1. last night’s gig
    Secret Show Finds Julian Casablancas Possibly Adrift, Probably Happy Out in L.A.You couldn’t help but think Casablancas was entering the Evan Dando/Alex Chilton stage, where unrealized stardom slides into a “now what?” twilight zone.
  2. news reel
    As the Sun Sets on Battlestar Galactica, the Cast Heads to the U.N. to ReminisceIf every generation gets the TV show it deserves, then shows like Battlestar Galactica capture the ethical bankruptcy needed to wage a war on an undefinable enemy.
  3. last night’s gig
    Lindsey Buckingham Tears Up, Plays Guitar With One HandWearing a tight, black leather jacket last night at the Nokia, he resembled a louche Roman oracle.
  4. last night’s gig
    Randy Newman Indulges Spanish Inquisition Fantasy at Carnegie HallNewman slouched at his Steinway and sang about American hypocrisy with more sharpness and poignancy than the combined works of Thomas Frank and Maureen Dowd.
  5. the early word
    So, How Is Elvis Costello’s Variety Show?Not so great!