1. she-eo
    It Was Never Going to Be ShivHer strongest move in Succession turned out to be the lock on her self-constructed cage.
  2. with open eyes
    Succession Power Rankings: A Meal Fit for a KingMake yourself a snack with whatever you can find — not Peter’s cheese! — and settle in for the series-finale edition.
  3. wambsgans watch
    Tightrope Tommy Really Did ItWow, you guys.
  4. overnights
    Succession Series-Finale Recap: Serious IssuesIn the end, the Roys’ bullshit finally caught up with them.
  5. with open eyes
    All the Callbacks in the Succession Series FinaleLawrence Yee of Vaulter returns!
  6. all eyes on she
    Lady Caroline Was Right About EyeballsShe may never win Mother of the Year, but at least she’s funny.
  7. chat room
    Mary Catherine Garrison Loves Growing With TriciaThe Somebody Somewhere actor “lit up” at season two’s scripts: “She’s trying so hard to do her best and life just keeps toppling over.”
  8. overnights
    Somebody Somewhere Season-Finale Recap: A Crazy ThingA catharsis and joy-filled finale brings Sam and Joel back together!
  9. overnights
    Barry Series-Finale Recap: Sound and FuryThanks to Hollywood, Barry becomes the hero he always dreamed of, but it’s far from the happy ending he envisioned.
  10. overnights
    Somebody, Somewhere Recap: The Fred Rococo Bachelor-Party ExperienceWhile things seem dire between Sam and Joel at the moment, all hope is not lost.
  11. a long talk
    ‘How Far Can We Push This Character?’Sarah Goldberg bids farewell to Barry and Sally Reed after four “elastic” seasons.
  12. my dynasty is dropping
    The Roys Are Moving On to the Music IndustryNo, it’s not “L to the OG” part two. The Succession season-four album comes out at midnight.
  13. records
    Morgan Wallen’s One Thing at a Time Breaks 30-Year RecordSurpassing Taylor Swift’s Fearless.
  14. overnights
    The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Alabama BluesThe Peaches take on Birmingham to experience the Magic City Classic and maybe ignite some new beefs.
  15. scandoval
    Ariana Madix on Future of Vanderpump Rules: ‘It’s Not Up to Us Who Comes Back’Whether it be the show or her home, she’s not going anywhere.
  16. rip
    George Maharis, Star of Route 66, Dead at 94The actor starred in the classic 1960s CBS drama.
  17. i love new york
    Kelly Clarkson Hints That Broadway May Be in Her FutureShe in the midst of “writing something” for Broadway right now.
  18. theater
    Tony Awards Will Give Its Regards to Broadway Amid StrikeThe playwrights saved the day (June 11).
  19. vulture lists
    All of Robert De Niro’s Comedic Roles, RankedAbout My Father is just the latest in a long line of comedies for the actor.
  20. brava
    WGA Asks Nominated Members Not to Attend Tony AwardsEmpty chairs at empty tables.
  21. sashay away
    The Little Mermaid Makeup Artist Calls Backlash ‘Ridiculous’Apparently, drag did not inspire Melissa McCarthy’s look in the new film.
  22. cannes 2023
    Anatomy Of A Fall Wins Palme d’Or at Cannes 2023Previous winners include Triangle of Sadness’s Ruben Östlund and Titane’s Julia Ducournau.
  23. remembrance
    Kenneth Anger Never Cooled OffBut the filmmaker’s renegade aesthetic is all over the mainstream, from Martin Scorsese to David Lynch.
  24. box office
    The Little Mermaid Splashes Its Way to the Box OfficeThe film is estimated to earn $120–130 million over Memorial Day weekend.
  25. tiktokstreet diet
    I Let TikTok Control My Viewing Habits for a WeekWhat I learned from watching every TV and movie clip that popped up on my “For You” page.
  26. vulture lists
    19 Great Movies About Terrible VacationsMaybe just stay home?
  27. cannes 2023
    Cannes Can’t Take Its Eyes Off Sandra HüllerAn actress known for her superability to suppress the emotions of a composed character is in not one, but two incredible festival films.
  28. vulture lists
    6 Great Audiobooks to Listen to This MonthAndy Cohen dishes about being a daddy, while Andrew Rannells is Uncle of the Year, plus another page-turner from TJ Newman.
  29. photography
    Will Vogt Sees Rich PeopleThe photographs in These Americans depict the wealthy at leisure, with their guard down.
  30. like grrah
    Taylor Swift and Ice Spice Vibe Like That in the ‘Karma’ Music VideoReleased after they performed the remix together on the Eras Tour.
  31. to be continued
    Lionsgate Definitely Isn’t Letting the John Wick Franchise DieJohn Wick 5 is in development with other spinoffs, an exec confirmed.
  32. take your daughter to work day
    Beyoncé Managed to Book Blue Ivy for the Renaissance TourThe 11-year-old Grammy winner found time to show up and dance with her mom in Paris.
  33. vulture lists
    The Best Winners of the Palm Dog, the Cannes Award for CaninesThe Palme d’Or is given to good films. The Palm Dog is given to good boys.
  34. emergency discussion
    Actually, Yellowjackets Did Bite Off More Than It Could ChewThere’s ambiguity and then there’s aimlessness.
  35. (not) coming soon
    We’re Stuck With Two More Euphoria-Less YearsHBO says scheduling conflicts and the writers’ strike are keeping the show on standby.
  36. backstories
    ‘Make Him Tell the Machine Story!’Stand-up Bert Kreischer chronicles the journey behind his megapopular joke.
  37. book club
    12 Books to Read If You Already Miss YellowjacketsIf Shauna’s book club were real, these are the titles she’d be reading.
  38. vulture investigates
    The Honking Wars of the 2023 Writers’ StrikeHow seriously should anyone be taking those electronic signs?
  39. remembrance
    Tina Turner Bet on HerselfWhen the industry turned its back, she refused to give in.
  40. cannes 2023
    Wim Wenders Has Been Trying to Make Perfect Days His Whole LifeThe director’s latest Cannes premiere is probably the best film he’s made since Until the End of the World.
  41. buffering
    Let’s Talk About Max’s First WeekAn emergency discussion about the streaming service formerly known as HBO Max.
  42. backstories
    The Dead Cells Toxic Sewers Level Is Hard (But It Doesn’t, Er, Stink)What makes the game’s most daunting area so difficult and how new efforts around accessibility have changed the experience.
  43. cannes 2023
    Could a Documentary Win at Cannes This Year?Nonfiction has been notoriously absent from past competition lineups, but two well-regarded docs may have a chance at the 2023 Palme d’Or.
  44. cannes 2023
    90 Minutes of Jane Fonda Confessing the Absolute Truth About HollywoodOn getting drunk to film Barbarella, competing with Katharine Hepburn, dealing with Jean-Luc Godard’s bullshit, and quitting the Book Club movies.
  45. cannes 2023
    All the Movies Sold at Cannes 2023A24 picks up Jonathan Glazer’s acclaimed Holocaust drama The Zone of Interest.
  46. hard mode
    Finding the Fun in FailureBennett Foddy’s video games are maddening, tedious, unfair, and borderline impossible — that’s just how he wants them.
  47. vulture recommends
    Revisiting Light Sleeper, Paul Schrader’s Beautiful Mood PieceFans of the director’s newer work will find themselves entranced by his 1992 cult classic.
  48. tributes
    Angela Bassett, Mick Jagger, Beyoncé, and More Honor Tina TurnerAlso Jenifer Lewis, Gloria Gaynor, and Lizzo.
  49. mother of the year
    We Give Our Vote to CarolynThe Survivor contestant made us believe in television as a medium again.
  50. now streaming
    The 10 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch Memorial Day WeekendNot one but three (!) finales and a Little Mermaid, too.
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