1. art
    Ron Athey Still Bleeds for YouThe provocateur returns to Performance Space New York and loses his head.
  2. art
    Narcissister’s Documentary About Her Pornographic Performance Art and Her MotherThe masked gender provocateur reveals the poignant family story behind her subversive practice.
  3. BPM Is the First AIDS Film Where the Group Is the HeroSuch a film about the epidemic has never been made, nor perhaps ever will be made, in the United States.
  4. chat room
    Jesse Eisenberg on His New Play The Spoils“In this new play, I set out to create a character that does horrible things but whom I can relate to.”
  5. encounter
    Cut Copy Cops to the Eighties Sound of Their New Album, ZonoscopeThe single “Take Me Over” certainly sounds like a melding of Men at Work and Fleetwood Mac.
  6. chat room
    Joel Schumacher on Objectifying Chace Crawford“I do objectify people sexually in my movies. Where’s the harm? They still have to act.”
  7. chat room
    House of the Devil’s Mary Woronov on Her Wild Days at Warhol’s Factory and Camp Versus Method“You have to understand how high we were.”
  8. chat room
    Rufus on Albert Maysles and His Concert Movie“I always find myself buying porn and checking out the shop boys at American Apparel.”
  9. chat room
    Tommy Tune Teaches Vulture How to TapThe Broadway legend on his new one-man show, ‘Steps in Time.’
  10. chat room
    In the Heights’s Justina Machado on Salsa, Sotomayor, and Her New CBS Show“I saw somebody get kicked in the head the other day on stage!”
  11. chat room
    Michael Urie on Playing an Activist and Assistant on The Temperamentals and Ugly BettyUrie speaks to us about his character’s future on ‘Betty’ and why he’s so private about certain issues.
  12. chat room
    West Side Story’s Karen Olivo on Her Tony Nomination and Surviving Her Choreography“I can only assume I’m wearing away the cartilage in my knees, being in heels and doing this really strenuous dancing. I don’t just pop out of bed anymore.”
  13. chat room
    Parker Posey Goes Into Detail About ‘Throwing Off the Hump’Get your minds out of the gutter, it’s not a sex thing … or is it?
  14. chat room
    Jane Alexander on Snoring Through Chasing Manet and Simulating Sex in Tell Me You Love Me“But let’s make everything clear. Our union, SAG, does not allow us to have real sex.”
  15. minnelli madness
    Love Liza, But Only From AfarWatch the video to see what happens when reporter Tim Murphy tries to get into Liza’s dressing room.
  16. chat room
    Documentarian Andrew Jacobs on Partying With Holocaust Survivors at the ‘Four Seasons Lodge’’Who needs another depressing Holocaust movie?’
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    Rosemarie DeWitt on Playing Mean Sisters With Anne HathawayWhat it’s like to have Princess Mia get up in your face — for the role, of course!