1. musical histories
    Remember That Crazy Album the IRS Made Willie Nelson Release?It’s a career highlight.
  2. vulture homepage lede
    The Trouble With Rock Songs About RockExamining the multiple failings that plague the rock n’ roll song about rock n’ roll.
  3. local h
    Local H’s Cautionary Major-Label Tale Is Actually a Success StorySometimes timing is everything.
  4. pranks
    Extreme Hidden Camera Pranks: Sadism in Sheep’s ClothingHidden camera pranks entered the zeitgeist back in 1948, courtesy of Allen Funt’s then-groundbreaking television program Candid Camera. The […]
  5. Paul Feig Wants Help Saving ‘Other Space,’ the Funniest Sci-Fi Comedy […] One of the countless memorable entries from the Onion’s satirical news compilation Our Dumb Century was the 1977 headline, “Elvis Dead. Is […]
  6. When That Clever Hook Can Kill Your SitcomAllow me to coin a new term: ‘pre-cancelled.’ The definition: a television program’s eventual demise caused by a fatal flaw in its rollout. A […]