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    Werner Herzog on Bad Lieutenant, Singing Iguanas, and Prop CocaineHerzog spoke with Vulture about working with Nicolas Cage and why ‘Bad Lieutenant’ is no remake.
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    Nicolas Cage on Working With Herzog, and Demons“I want to make movies that entertain whole families.”
  3. best of the fest
    Sundance Jury Gives Screenwriting Award to Film Without Script“It was the one award we didn’t expect because we didn’t actually write this film with a paper and pen.”
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    James Gandolfini on a Sopranos Movie: ‘It Would Be Great to Bring Everyone Back Together’“Obviously it is the writing of the script, and if David [Chase] and them come up with something.”
  5. best of the fest
    Critic Hits Dude at SundanceIndie producer and sales agent Jeff ‘the Dude’ Dowd turned a late-morning interview into a Sundance smackdown today.