1. the grub street diet
    Hua Hsu Orders the Special“It was a sheet of hash browns folded over cheese and bacon, resting on heirloom tomatoes and a fried egg.”
  2. vulture lists
    11 Essential Hip-Hop BooksFrom star-studded memoirs to “one of the most engaging examinations rap has ever received.”
  3. x-tremely online
    Grimes Used Elon Musk’s Own Platform to Reveal Their Third ChildNamed Techno Mechanicus.
  4. stan print media
    Drake Announces New Album to Accompany Titles Ruin Everything Poetry BookFor All the Dogs drops September 22.
  5. isn’t it?
    American Horror Story: Delicate Trailer is a Jump-Scare for Gilmore Girls FansIs this Emma Robert’s nightmare or Rory Gilmore’s?
  6. chapters
    I Killed GodMaria Bamford’s eulogy for her beloved best friend.
  7. book review
    How Zadie Smith Lost Her TeethSince her audacious debut, she has been moving toward character-driven realism. In the process, she’s become the least interesting version of herself.
  8. beach read book club
    How Does It End for Alex?Our book club discusses the ending of The Guest.
  9. books
    Which Fall 2023 Comedian Memoir Is Right for You?Featuring releases from Maria Bamford, Reggie Watts, Leslie Jones, and more.
  10. into it
    Brandon Taylor Wants to Bring Gatekeeping Back to Book CriticismThe internet didn’t invent argument-driven criticism, but it did breed a culture of forming an opinion on a piece of media before consuming it.
  11. books
    From Friends to Lovers: The Fanfic-to-Romance Pipeline Goes MainstreamWriters are jumping right from Archive of Our Own to the best-seller list.
  12. fall preview 2023
    In Mona Awad’s Novels, Beauty Comes With a Side of Body HorrorHer latest novel, Rouge, shows how the quest for perfection can send you over the edge.
  13. beach read book club
    Does Alex Genuinely Care for Anyone?Our book club discusses chapters seven and eight of The Guest.
  14. the grub street diet
    Hilary Leichter Is Navigating a Morning-Beverage Identity Crisis“The coffee crests in little golden peaks, like the froth left in the wake of a boat.”
  15. chat room
    Jeezy Is Now a Self-Help GuruFor his first book, the rapper shares his unfiltered blueprint to success: “I’m still standing after all this time. You got to know why.”
  16. blindsided
    Michael Oher Focuses on His ‘Playbook’ Amid LawsuitDeclining to comment on conservatorship accusations at a book signing.
  17. chapters
    ‘Let’s Let the Squirrel Out of the Bag’On the Anchorman set, improv-comedy masters had the freedom to reimagine the film one line at a time.
  18. fall preview 2023
    24 Books We Can’t Wait to Read This FallThere’s even a book by Babs.
  19. art-ificial intelligence
    AI-Generated Art Is Not Copyrightable, Judge Rules“Human authorship is an essential part of a valid copyright claim.”
  20. beach read book club
    Who Can Really See Alex?Our book club discusses chapters four through six of “The Guest.”
  21. allegedly
    The Blind Side Author Michael Lewis Denies Lawsuit Allegations“It’s outrageous how Hollywood accounting works, but the money is not in the Tuohys’ pockets.”
  22. oh yeah?
    Scott Pilgrim Gets an Extra Life As an Anime, and the Whole Cast Is BackMake some noise for the teaser, people.
  23. oh no
    Iowa School District Is Using ChatGPT to Take Out Banned BooksA.I. tackling its No. 1 enemy head on: original work.
  24. revelations
    Bethany Joy Lenz Opens Up About Her Decade in a CultShe said the One Tree Hill cast and crew initially tried to “rescue” her.
  25. lawsuits
    Can Sarah Silverman’s AI Lawsuit Save Us From Robot Overlords?“That’s part of what these cases are about: Let’s open the black box. Let’s see what’s inside.”
  26. beach read book club
    What Do You Do With a Guest Like Alex?Our book club discusses the first three chapters of “The Guest.”
  27. the grub street diet
    Emma Rosenblum Is Trying to Make Something Everyone Will Eat“The chicken was a crowd pleaser. I cooked it while drinking an Aperol Spritz, naturally.”
  28. everything must go
    Paramount Sells Simon & Schuster to KKR Investment FirmFor less than Penguin Random House was offering but also with less threat of an antitrust lawsuit.
  29. books
    Robert Plunket Is Fine With Being Rediscovered“It’s more time-consuming than you would think,” the author says of his recent revival.
  30. vulture lists
    10 Books to Read If You Enjoy Generation-Spanning Sci-Fi Epics Like FoundationSci-fi stories that don’t span centuries are so basic.
  31. america has a problem
    Texas Booksellers Won’t Take Book Bans Lying DownThey have sued the state over a new sexual-content-rating law for books, calling it unconstitutional.
  32. announcements
    Read Emma Cline’s The Guest With Our New Book ClubIntroducing Beach Read Book Club, a limited-run newsletter where New York staff will discuss the season’s buzziest books alongside our readers.
  33. vulture lists
    Greta Gerwig’s 10 Favorite BooksGeorge Eliot, Virginia Woolf, Joan Didion, and more.
  34. rip
    Milan Kundera, Czech-Born French Writer, Dead at 94His works include The Unbearable Lightness of Being as well as The Book of Laughter and Forgetting.
  35. encounter
    Andrew Lipstein Tries To Be GoodIn his novel The Vegan, he imagines a finance guy desperate to atone — and not for the sins you’d think.
  36. lawsuits
    Sarah Silverman Is Suing ChatGPTSilverman, Richard Kadrey, and Christopher Golden are suing Meta and OpenAI over use of their work to train AI models.
  37. we the best review of books
    DJ Khaled Reviews Drake’s Poetry Book: ‘He Wrote a Sentence!’“The boy’s special now.”
  38. thrifty boy
    Can Nathan Fielder Save the It Ends With Us Movie?Specifically in the fashion department.
  39. chat room
    Hayley Kiyoko Didn’t Know If She Would Tour AgainThe pop singer and newly minted author on evading drag bans and adapting her breakout song into a best-selling novel.
  40. the library is open
    Put Down the Juneteenth Ice Cream and Pick Up These 16 BooksA reading list for America’s latest greeting-card category.
  41. obits
    Robert Gottlieb, Editor of Beloved and Catch-22, Dead at 92The list of writers he worked with looks like a survey of 20th-century literature.
  42. rip
    Cormac McCarthy, Acclaimed American Novelist, Dead at 89The No Country for Old Men author wrote gripping tales of the American West and portraits of apocalypse.
  43. controversy
    Eat, Pray, Love Author Eat-Pray-Pulls Book Set in RussiaElizabeth Gilbert’s new novel, The Snow Forest, will no longer come out in February 2024.
  44. celebrity memoirs
    Elliot Page Says a Homophobic ‘Famous Actor’ Sexually Harassed HimAnd more revelations from Pageboy.
  45. books
    Showrunner Damon Lindelof Responds to Lost Accusations“I have no recollection of those specific things,” he tells Burn It Down author Maureen Ryan.
  46. we here for you
    12 Books to Fill the Succession-Size Hole in Your HeartStories with familial machinations, high-society satire, and juicy corporate power struggles — sound familiar?
  47. photography
    Will Vogt Sees Rich PeopleThe photographs in These Americans depict the wealthy at leisure with their guard down.
  48. book club
    12 Books to Read If You Already Miss YellowjacketsIf Shauna’s book club were real, these are the titles she’d be reading.
  49. vulture lists
    18 New Beach Reads for Every Kind of Book LoverBooks so good you’ll forget to reapply sunscreen.
  50. coming soon
    Japanese Breakfast Is Searching for the Next Japanese BreakfastWith an open casting call to star in Crying in H Mart.
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