Stan Park

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    Never Ask Faye Dunaway If She Threw Pee on Roman PolanskiPlus: What did Meatloaf say that he later blamed on vertigo?
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    Kirk Cameron Narrowly Avoids Crack-Smoking and Cross-dressingPlus: Tricky was just not that into Björk.
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    Lil Wayne Speculates on Brett Favre’s AgePlus: Will the ‘Survivor’ incident mean more flapping penises?
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    LSD-Tripping Puppetmaster Hits ‘Heroes’Plus: Sci-Fi Network shows aren’t just for kids trapped in their parents’ basement, and Britney’s feeling “inspired.”
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    Ryan Adams’s Blog Replaces Human ContactPlus: It’s a good time to be Canadian and/or Michael Cera.
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    Charlize Theron Offers Spirited Defense of ‘Reindeer Games’Plus: Meet the woman who saved ‘Harry Potter’ from being totally smutty.
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    Diablo Cody Doesn’t Know If She’ll Ever Write Another Highbrow, Artsy Movie Like ‘Juno’Plus: James Bond not interested in spying for the other team.
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    William Shatner Thinks J.J. Abrams Could Be a Little More CreativePlus: Today’s the day that 50 Cent and Mariah Carey learned who Mudvayne is.
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    Daniel Radcliffe Walking a Thin Line Between Harry Potter and Tony MontanaPlus: Dominic Cooper is adorably ignorant of history!
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    Paul Lieberstein’s ‘Office’ Character Inspired by Some Loser He KnowsPlus: MTV censors save us from not-funny Russell Brand jokes.
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    If Daddy Yankee Debates Fat Joe About Politics, He Will Never Talk Another Word About a Politician for the Rest of His LifePlus: Kristen Wiig is excited to meet Michael Phelps.
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    Kat Dennings: Budding ScreenwriterPlus: Greg Kennear judges a screenplay by its cover.
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    Noel Gallagher Inadvertently Invents Awesome New Genre of Video GamesPlus: Kristen Schaal goes nuts!
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    ‘Bangkok Dangerous’ Just Like Nicolas Cage’s MarriagePlus: Wentworth MIller on playing a jerk.
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    Helen Mirren Gives the Best InterviewsPlus: Amy Ryan imagines dead puppies, and Daniel Radcliffe wants to play a drag queen.
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    Josh Schwartz Discovers Possible Flaw in NBC’s Marketing Plan for ‘Chuck’Plus: Anna Faris on the greatest love story ever told.
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    T.I. Finally Solves Internet Piracy Through Brute ForcePlus: Paul Scheer speaks truth to power on the ‘Die Hard’ series.