1. the law
    The Danny Masterson Rape Trial and ScientologyExperts explain its potential impact on the church.
  2. buffering
    Susan Zirinsky Knows a Thing or Two About What Viewers WantThe 11 Minutes exec producer on making the leap to from broadcast news to streaming.
  3. today on daytime
    Lea Michele Marched Her Band Out to Good Morning AmericaFor a new version of the song you’ve heard her sing before.
  4. vulture 10x10
    The Catholic Puzzle20-Across, Four Letters: Target of Gru’s Despicable Me heist.
  5. two friends
    ‘We’re Still Here’The country-music industry tried to turn Rissi Palmer and Miko Marks into rivals. It failed.
  6. now streaming
    The 15 Best Anime Movies on Netflix Right NowVisionary directors, striking anthologies, and giant robots await.
  7. overnights
    Grey’s Anatomy Season-Premiere Recap: New Kids on the BlockAn intriguing batch of “bottom of the barrel” interns suggests this show might just pull off the obvious retooling it’s going for.
  8. my soundtrack song is dropping
    Fiona Apple Forged a New Song for Rings of Power“Where the Shadows Lie,” based on the Ring-verse.
  9. this week in late night
    A Hurt and Angry Roy Wood Jr. Won Late Night This WeekPlus Sabrina Wu on The Tonight Show and the return of The Amber Ruffin Show.
  10. i want your midnights
    Everything We Know About Taylor Swift’s MidnightsIncluding the full track list and (!) Lana Del Rey collab.
  11. overnights
    The Midnight Club Recap: Petting ZooIt’s Family Day at Brightcliffe!
  12. sleigh
    Lindsay Lohan Is Falling for Christmas, LiterallyLohan sings a song from a certain Mean Girls talent show in the new trailer.
  13. overnights
    The Midnight Club Recap: The You That You ChoseAnya tells a revealing story about being in two places at once and ending up nowhere.
  14. overnights
    The Midnight Club Series-Premiere Recap: Making GhostsWhat scares a bunch of terminally ill young adults? Mike Flanagan tries to find out.
  15. midnights era
    Taylor Swift Gave Us Straight Answers About the Midnights Track ListShe revealed the last five tracks last night — including her long-rumored Lana Del Rey collaboration.
  16. overnights
    Bad Sisters Recap: Black Eyes and Red HerringsIn the penultimate episode, the show revels in the possibilities of a whodunnit.
  17. now streaming
    The 6 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This WeekendSpooky season is here — along with a music festival.
  18. best of 2022
    The Best Albums of 2022 (So Far)From big hooks to genre-bending pop to thoughtful reflections on fame, these are the best releases of the year.
  19. into it
    Serial Killers Are Now Just IP TooRyan Murphy tried not to center Jeffrey Dahmer in Dahmer, but that’s impossible considering he’s the draw.
  20. the grub street diet
    Broti Gupta Dips Her Fries in Mashed Potatoes“I will answer for this act of potato cannibalism on Judgment Day.”
  21. rip
    Comedian and Self-Declared ‘Love Goddess’ Judy Tenuta Dead at 72The gum-chewing Grammy nominee converted audiences to her religion of “Judyism.”
  22. overnights
    The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Recap: Misty Mountain HopelessnessThere’s a lot of desperation to go around in this episode and more than a few hopes dashed.
  23. run (out of) this town
    Ye Thought Wearing a White Lives Matter Shirt Would Be ‘Funny’Addressing his Paris Fashion Week controversy in an interview with Tucker Carlson.
  24. overnights
    Atlanta Recap: Mr. Chocolate and the Black Movie FactoryWhat Van believes will be a quick adventure in a Tyler Perry–esque production turns into a pivotal moment for her as a mother.
  25. theater review
    The Revived and Reinvented 1776 Is a Delight, If You Can Stand to Watch ItIf you’re going to stage this show despite all its problems, this is how to do it.
  26. health
    Justin Bieber’s World Tour Is Officially Postponed Until the SpringHe previously paused the tour due to facial paralysis caused by Ramsay Hunt syndrome.
  27. overnights
    Ghosts Recap: Alberta’s TurnThe female-empowerment vibes are at an all-time high over at the Woodstone B&B.
  28. trailer mix
    RHOBH Reunion Trailer: It’s Kathy Hilton vs. Lisa Rinna“You are the biggest bully in Hollywood, and everyone knows it.”
  29. under oath
    Kevin Spacey’s Sex-Abuse Trial Is Already a MessSpacey, wearing a slate suit, snow-white shirt, and powder-blue tie, did not appear worried.
  30. jinkies
    Mindy Kaling and Constance Wu Are Solving the Mystery of VelmaThe first teaser for HBO Max’s Scooby-Doo spinoff dropped at New York Comic Con 2022.
  31. good one podcast
    How Sam Morril Gets Laughs Between Laughs“It’s almost like a hesi move in basketball. Like, how can I get my jump shot wide open?”
  32. coming soon
    It’s a-Here, Mario!Chris Pratt, look how you massacred our boy.
  33. chat room
    John Macmillan Shot Laenor’s House of the Dragon Escape on His First Day on Set“It was a really stormy day, and we were out in the ocean in this massive hundred-year-old boat.”
  34. now streaming
    The 30 Best Anime on Netflix Right NowFrom Cowboy Bebop to Kotaro Lives Alone, the service has acquired some beautifully animated series.
  35. future trash
    John Waters, Pope of Filth, to Direct Adaptation of His Book Liarmouth“Maybe it’s fitting that my novel was shocking enough to jump-start the engine of my film career.”
  36. overnights
    She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Recap: Murdock & WaltersCharlie Cox’s Daredevil returns to the MCU — and begins flirting immediately.
  37. best of 2022
    The Best Video Games of 2022 (So Far)It’s been a really, really, really full year.
  38. coming soon
    Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery Headed to Theaters After AllBut only for a week.
  39. highway to hell
    The Live-Music Industry Is BrokenSupply-chain issues, mental health crises, positive COVID tests. As artists continue to struggle, is any of this even worth it?
  40. vulture guides
    A Grey’s Anatomy Catch-Up Guide, No Matter How Far Behind You AreEverything you need to know before jumping back in.
  41. movie review
    Tár Brilliantly Undoes an Ego Monster of an ArtistCate Blanchett is toweringly great as a famous conductor who meets a very public downfall.
  42. buffering
    It’s Time to Start Worrying About PeacockCan the streaming service come back from the dead?
  43. trailer mix
    Jennifer Lawrence’s Rest and Relaxation Is Over in CausewayBrian Tyree Henry co-stars in the A24 drama co-written by Ottessa Moshfegh.
  44. abel’s angels
    The Idol Teaser Is Full of Sex, Drugs, and Pop MusicOh, and a cult led by the Weeknd.
  45. overnights
    Survivor Recap: Stop Playing ScaredWhile tensions are rising on Vesi and Baka, Coco is just chilling — until Karla goes exploring.
  46. improv
    The Second City to Open New Location in First City: New YorkIts new space is coming to Brooklyn in 2023.
  47. had to get away
    The White Lotus Season Two Booked Its Italian Vacation for October 30The trailer features cheating, drugs, more cheating, and the delightful Meghann Fahy.
  48. rankings
    All 193 Taylor Swift Songs, RankedThere are at least ten stone-cold classics in her discography.
  49. into the groove
    Charlie Puth Is ‘So Inspired’ by ‘LGBTQ+ Culture’Driving through West Hollywood will do that to a person.
  50. 1.5x speed
    An Art-World Scandal (and 6 More Podcasts Worth Checking Out)Death of an Artist, Blowback, and more.
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