Stephen Winchell

  1. The Rise and Fall of Dr. Frasier CraneSix months ago, I was living in Boston.  My wife had left me, which was very painful.  Then she came back to me, which was excruciating.  On […]
  2. Siskel and Ebert: Film Criticism’s Most Underrated Comedy DuoIn 1993, Al Jean and Mike Reiss left their position as showrunners of The Simpsons.  Over four seasons, they helped transform the cartoon from […]
  3. Inside the Second City’s Comedy Studies ProgramC.J. Toledano is a familiar face in the Chicago comedy community. He’s a stand-up comedian, and has a natural ease that sets him apart from […]
  4. Leave Bill Watterson AloneDear Mr. Watterson is a documentary project that explores cartoonist Bill Watterson, his timeless comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, and their […]
  5. ‘Cracked’: From ‘MAD’ Ripoff to the Internet’s Nerdy Older CousinDaniel O’Brien is very much like a lot of us. In his mid-twenties, he’s a big Simpsons fan and spends a lot of time reading, watching TV, and […]
  6. Comedy’s Love/Hate Relationship with GarfieldWhen I was younger, there was no greater pairing than the holiday season and Garfield. I’d watch wide-eyed as he’d float down 5th Avenue in the […]
  7. Inside Red Letter Media’s Obsessively Nerdy Brand of Humor At the drop of a hat, I could name the entire staff of Hogwarts, give you full biographies of every Captain of the Enterprise, and tell you […]