Wendy McClure

  1. parting shot
    The Most 1998 Celebrity Pics EverCelebrities wearing late-’90s period garb, celebs hanging out with random celebs, and celebs that you haven’t thought about in a decade.
  2. Arrested Development Viewing: Tortoise vs. HareA writer who downed all fifteen episodes in a weekend compares her appreciation with someone who meted them out as if watching them on a broadcast schedule.
  3. it happened on mtv
    12 Weird and Awkward Eighties MTV Videos We Swore We’d HallucinatedWe still have nightmares about Walls of Hands.
  4. nostalgia fact-check
    Nostalgia Fact-Check: How Does Little House on the Prairie Hold Up?Superficially we think of Little House as family friendly, but it was really a freak show filled with rapists, drug addicts, and other “kindertrauma.”