1. movies
    The Problem With ‘Reimagining’ Lizzie BordenIt’s been 126 years since someone took an ax — and we’re still obsessed with “fresh” takes on Lizzie Borden’s story.
  2. conspiracy theories
    Is Peppermint Actually Just an Elaborate Suburban-Mom Revenge Fantasy?If you can possibly bring yourself to ignore the entire central plot of Peppermint, we have a conspiracy theory for you.
  3. movies
    How Do We Define the Female Gaze in 2018?We talk to six female cinematographers about how they see the world from behind their cameras.
  4. the true crime wave
    Why Is Ted Bundy Suddenly Everywhere?It’s universally acknowledged, at least in the true-crime community, that Ted Bundy would be pleased with all the attention he’s getting lately.