Whitney Friedlander

  1. tca 2016
    5 Things We Learned About Donald Glover’s Atlanta at TCA“I always want people to feel scared because that’s what it’s like to be black.”
  2. FX CEO: Peak TV Will Likely Happen Closer to ’19“I wrongly predicted that we’d hit the peak in 2015 or 2016.”
  3. AHS S6 Theme Will Not Be RevealedSurprise!
  4. tca 2016
    TMP S5 Premiere Will Resolve S4 Love TriangleThey’re also developing a story that imagines if Mindy were born a white man.
  5. tca 2016
    Sean Hayes, Rosie O’Donnell Join Hairspray LiveHayes will finally reunite with the Smash producers.
  6. tca 2016
    This Is Us Is Like a Dramedy Version of LostMinus the hatch.
  7. tca 2016
    TCA Panel Addresses Their Biggest Frustrations About Diversity on TV“The elephant in the room is always the dark skin.”
  8. 4 Takeaways From NBC’s Olympics TCA Panel“When the Olympics are over, if Simone Biles delivers her A-game, she will be the greatest all-around female gymnast of all time.”
  9. tca 2016
    American Gods TCA Panel: Why They Cast Dane Cook“How do you get someone who can be a really entertaining dick?”
  10. tca 2016
    Starz CEO on Outlander: It Will ‘Be Around for a While’He just needs to get around to reading books five and six first.
  11. tca 2016
    Rectify’s Final Season Will Have a Big Reveal“Hopefully how we deal with that will leave you — in a Rectify way — satisfied.”
  12. tca 2016
    Norman Lear on His ‘Cinematic’ DocuseriesCo-produced with Shonda Rhimes and Common.
  13. tca 2016
    HBO’s Limited Series The Night Of Might Get a Second SeasonNot so limited after all, eh?
  14. tca 2016
    True Detective Season 3 May Happen After AllPossibly with someone other than Nic Pizzolatto in charge of writing it.
  15. the boss is back
    Jon Stewart’s New HBO Project Will Be ‘Animated’ and ‘Onion-Like’Bill Maher is also staying until 2018.
  16. streaming
    The Larry Sanders Show Is Coming to HBO Streaming Outlets in SeptemberSeptember 23, to be precise.
  17. tca 2016
    7 Things We Learned at the Gilmore Girls TCA PanelYou can binge-watch it, but creator Amy Sherman-Palladino isn’t happy about it.
  18. Cersei Lannister’s Crown Was Designed to Show How Lonely She Is“I chose to make it in silver with just wisps of gold to try to show her isolation, her mental disentangling from her family.”
  19. Outcast’s Wrenn Schmidt on Her Big SceneSpoilers ahead!
  20. What Jewelry Tells Us About the Characters on Game of Thrones“One of my favorite crowns I’ve ever done is for someone in episode ten.”
  21. Fugit on Outcast & Being Surrounded By Religion“I grew up with it around me so intensely.”
  22. Outcast’s Rob Kirkman on Adapting Comics to TVAnd why so much of the dialogue is lifted straight from the comics.