1. vroom vroom
    The Best James Bond Car (and Boat and Helicopter and Alpine-Ski …) Chases007 is known for martinis, stellar tailoring, and the coolest cars you’ve ever laid eyes on.
  2. essential roles
    Jon Bernthal Will Surprise YouThe best performances from Hollywood’s preeminent primal screamer.
  3. vulture recommends
    Jack Reacher Was the Beginning of a Beautiful Blockbuster FriendshipTom Cruise broke Christopher McQuarrie out of “director jail” and found a kindred creative spirit.
  4. vulture recommends
    Finding Magic Mike Is More Celebration Than CompetitionNo overedited judging panels full of faux tension, just plenty of heart and hornt.
  5. vulture recommends
    The Bliss and Decay of Lords of Dogtown’s Eternal SummerWarm up the dog days of winter.
  6. vulture recommends
    A Shane Black Christmas Isn’t All That MerryAnd maybe that’s the point.
  7. vulture lists
    What to Watch After Binging Cowboy BebopIn the mood for more ennui?
  8. vulture recommends
    Adventureland Is the Perfect End-of-Summer MovieGreg Mottola’s Superbad follow-up is streaming on HBO Max.
  9. character guide
    Every Member of the Fast & Furious Family Invited to the F9 CookoutYes, Han is back.
  10. vulture recommends
    Streets of Fire Is the Movie Jim Steinman Was Always Writing ForIt’s all heart in all caps.
  11. vulture recommends
    The Empty Man Is the Next Great Cult Horror FilmDon’t sleep on this sleeper hit.
  12. the hahnaissance
    Kathryn Hahn Has Always Been a Secret WeaponBring on the Hahnaissance.
  13. gift guide
    32 Books (That Aren’t Political Memoirs) to Gift for the HolidaysIncluding comics, romance, young-adult fiction, and cookbooks.