1. scandoval
    Where Celebs Stand on ScandovalZiwe wants to confront Tom Sandoval. Chris Pratt knows Katie Maloney. It’s all happening!
  2. best of 2023
    The Best Songs of 2023 (So Far)From Kesha, Yaeji, Chris Farren, and more.
  3. chai chai
    Tea TeaIt’s redundant.
  4. dramaturgically
    A Study in Vanderpump Rules Facial ActingThree reunion episodes, endless reaction faces.
  5. schwartz on mars
    Let Stars on Mars Ease Out Your Vanderpump Rules ComedownSchwartzy’s first attempt to be a solo Tom.
  6. tribeca 2023
    Robert De Niro’s Festival Will Hold a De Niro Con This FallA proud Martin Scorsese and an event-hopping Eric Adams helped deliver the news at Tribeca Festival’s private reception.
  7. vulture 10x10
    The Pastel Puzzle9-Down, Four Letters: Focus of some shots in Tarantino movies.
  8. tribeca festival
    12 Movies and Documentaries We’re Excited to See at Tribeca FestivalFrom a Rock Hudson documentary to a serial-killer buddy comedy to a live performance from Waitress’s Sara Bareilles.
  9. tony awards 2023
    Tony Awards Will Give Its Regards to Broadway Amid StrikeThe nominated musicals and a bonus Lea Michele will perform.
  10. party report
    Benjamin Norris Wants a Never Have I Ever Treleanor SpinoffTrent hive, rise up.
  11. go go go yorgos
    Emma Stone Is in Her Frankenstein’s Monster EraYorgos Lanthimos, always doing the most.
  12. orange haze
    Live Performances Extinguished by Wildfire SmokeIncluding Prima Facie, Hamilton, Camelot, and #sports.
  13. reality check
    The Tragic ZeroIn trying and failing to craft a romantic-hero narrative, Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Sandoval broke the No. 1 rule of reality TV.
  14. superlatives
    Niall Horan on His Best Love Song and Favorite One Direction Deep Cuts“As an out-the-gate, first thing, to sit down and write ‘This Town’ — it gave me confidence.”
  15. best of 2023
    The Best Movies of 2023 (So Far)This year has delivered a bounty of independent, meticulously assembled cinematic stunners along with actually good superhero movies.
  16. in conversation
    50 Cent Has Stories to SellEvery record label once wanted what he had (and was afraid of it). Now all of Hollywood wants it too.
  17. encounter
    The Gospel of JohnIn his first solo stand-up special, John Early savages our hackneyed millennial mores.
  18. statements
    Wednesday’s Percy Hynes White Says the ‘Rumors Are False’In an apparent response to allegations of sexual assault leveled against him in January.
  19. overnights
    Vanderpump Rules Reunion Recap: Grody to the MaxThe twist might not have been worth the hype, but it’s still been a once-in-a-lifetime season of reality television.
  20. cancel culture
    If You’re Reading This, Your Favorite Show Is CanceledAll the TV shows we’ve lost in 2023, including I Love That for You, The Winchesters, and Red Table Talk.
  21. reality check
    So That Was the Vanderpump Rules Finale’s Big ‘Twist’?The internet is reacting to Raquel Leviss’s latest confession about the Scandoval.
  22. overnights
    The Real Housewives of Orange County Premiere Recap: Judge, Jury, ExecutionerWe have reached the final frontier of Housewifery.
  23. let’s go party
    Breaking: Barbie Has Entered the Real WorldCome for Barbie, stay for meta-textual examinations of what it means to be Barbie.
  24. health
    Shannen Doherty Says Her Breast Cancer Has Spread to Her Brain“My fear is obvious,” she captioned a video of herself receiving treatment.
  25. memes memes memes
    Memes Abound As New York Asks: ‘Do You Even Vape?’These memes are locally sourced, California stay outta this.
  26. the boys
    Bono and Chris Martin Are Team MattyIn the breakup or the Noel Gallagher beef? It’s unclear.
  27. evil air
    Jodie Comer Halts Prima Facie Mid-Performance Due to Poor Air Quality“I can’t breathe in this air.”
  28. commercial real estate
    Amazon Would Sure Love to Put (More) Ads on Prime VideoYep, we’re talking about another streaming tier.
  29. stop the presses
    Was Everybody Always Out to Get CNN’s Chris Licht?Zuckerites might be rejoicing, but Zaslav is still the boss.
  30. jimmy arresto
    Insurrectionist Comedian Jay Johnston Arrested for January 6 InvolvementThe FBI put out a call for tips on the Bob’s Burgers comedian in 2021.
  31. trailer mix
    Megan Fox Is Willing and Able to Beat Us All UpLights. Camera. Action! Action! Action!
  32. snaps
    Jenna Ortega, Wednesday Executive Producer, Has Notes“I want to see the outfits, new characters, scripts.”
  33. best of 2023
    The Best New Board Games and Tabletop Games of 2023 (So Far)Roll the dice and be rewarded with analog thrills.
  34. essential episodes
    19 Essential Episodes of It’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaFeaturing rum ham, Chardee MacDennis, and, of course, the Nightman.
  35. chat room
    Anthony Head Is Proud to Be Ted Lasso’s One True Villain“It’s hard to say what he wants, because he just wants to win.”
  36. on the record
    And Just Like That … Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall’s ‘Catfight’ Wages OnShe’s back.
  37. vulture lists
    25 Essential Iranian Films You Can Stream Right NowStream hybrid documentaries that break the fourth wall, psychological dramas, and gory thrillers that attest to the terrifying reality of theocracy.
  38. vulture 10x10
    The Angeleno Puzzle22-Across, Four Letters: “The ___ of Glory” (Lady Gaga hit).
  39. respect the classics
    Now Why Would John Mellencamp Punch This Handsome Man?“I fought all the time, and lost all the time.”
  40. a little porn at work
    Cracking the Secrets of ITYSL’s Nude EggAlec Robbins, who designed the sketch show’s video game, goes deep on butthole and bush design.
  41. cable news
    CNN CEO Chris Licht Is OutStepping down after a tumultuous week for the network.
  42. emergency discussion
    It’s the End of Top Chef As We Know ItWith Padma Lakshmi’s departure, the venerable series is losing something irreplaceable. But its latest season hints at an even deeper identity crisis.
  43. overnights
    The Ultimatum: Queer Love Finale Recap: It Sucks to Lose YouLet’s talk about this reunion.
  44. best of 2023
    The Best Albums of 2023 (So Far)The best music of the year is a celebration of the endurance of the human spirit.
  45. tv
    In Taylor Sheridan’s America, the Cowboy Is Colonized TooYellowstone is known for being a red-state show. But its political ideology is lifted from the left.
  46. wildfires
    WGA East Cancels NYC Strike for Wednesday Due to Air QualityStrikes are still tentatively scheduled for the rest of the week.
  47. i want my tv!
    What the Writers’ Strike Means for Your Fave ShowsWhat’s a good show without its writers’ room?
  48. theater review
    Patterns of Addiction in Days of Wine and Roses and Wet BrainOne decorous, one unleashed.
  49. choose me
    Ellen Pompeo Submits Her Patent as ‘Pick Me Girl’ InventorFirst, doctor. Now, cultural innovator.
  50. overnights
    Cruel Summer Recap: Sex, Lies, and Revenge PornWhy isn’t the sheriff more interested in solving the case of the Christmas revenge porn?
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