1. soundtracked
    The Secret Weapon of Homecoming’s New Season? An Original Score.After a first season that borrowed music from Oscar-winning classics, Homecoming composer Emile Mosseri had gigantic shoes to fill.
  2. peter coyote
    The Golden Voice Behind All Those Ken Burns DocumentariesIf you’ve ever been entranced by the narration of a Ken Burns doc, you have Peter Coyote to thank.
  3. The Guys from Muppet Guys Talking Talk About the Muppets — and MortalityPuppeteers Frank Oz and Dave Goelz star in a moving new documentary about the legacy of Jim Henson.
  4. The Story Behind the Music of The Muppet Christmas CarolDeath and redemption paved the way for a new Christmas classic.
  5. Here’s Why ‘Duel of the Fates’ Transcends the Star Wars PrequelsThe theme speaks to John Williams’s genius at writing earworm tunes that feel like primal, eternal music echoing from the beginning of time.
  6. Why the Alien Franchise Has Such a Dramatic Musical PastHas scoring a film series ever been this difficult?
  7. oral history
    An Oral History of MADtv, the Sketch Show That Never Quite Changed Comedy“When we did impressions, they were pretty mean. Britney Spears at one point saw me, and her bodyguard very not-so-subtly pushed me about seven feet away from her.”