or Cake Is Better on ‘Debate Wars’ With […]Seeso Original Series, Debate Wars, will take on the most important subject ever on Sept. 22: pie or cake. Debate Wars is just like debate […]
  12. Watch Lin Manuel and His Crew Freestyle Rap in ‘Freestyle Love Supreme’Watch every episode of Freestyle Love Supreme, and lots more shows, exclusively on Seeso. Before he created and starred in Hamilton, […]
  13. Witness the Majesty of Home Shopping in This Full Episode of Seeso […]Dreams. Everyone has them. And that everyone includes Gayl Pile, host of the little-watched Ladies’ Power Hour on Home Shopping TV. Sure, right […]
  14. Watch the First Full Episode of ‘HarmonQuest’Watch HarmonQuest exclusively on Seeso for only $3.99. Enter a world of dragons, evil spirits and the quest to save a kingdom. No, not that […]
  15. Go See ‘Don’t Think Twice’ When a member of a popular New York City improv troupe gets cast on a hit TV show, the rest of the group – all best friends – start to […]
  16. Watch a Full Episode from Season 2 of ‘Gentlemen Lobsters’Sign up for Seeso for only $3.99 a month. Gentlemen Lobsters, the hyper-witty animated series from GQ, is coming to Seeso. And better yet, […]
  17. Have Some Sushi, on MeIn partnership with Seeso. Sign up now for only $3.99 a month. Nick Boshier invited Splitsider correspondent, Jon Bander to meet for sushi, […]
  18. Putting Our Best Future ForwardEarlier this month Future Forward — a cutting edge art and design event series — launched in New York City, with upcoming events in Chicago […]
  19. Hanging out in the Back of a Windowless Van With Jonah RayIn partnership with Seeso. Sign up now for only $3.99 a month. Splitsider comedy correspondent, Jon Bander is scheduled to interview […]
  20. Mark McKinney Schools the Next Generation of Comedians Mark McKinney on stage with Rachel McLatchie (left) and Adrienne Thiessen. Photo by Marc Lappano. In partnership with the Humber […]
  21. Sammy J and Randy and the Time Zone ConspiracyIn partnership with Seeso. Sign up now for only $3.99 a month. US-based Jon Bander is scheduled to do a Skype interview with the Aussie […]
  22. Bruce McCulloch on Collaborators—and Making Humor Your Own Photo: Marc Lappano In partnership with the Humber College Comedy Writing and Performance program. Growing up in Edmonton as a […]
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  24. Season Two of Comedy Series, ‘No Small Talk,’ Is Now Available Exclusively […]Starting today, April 1, you can catch the entire second season of DJ Cipha Sounds’ original comedy series, No Small Talk exclusively on global […]
  25. Watch Our Strictly Professional Interview With Kulap VilaysackIn partnership with Seeso. Sign up for only $3.99 a month. It’s perfectly normal for the comedian you’re interviewing to rent out an entire […]
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  27. Seeso Is Sponsoring the Best SXSW Comedy Events This Weekend In partnership with Seeso. You get it. If you’re at SXSW this year, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of live […]
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  31. Watch Our Very Uncomfortable Interview With Dave Ahdoot and Ethan Fixell […]Splitsider correspondent Jon Bander visited Dave Ahdoot and Ethan Fixell in their writers room for an exclusive interview about their new Seeso […]
  32. Streets by VICE: New York (Bedford Ave)’Streets’ is a fascinating new video series – produced in partnership with Google – in which the story of an entire American city is told […]
  33. 9 Life Pro Tips We Learned From ‘Idiotsitter’ Watch Idiotsitter Thursday nights at 10:30/ 9:30c on Comedy Central and the CC app. Comedy Central’s hilarious web series-turned-show […]
  34. Seeso…Is…Here. This article is in partnership with Seeso. You get it. The moment we’ve been yapping about for over 3 months now has finally […]
  35. The Best Holiday Viewing on Seeso This article is in partnership with Seeso. You get it. As we’ve been telling you for weeks, Seeso’s exclusive beta is officially live. […]
  36. The Best of Seeso’s Beta (So Far) This article is in partnership with Seeso. #YouGetIt. Seeso’s exclusive beta is officially live as of December 3rd. And with it […]
  37. Are You Signed Up for Seeso’s Exclusive Free Beta Launching This Week? […] This article is in partnership with Seeso. #YouGetIt. If you read Splitsider, you’ve probably heard about Seeso — the new streaming […]
  38. Ben Carson Defends His Street Cred Get More: Comedy Central,Funny Videos,Funny TV Shows Brought to you by Comedy Central. It seems like every week there is a new […]
  39. Watch Us Make Dan Harmon Uncomfortable This conversation is in partnership with Seeso. #YouGetIt. People often say that being uncomfortable – in social situations, in one’s […]
  40. Nathan Fielder, Entrepreneurial Genius, Is Back. Again. For the Third […] Get More: Comedy Central,Funny Videos,Funny TV Shows   Two seasons ago on Comedy Central, genius entrepreneur Nathan […]
  41. The Next Iteration of Comedy on Full Display at New York TV Fest This post is in partnership with Seeso. #YouGetIt. Last night Dan Harmon — joined by fellow HarmonTown collaborators Spencer Crittenden […]
  42. Trevor Noah Loves CNN’s Jake Tapper. CNN’s Jake Tapper Loves Las VegasGet More: Comedy Central,Funny Videos,Funny TV Shows What does CNN love more than anything? Hard hitting news? Insightful and relevant […]
  43. The Seeso Secret SocietyThere is a secret society of comedy illuminati called Seeso, or is there? Watch as emerging comedians Dave Ahdoot and Ethan Fixell try to work […]
  44. New Comedy Channel Seeso to Add a ‘Human Touch’ to Digital Video […] This conversation is in partnership with Seeso. #YouGetIt. Today NBCUniversal announced the launch of a new streaming comedy […]
  45. Watch Trevor Noah Do a Fantastic Impression of GOP Candidate Ben CarsonGet More: Comedy Central,Funny Videos,Funny TV Shows Just how different is Trevor Noah’s new Daily Show from the version we’ve grown to […]
  46. Ask a Bro: Hollywood BrosIn this week’s Ask a Bro, host Lauren Oyler suffers the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where she learns that talent is dead and everything is […]
  47. Office Romance Blossoms in ‘Out to Lunch’Just curious: have you ever had an office romance? No? You must be a pretty lonely person. Or maybe you just need an aphrodisiac. Like a […]
  48. Infiniti’s Breathtaking ‘Dream Road’ 360° VideoTraveling from Norway to the Italian Alps, then to Morocco and back again, “Dream Road” (which debuted at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance) […]
  49. An Office Birthday Party Is Saved in ‘Out to Lunch’Office birthday parties can sometimes feel kinda sad. But sometimes they can be AWESOME. Especially when it’s lunchtime and you’re frickin’ […]
  50. The Intern Knows Something We Don’tInterns. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. I guess you could live without them, but then who would do all of your help you with your […]
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