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  1. Watch 3 Corporate Dudes Go ‘Out to Lunch’Hey, you look hungry. For some comedy. Or food. Either way, you should check out Out to Lunch – a new series about featuring comedian Kyle […]
  2. Jurassic World: Europe EditionNow that Jurassic World has hit theaters, we’ve been seeing all kinds of crazy fandom online. Earlier this week our friends at The Awl gave us […]
  3. It’s Time to Man UpThe hysterical buddy comedy follows 19-year old slacker Martin (Kevin Wu), who has big plans for the summer after finally graduating high […]
  4. Inside the Oldest Standup Comedy Club in New York CityWatch Eat, Drink, Laugh on Vimeo by clicking “purchase” on the player above. Or go here. “I want to get famous by the time I’m 21. I’m 19 […]
  5. Bill Hicks’ ‘Relentless’ Is Coming to Movie Theaters for Only One Night Recorded at the Centaur Theater in Montreal in 1992, Bill Hicks’ ‘Relentless’ finds the comedian at the top of his game. With classic jokes […]
  6. Watch Comedy Central’s ‘Big Time in Hollywood, FL’ Right Here and Witness […]Splitsider is proud to host full episodes THIS WEEK ONLY of Comedy Central’s hilarious new comedy, Big Time in Hollywood, FL. Big Time follows […]
  7. Test Page============================ Splitsider Munchies Playlist ============================ =============================== Splitsider […]
  8. You Should Be Watching These New Episodes of ‘High Maintenance’ First things first: You can watch the first 13 episodes for free here. When you’re done, create a Vimeo account and rent the new season by […]
  9. Start Your Happily Ever After
  10. Our food. Your Questions.
  11. El Evento Corta Tu Cuenta a la Mitad
  12. Our food. Your Questions.
  13. Find your #TexasToDo
  14. iQ by Intel: The 3D Movie That Rewired a Brain
  15. OREO Presents: Deck the Balls Holiday Stories
  16. Be a Super Saver!
  17. Oreo Cookie Balls Song feat. JINX
  18. Hey, Watch Cristela Tonight Oct 10 at 8:30|7:30c on ABC Get excited. Tonight is the premiere of ABC’s new multi-camera sit-com, Cristela. It’s a family comedy following in the footsteps of The Cosby […]
  19. The Collected Wisdom of Cristela Alonzo Presented by ABC’s Cristela. Comedian Cristela Alonzo has had a pretty big year. She was named to Variety’s “10 Comics to Watch,” […]
  20. At Big Lots We Think Pets Are People Too!
  21. Neil Patrick Harris Can’t Drink Heineken Light in Commercial Brought to you by Heineken Light. Due to complicated broadcast regulations, Neil Patrick Harris is not allowed to drink Heineken Light, […]
  22. Friskies® Presents “Don’t Be So Hard On Your Cat”
  23. Stephen Merchant Ponders, What If the Brits Won?  Brought to you by Newcastle Brown Ale America, as you prepare to fire up the grill and enjoy the fireworks this Independence Day, Newcastle […]
  24. Mel’s Mini Mini Mart
  25. Join Comedian Hasan Minhaj at 3:30 EST/12:30 PST for a Live Twitter Q&A […] Hey everyone, go join comedian Hasan Minhaj (Chelsea Lately, Last Call with Carson Daly, MTV) at 3:30 EST/12:30 PST for a live twitter Q&A […]
  26. Watch This Awesome Trailer for ‘Stand Up Planet’ The two-hour Stand Up Planet special premieres Wednesday, May 14th on Link TV, Pivot, and KCET (LA) Like any comedian in the U.S., comedians […]
  27. Check Out OREO Snack Hacks While still a favorite way to eat the classic cookie, OREO is going beyond twist, lick and dunk with OREO Snack Hacks, simple and unexpected […]
  28. Heineken Put on a Show to Reveal the Legendary Side of Ordinary People Last month Heineken put on a mind-blowing interactive theater show at New York’s The McKittrick Hotel. It was part play, part […]
  29. Sour Patch Kids Gum Gives Unsuspecting Shoppers A Sour Then Sweet SurpriseWe’ve all experienced that sour-then-sweet taste of Sour Patch Kids, which can now be found in the form of chewing gum. In order to celebrate […]
  30. Robitussin Presents: The COUGHEQUENCES™ A bad cough while you’re giving a big speech at an important event? Nightmare town, population: you. Don’t let the horror story from this […]
  31. Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon Fool Journalist Who Was Convinced Test Drive Was a […] Jalopnik’s Travis Okulski was convinced that Pepsi MAX’s Test Drive video featuring Jeff Gordon from last year was a fraud. So Pepsi MAX & […]
  32. Get Ready for Newcastle Brown Ale’s Big Game Teaser Newcastle Brown Ale didn’t want to blow their annual marketing budget on a big blowout advertisement during this year’s Big Game, BUT, they […]
  33. Introducing the Oreo Cookie Balls Rap Oreo cookies. Cream Cheese. Chocolate. So simple, so sublime. Your guests will be spending some quality time together by the dessert table […]
  34. Heineken’s Carol Karaoke Puts Karaoke Singers in the Limelight Imagine you’re heading to the stage in a private karaoke room, surrounded by your BFFs. Then, suddenly, a curtain is whipped back to reveal a […]
  35. A Very Comic ThanksgivingThe Thanksgiving holiday gives us an opportunity to step back, relax, and give thanks for all the good things in life. Things like […]
  36. Get Free Indie Comedies InstantlyThe new TV season is upon us, but if you’re less than enthused at the prospect of coming home after a long day and being stuck watching Dads, […]
  37. ‘This is the End’ on DVD and Blu-ray October 1 James Franco, Seth Rogen and more starred in box office hit This is the End, an end-of-days comedy about what happens to a bunch of […]
  38. Surface Pro: Behind the Scenes, Featuring Superjail! Creator Christy […] The second episode of Microsoft’s Surface Pro: Behind the Scenes, a three-part series featuring an intimate look at creative inspirations […]
  39. Pranksters Plumb Entire House with Beer If you enjoy catching up with your friends for a cold beer and a good laugh, check out this video where a group of friends combine both for […]
  40. Check Out Moto X’s Sexy Touchless Controls The new Moto X has a ton of new features, but one of the coolest is the ability to use all kinds of useful tools without having to press a […]
  41. Old Navy Denim Will Make You Ridiculously Good LookingFall fashion season is upon us and that means it’s time to upgrade the ol’ wardrobe (cost efficiently, of course). So while we thought about […]
  42. Free Movies…Whaat? Sign Me Up! Admit it: there are some truly fundamental comedies that you need to see in order to…talk to people. But they might be a little hard to […]
  43. SnagFilms: A Treasure Trove of Comedies Way before Seth Rogen, Will Ferrell and Melissa McCarthy were in every comedy movie, classic comedians paved the way. Queue up the movie 100 […]
  44. Your Source for Indie Comedies The same-old comedies have taken over! We’re talking about the same comedians working with the usual director and a predictable plotline. At […]
  45. Watch the First Episode of Pivot TV’s ‘Please Like Me’ Before It Airs Pivot TV’s original comedy series Please Like Me explores the humor, awkwardness, courage and sweetness of being a twentysomething-year-old in […]
  46. Celebrate Your Independence This Weekend With a CoronaRita With Fourth of July coming in hot, it’s time to exercise your hard earned rights. Why not exercise your right to choose by sticking a Corona […]
  47. Your ‘Fancy’ Wine Collection Isn’t Impressing Anyone You should know that you’re not impressing anyone just because you’ve strategically left those expensive price tags on your overpriced bottles […]
  48. Butt Wipes, Courtesy of Dollar Shave Club Forget number one. Let’s talk about number two… if you know what we mean. Introducing One Wipe Charlies, butt wipes for men from Dollar […]
  49. Gillette Helps Answer Your Most Pressing Question: How Does the Man of […] We know you’ve been losing sleep over this. With the upcoming release of Man of Steel on June 14, Gillette is the first to boldly ask the […]
  50. Adam DeVine on the Importance of ‘Man"-scaping Coming this Fall on the Broxygen Network, The Special Unit’s Unit patrols the streets to make sure guys are keeping their body hair under […]
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