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    David Letterman Discovers His Son’s Hidden Talent“Whenever I’m around talented kids, I begin to wonder, ‘Is my kid talented?’”
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    How Marina Abramovic Helped Gaga Manage Stress“She doesn’t believe in doctors and therapists, so she reached out to an artist to help her.”  
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    Jon Glaser Pitches His New Show Idea: Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter“He wears Coors Light pants because they call Coors Light the silver bullet.”
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    Sarah Silverman Shared Gum With Adrian GrenierAnd it had already been chewed …
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    Seth Meyers Feels Bad for Whoever Gets the Regis Job“I’m way better at ramping into 90 minutes once a week late on a Saturday.”
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    Shia LaBeouf Explains Why He Got Nude for That Sigur Rós Video“If you’re going to be naked, I should be naked as well.”
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    Hailee Steinfeld at True GritPlus: Bill Hader, both Coen Brothers …
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    Elle Fanning at SomewherePlus: Stephen Dorff, Kirsten Dunst, Anna Sui …
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    Taio Cruz at the Z100 Jingle BallPlus: Selena Gomez, Mark Hoppus, Bruno Mars …
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    Somewhere’s Elle Fanning Is Adorable, Even If Her TV Tastes Are CreepyThe 12-year-old actress and her sister have an odd way of relaxing.
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    Giancarlo Esposito at Rabbit HolePlus: John Cameron Mitchell, Sandra Oh, Anna Wintour …