1. punching up
    Did You Bid on the Union Solidarity Coalition’s Insane Auction?Plus, a Murder, She Wrote–themed picket, Bill Maher flip-flopping, and UAW president Shawn Fain fan cams.
  2. trailer mix
    Do Androids Dream of Nicolas Cage?No one escapes him in Dream Scenario.
  3. improv
    The Second City Is Close to Opening Its Doors in New YorkThe legendary theater’s “first city” location will open November 16.
  4. 2023 writers’ strike
    The Talk, Jennifer Hudson Show Delay Premieres for WGA StrikeAfter The Drew Barrymore Show paused its new season.
  5. overnights
    Only Murders in the Building Recap: Tricky DickieMeryl Streep can’t be guilty of murder, right?
  6. overnights
    Below Deck Down Under Season-Finale Recap: What Goes Around Comes AroundThe season comes to an end … as should Jaimee and Culver’s relationship.
  7. kryptonite
    Tim Burton Is in a ‘Quiet Revolt’ Over a Cameo in The FlashThe cameo referenced Burton’s lost Superman Lives movie from 1998.
  8. theater review
    Job Pays Off and Clocks Out“Like a good TV crime drama, it’s manipulative in a value-neutral sense: It knows the position it wants to put you in, and it puts you there.”
  9. timelines
    A Detailed Timeline of Allegations Against Marilyn MansonHe has been charged with two misdemeanor counts for an incident with a videographer.
  10. post-game analysis
    Was Winning Time a Loss Or a Victory?Two critics review the highlights and personal fouls of HBO’s ambitious but flawed attempt to distill a dynasty.
  11. tiff 2023
    TIFF Has a Whole Lot of Supply, Not Enough DemandRichard Linklater’s Hit Man went to Netflix for $20 million in the biggest deal out of the fest.
  12. 2023 wga strike
    Bill Maher Changes His Mind in Real TimeNo longer returning to the air amid the writers’ strike.
  13. sequels
    Hollywood Should Do the Obvious Thing and Give Us MEG4N and ShipIn a better world, these would the titles of the sequels to M3GAN and Plane. Instead, we’re getting M3GAN 2.0 and Plane 2: Stowaway.
  14. leaky
    Kim Petras Is (Officially) ProblématiqueThe leaked album will finally be streaming through licit channels.
  15. vulture 10x10
    The Universe Puzzle7-Down, Six Letters: Fans that may have shipped Puckleberry or Klaine.
  16. rumour has it
    Send Your Love to Adele’s New … Husband?She called him that herself at a Vegas show.
  17. friends in old places
    Play Something ’90sThe era where “every song felt huge” is alive in country music. It took a long back road to get there.
  18. song roulette
    Shania Twain Built Her Own CountryShe didn’t get to make decisions about her career at first. One single changed that quickly.
  19. vulture lists
    25 Modern Songs That Sound Like ’90s CountryWe’re in the middle of a full-on revival.
  20. superlatives
    Vince Gill on the Best and Toughest Music of His Career“I’m a much better songwriter today than I was 30 years ago when I had all those hits.”
  21. a long talk
    Conner O’Malley Opens His Digital WombThe unhinged king of super-online comedy is giving fans a new way to mainline his weird, manic creations.
  22. overnights
    The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Recap: Nanu NanuIsabelle’s backstory is classic The Walking Dead.
  23. overnights
    The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Hold the PhoneIn the hardship backstories and PrankGate, everyone is right and wrong, which is the mark of a true Housewife.
  24. overnights
    Winning Time Finale Recap: Leave the Dynasties to UsThe Lakers lose the ’84 finals but will more or less live happily ever after. Winning Time as a series, on the other hand …
  25. exit interview
    Winning Time Will Not Shoot for 3Producer Kevin Messick breaks down the HBO series’ abrupt cancellation and how they turned season two’s ending into a series finale.
  26. theater review
    In Swing State, Bleak Politics in the Tall GrassRebecca Gilman’s story is hemmed in on all sides.
  27. drew’s news
    The Drew Barrymore Show Now on Pause ‘Until the Strike Is Over’“I have listened to everyone,” Barrymore wrote in an Instagram statement announcing the reversal.
  28. celebrity breakups
    Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert Separate After 7 Years of MarriageTaylor denied that infidelity was a cause of split on IG.
  29. 2023 sag strike
    Celebrities Have Labor Disputes Just Like UsHarold and Kumar reunited on the picket line.
  30. my single is dripping
    Drake and SZA Release Track Inspired by the Kids’ Choice AwardsHalle Berry was not amused.
  31. consequences
    Jann Wenner Has Been Removed From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s BoardThe Rolling Stone co-founder has since apologized for what he described as “badly chosen words” about Black and female musicians.
  32. who dun it?
    A Few Hauntings Are Taunting the Box OfficeThird time’s the charm for Kenneth Branagh.
  33. woof!
    Drake’s Got That Dog in Him for a Little LongerHe isn’t letting the dogs out until October 6.
  34. best of the fests
    The 14 Best Movies We Saw at Venice and TIFF This YearFall festival season has brought a bounty of awards contenders, star-making performances, and must-see masterpieces.
  35. homecomings
    Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson Cooked Up a Surprise WWE ReturnComplete with a People’s Elbow and a backstage run-in with John Cena.
  36. overnights
    Billions Recap: Double TurnThe return of John Malkovich’s terrifying Russian oligarch leaves Chuck and Axe on good terms.
  37. overnights
    Heels Season-Finale Recap: Last Man StandingAll roads lead to Harmageddon.
  38. drag is a contact sport
    Bad Bunny’s Spending Un Verano Con CassandroHe kisses Gael García Bernal in a new clip from the biopic, out September 22 on Prime Video.
  39. the law
    Jonathan Majors’s Domestic-Abuse Trial Still Hasn’t StartedBut a judge has set a date for the next key hearing.
  40. overnights
    The Changeling Recap: To the Waters and the WildWhy is William such a creep?
  41. crime and punishment
    Ashton Kutcher Leaves Board of His Anti-Child-Sex-Abuse OrganizationMila Kunis will also exit her role at Thorn after the couple supported convicted rapist Danny Masterson.
  42. drew’s news
    Drew Barrymore ‘Deeply’ Apologizes to Writers and Unions“I know there’s just nothing I can do that will make this okay for those it is not okay with.”
  43. (un)endings
    Foundation Has Immortality IssuesSeason two pushes up against the edge of how long characters can hang around without breaking the stakes.
  44. vulture lists
    11 Great Hip-hop Process DocsToday’s music films rarely show why their stories are worth telling in the first place. These do.
  45. seen it all
    Jeezy Files for Divorce From Jeannie MaiRequesting joint custody of their 1-year-old daughter.
  46. movie review
    A Luchador Sheds His Masks in the Triumphant CassandroGael García Bernal is exceptional as the exótico who became a wrestling star.
  47. summer of splits
    Hugh Jackman Now a Single ManSeparating from his wife of 27 years.
  48. emergency discunchkin
    Is Ice Spice’s Munchkin Dunkin’ Drink the Next Grimace Shake?Forget slushies; this thing is a sludgy.
  49. the law
    Was Michael Oher Blind to His Blind Side Conservatorship?In new court papers, the Tuohys maintain that they have always felt that Oher was “like a son” but just “not in the legal sense.”
  50. buffering
    What If Everyone Won the Charter-Disney Dispute?A closer look at Disney’s deal with the cable company.
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