1. streaming week
    ‘Maura Is Real to Me’: Jeffrey Tambor on His Role in TransparentJust as his character is beginning her new, true life, Tambor is also settling into his second act — or possibly his third or fourth.
  2. tv
    Chloë Sevigny and Whit Stillman on Their Amazon Pilot The Cosmopolitans“This is the most glamorous character I’ve ever played,” says Sevigny.
  3. chat room
    Kids in the Hall’s Scott Thompson on Boring Gays“This whole marriage thing, I mean I understand it and I’m for it, but my heart isn’t in it.”
  4. chat room
    Mark E. Smith on the Fall’s New Album, Re-Mit“He’s not very bloody recognized where you live, is he? It’s disgusting.”
  5. chat room
    SNL Vet Melanie Hutsell on Her Surprise Appearance in BridesmaidsAfter time off to raise her family, she looks to late-bloomer pal Jane Lynch as her inspiration.
  6. chat room
    21 Jump Street’s Richard Grieco Is Back With Gigolos and a Penchant for Painting Naked But for a Fur Coat“Basically, what I’m doing is capturing unbridled emotion and putting it on canvas,” says the ‘Booker’ turned painter.
  7. tv
    Extreme Couponing: Showcase for Frugal Geniuses or Crazed Hoarders?“To be a reputable couponer you need one storage freezer in your basement. Usually these people will have two or three.”
  8. tv
    Having Lunch With Law & Order: SVU’s Newest A.D.A., Melissa Sagemiller“I don’t know what the deal is,” says the ‘Raising the Bar’ veteran. “I must be very lawyerly.”
  9. lost art
    The Lost Films of New York Underground Theater Legend Charles Ludlam ResurfaceThe drag silent film ‘The Sorrows of Dolores’ will be seen in a retrospective.