1. vulture sports
    The Oscars Bestow a Bounty of Points Upon the Movies Fantasy LeagueAwards season is hitting its stride, and so are the top MFL teams.
  2. vulture picks
    25 Notable New Releases Over the Next Two WeeksThe Grammys, You releases its fourth season, M. Night Shyamalan’s latest thriller, Shania Twain makes a comeback, and more.
  3. 2023 preview
    28 Movies We Can’t Wait to See in 2023From coked-up bears and killer dolls to new chapters in some of our best action franchises.
  4. 2023 preview
    36 TV Shows We Can’t Wait to See in 2023Let’s revel in anticipation of the televisual pleasures the new year will bring.
  5. best of 2022
    Vulture’s 20 Most-Read TV Recaps of 2022Week after week, binge-drop after binge-drop, these were the shows fans couldn’t stop reading about.
  6. holiday streaming
    The 21 Best Christmas Movies Streaming Right NowElf, The Santa Clause, It’s a Wonderful Life, and more.
  7. the year of the nepo baby
    Vulture Asks: Who’s Your Favorite Nepo Baby?So many to choose from!
  8. best of 2022
    The Year in CultureThe best shows, movies, albums, books, and more, as chosen by our critics.
  9. the vulture transcript
    Natasha Lyonne and Abbi Jacobson Are Ready to Burn Down TVThe showrunners and friends discuss saying no to mainstream, formulaic comedy onscreen.
  10. into it
    Why Is It Hard to Say Wakanda Forever Isn’t Good?Sam Sanders tries to make peace with the fact that he found the Black Panther sequel disappointing.
  11. vulture festival 2022
    The Faces of Vulture Festival 2022Jamie Lee Curtis, Kumail Nanjiani, the Super Troopers, and many others paid a visit to our photo studio.
  12. winter preview 2022
    20 Movies We Can’t Wait to See This WinterFrom The Whale and Avatar: The Way of Water to M3gan and Cocaine Bear.
  13. night tales
    The Bedtime Entertainment Secrets of Veteran SleepersMore than 30 celebrities and Vulture staffers discuss Futurama, Colleen Hoover, jazz, and whatever else they turn on to doze off.
  14. movies
    The Movies Fantasy League Is BackVulture’s awards-season competition starts October 31. Sign up here to fight for the championship (and a Roku TV).
  15. comedians you should know
    Celeste Yim Wants to Make You Feel Big Feelings“A lot of my comedy comes from feeling guilty.”
  16. comedians you should know
    Sheng Wang Refuses to Die on a Hill“I’m trying to connect audiences with their humanity. I’m trying to convince audiences to see me as a worthy whole human being just like they are.”
  17. comedians you should know
    Devon Walker Thinks More Comedians Should Be Pilots“I think the airlines should start recruiting at open mics. It would make the world a better place.”
  18. comedians you should know
    Ike Ufomadu Has Johnny Carson on Tap“We’re all different people after all — different little jokesters joking in our different little ways.”
  19. comedians you should know
    Get That Fame Carrot Away From Yedoye Travis’s Face“I’m most proud of all the work I haven’t done over the years.”
  20. comedians you should know
    Vinny Thomas Will Host a Nature Show One Day“I want to command an air of grand, ominous power. That’s very important.”
  21. comedians you should know
    Someone Let Julia Shiplett Wear a Corset in a Period Piece“I will play a noble, serf, town wench, anything. I’m not good at accents and I do have vocal fry, but I’m staying hopeful.”
  22. comedians you should know
    Yamaneika Saunders Has Been Forged in the Fire of the Apollo“I rode those boos all the way to 68th Street.”
  23. comedians you should know
    Pat Regan Talks Too Fast (for Michigan Lesbians)“As someone who can’t sing, dance, or act, I was left with the unenviable option of pursuing stand-up comedy.”
  24. comedians you should know
    Frankie Quiñones Is Living His Toilet Paper Dreams“No more chaffed booty hole, my boy.”
  25. comedians you should know
    Laura Peek Prioritizes Silly“Don’t let other people’s failures and insecurities stop you from trying. Unless you really suck at comedy! Then I dunno what to tell you.”
  26. comedians you should know
    Clare O’Kane Wants to Own a House With a Pool She Can Skate In“This weird shit shouldn’t be taken too seriously. We’re not doctors here.”
  27. comedians you should know
    Amy Miller Will Be Your Comedy Angel“Audience members, please wear a whole shoe. I do not want to see your man sandal resting on my stage.”
  28. comedians you should know
    Jaye McBride, Future Marvel Villain“That’s not so much embarrassing as unattainable. A trans villain is a little too on the nose for Middle America.”
  29. comedians you should know
    Ever Mainard, the Proud Onstage Idiot“You think you know bleak, but then you perform at a small casino in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the middle of winter.”
  30. comedians you should know
    Andrew Lopez Is Sorry for Doing Comedy Rap“I ruined everyone’s night.”
  31. comedians you should know
    The Undeniable Uniqueness of Alison Leiby“It does feel good to have something I’ve worked so hard on be a part of an important political conversation.”
  32. comedians you should know
    Holmes Holmes Is a Comedian Because of Cool Ranch Doritos“No spoilers, but expect something very funny, queer, and midwestern.”
  33. comedians you should know
    Lisa Gilroy Is Gonna Have the Most Fun“We’re all just gorgeous little clowns floating around in hell.”
  34. comedians you should know
    Alex English Has a Backup Plan: Pole-Dancing“The best comedy advice I’ve ever received is ‘Never take advice,’ and the worst advice I’ve ever received is advice.”
  35. comedians you should know
    Nore Davis Will Be Your Stand-up Superhero“There are a combination of stories that lead to me becoming a stand-up comedian, but they all have the same common denominator: control.”
  36. comedians you should know
    Brittany Carney Wants to Take Her Mom to an Awards Show“I’d run a bit by some dude comics, and sometimes they’d say, ‘I don’t understand’ or ‘Are you on drugs?’ (I was not.)”
  37. comedians you should know
    Dylan Adler Is More Than a Theme-Park Backflip“If someone asks you how long you’ve been doing comedy, say ‘60 years’ and then spit in their mouth.”
  38. comedians you should know
    Someone Order Niles Abston’s Pilot Stat“I’m having an existential crisis from being unemployed.”
  39. nathan for you
    What to Watch After The Rehearsal If …Seven possible next steps for exploring the themes in Nathan Fielder’s wild experiment.
  40. a celebration of life
    The Brand Is Sad: 7 Standout Moments From Desus & MeroThe Bodega Boys may not be working together any longer, but we’ll always have the memories.
  41. into it
    It’s Time to Clear Your Podcast QueueVulture’s launching Into It — an exciting new culture show hosted by Sam Sanders.
  42. gallery
    The Faces of The Tribeca Film Festival 2022Megan Fox, Robert De Niro, J. Lo, and more smize for the camera.
  43. let’s do it again
    Come Watch a Sequel in the Park With UsBryant Park Movie Nights are back this summer.
  44. true crime podcasts
    This Month in True-Crime Podcasts: Run, Bambi, Run and MoreIncluding a tough look at the practice of no-knock warrants.
  45. true crime podcasts
    This Month in True-Crime Podcasts: Drug Kingpins, Amityville, and MorePlus a look back at the Green River Killer.
  46. pitch please
    How to Pitch VultureA complete guide to getting us to say yes to your story idea.
  47. true crime podcasts
    This Month in True-Crime Podcasts: Was I in a Cult? Plus a teen’s attempt to steal Guy Fieri’s Lambo.
  48. v-day
    Get in the Mood With a Valentine’s Day Double FeatureWhatever that mood may be.
  49. true crime podcasts
    This Month in True-Crime Podcasts: Con Men, Mobsters, and Jack the RipperPlus, crimes from the Great White North.
  50. r.i.p.
    Good-bye to the Rowdiest Movie Theater in BrooklynFistfights. Catcalls. Pandemonium. The Regal UA Court Street theater in Brooklyn was as lawless as it was legendary. RIP.
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