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  1. overnights
    Bored to Death Recap: The Gumball RallyAction! Suspense! Whiskey nipples!
  2. overnights
    Community Recap: Evil Troy and Evil AbedGetting ambitious with multiple timelines.
  3. overnights
    Bored to Death Recap: All Along the ClocktowerSeason three begins.
  4. overnights
    Community Recap: Mission to Earth 2Welcome to the high-drama world of Model U.N.
  5. overnights
    Community Recap: Return to NormalcyWhich, in Greendale, is not normal at all.
  6. chat room
    Michael Emerson on Person of Interest, Ben Linus Comparisons, and the Terry O’Quinn Show That Never Was“We were struggling to get it written, and at some point it got put on a back burner.”
  7. chat room
    Jane Curtin on I Don’t Know How She Does It, Sexism on SNL, and Network Execs Posing As ‘Creative People’“I try to avoid the network people at all costs. Over the years, they’ve intruded way more … I just don’t get them.”
  8. chat room
    Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Susie Essman on Larry David’s Renewal Angst and ‘Pathetic’ Hecklers“After every season, Larry says, ‘That’s it, I’m not doing another season.’ After every season.”
  9. chat room
    Albert Brooks on His Futuristic Novel and Twitter Hecklers As Modern-Day Serial Killers“They’re frightening. If you tweet something day or night, they respond in one second.”
  10. chat room
    Devo Made Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen Want to Be on TV“I don’t know how to do jokes. I don’t know how to tell stories.”
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    The Green Hornet’s Edward James Olmos Talks 3-D and Disappointed DadsAdama speaks!
  12. chat room
    Peter Serafinowicz on Joining the Arrested Development Crew for Running WildeIt’s the ‘AD’ creators, Will Arnett, David Cross, and him.
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    Samantha Bee on Her New Memoir, I Know I Am, But What Are You?The ‘Daily Show’ correspondent talks about her new memoir, ‘I Know I Am, But What Are You?,’ ending the ‘Law & Order’ franchise, and how some people think she’s a “disgusting person.”