Willa Paskin

  1. sounds like
    Kelly Clarkson Will Try to Wrest the Word Stronger From Britney SpearsIt’s the name of her new album.
  2. beefs
    Kings of Leon Getting Insulted by Hanson NowRough couple of weeks for the Followills.
  3. clickables
    See a Ron Swanson–Themed TV Dinner“Turf n’ Turf: Consume all of this at the same time because you are a free American.”
  4. beliebers
    Texas Town Lets an 11-Year-Old Name a Street Justin Bieber WayBut doesn’t he deserve a Boulevard?
  5. wordplay
    Did Conan O’Brien’s Influence Make the Barbarian Change the Pronunciation of His Name?It used to be “Co-NAN.” Now it’s “CO-nin.”
  6. casting couch
    Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman Making a Movie Together’ID Theft,’ about ID theft.
  7. rich get richer
    Dr. Dre Just Made $300 Million Off His HeadphonesWho needs to make records?!
  8. clickables
    Watch Emma Stone and Jimmy Fallon Say ‘Ew’ a BunchIn a sketch from Jimmy’s show.
  9. clickables
    See Ryan Gosling Give a Baby a BottleVery seriously
  10. clickables
    See Stephen Colbert’s Latest Political AdIn support of Rick Parry, with an ‘A.’
  11. hand-hearts
    Taylor Swift, Excellent at Popularizing Commonplace Hand GesturesWithout Swift, would we still be living in a world with the “hand-heart”?
  12. clickables
    See a James Spader–Centric Promo for the New Season of The OfficeIt is cut together in an appealing manner.
  13. clickables
    Listen to a Bit of Trent Reznor’s Score From The Girl With the Dragon TattooMoody!
  14. politics
    Kathryn Bigelow Totally Undermining National Security NowShe took a meeting with the administration! They might have told her something!
  15. casting couch
    Jersey Shore Cast Will Cameo in Three StoogesFarrelly Brothers: What have you wrought!
  16. dick jokes
    Malcolm Gladwell Now a Term for Penis, Thanks to Nicholson Baker“He angled his Malcolm Gladwell.”
  17. cameos
    Sarah Michelle Gellar Will Return to All My ChildrenWhatever, Franco, SMG was doing this soaps thing so much earlier than you.
  18. fighting words
    Why the Cast of Jersey Shore Is the Most Articulate on TVSay what you will about Snooki, The Situation, and the rest, but they are awake to the weirdness of their own celebrity, and sound like it.
  19. Paul Schrader Signs On to Direct Bret Easton Ellis’s Screenplay About Sharks, Rich PeopleGood news for fans of explicitly class-conscious horror films!
  20. when brows collide
    Lorrie Moore Has Some Thoughts She Would Like to Share on Friday Night Lights“‘Friday Night Lights’ is held together by a cast of disconcertingly attractive young people with pink, wavy mouths.”
  21. trailer mix
    Tower Heist Trailer: Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller Make Bernie Madoff Revenge Fantasies Come TrueWatch out, Bernie, they’re coming to rob you.
  22. classifieds
    Wu Tang Needs an InternThe Wu wants you!
  23. nostalgia fact-check
    How Does The Little Mermaid Hold Up?Bad news.
  24. trailer mix
    New Year’s Eve Trailer: Popping the Mediocrity!So many famous people! So not enough!
  25. tweet tweet
    Alec Baldwin Very Accessible via TwitterHe’s very likely to answer your question.
  26. francophile
    James Franco Coming Back to General HospitalMark your calendars!
  27. obits
    Amy Winehouse Dead at 27Ugh.
  28. casting couch
    Cage, Black, and Carell Join Charlie Kaufman’s Next Movie’Frank or Francis’ is starting to come together.
  29. obit
    Artist Lucian Freud Dead at 88He died last night.
  30. casting couch
    Annette Bening Will Play Kristen Wiig’s MomCool.
  31. flag waving
    Who Is The Most Patriotic: Sarah Palin, President Obama, or Captain America?Who is best able to defend America with his or her bare hands?
  32. big shadows
    There’s a David Foster Wallace Character in Jeffrey Eugenides’ New NovelMeet Leonard Bankhead, a brilliant young man who wears bandannas, dips tobacco, and has a history of hospitalizations.
  33. goofballs
    Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Present a Truncated History of Rap, AgainThis time with Salt n’ Pepa, Nelly, Outkast, and the Dougie.
  34. The Doucher
    Trailer for New Season of Jersey Shore, Now With More Violent RonnieAnd more sad Snooki.
  35. rhetoric
    Foxy Brown Still Gives Good Quotes“You’d have thought Obama was in the building when I walked in [to Riker’s].”
  36. roundup
    Explore a Bounty of Harry Potter–Related Supporting MaterialsReviews! Slideshows! Supercuts! Harry!
  37. emmys 2011
    Sons of Anarchy’s Kurt Sutter Tweets Away His Rage at Emmy Snub“Best part of not getting an emmy nod. now i don’t have to pretend i give a shit about the profiteering douchebag academy.”
  38. tally
    Evaluating This Year’s Emmy Nominees: The Pro and Con ListPro: ‘Friday Night Lights,’ Louie C.K., ‘Mad Men.’ Less pro: slighting Ron Swanson.
  39. kudos
    Emmy Nominations Are Here!’Mad Men’! ‘The Good Wife’!
  40. aging
    See Harry Potter’s Neville Longbottom Grow UpMatthew Lewis, the actor who plays Neville, has aged … nicely.
  41. scheduling
    A Guide to Catching Up on Breaking Bad Before Season Four: The Binge Watch EditionThere are six days left until the premiere. It can be done.
  42. aging
    See Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint Grow UpPhotos of the big three getting older.
  43. pure imagination
    How Are the Jersey Shore Cast Members Doing Without Vinnie?GTL, roller coasters, and longing.
  44. sabermetrics
    Natalie Portman Put Her Oscar to Horrible Use This YearProven scientifically.
  45. sheeniac
    Charlie Sheen to get Comedy Central RoastSheen returns to TV for the Comedy Central Roast.
  46. scheduling
    Happy July 4th!Here’s our schedule over the long weekend.
  47. mixtapes
    ‘1+1,’ ‘2+2= 5,’ ‘1% of One,’ and 19 Other Songs With Mathematical Operations in the TitleInspired by the queen of math, Beyoncé.
  48. cheek by jowl
    Who’s the Worse Teacher? Larry Crowne’s Julia Roberts vs. Bad Teacher’s Cameron DiazShocker: It’s almost a toss-up.
  49. trailer mix
    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Trailer: The Circus Comes to TownThe spy circus, that is.
  50. close reading
    Critics’ Best Backhanded Compliments of Michael Bay and Transformers: Dark of the Moon“The funniest, best-executed film in the Earth-protecting robots-that-look-like-cars-and-trucks series … [is] as head-slappingly stupid as ever.”
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