1. must reads
    7 Books You Should Read This OctoberA blistering send-up of youthful pretension, a masterful novel about privilege and loneliness, an unrelentingly paced story collection, and more.
  2. future trash
    John Waters, Pope of Filth, to Direct Adaptation of His Book Liarmouth“Maybe it’s fitting that my novel was shocking enough to jump-start the engine of my film career.”
  3. awards
    Autofiction Writer Annie Ernaux Awarded the Nobel Prize in LiteratureBest known for her memoir The Years.
  4. memoirs
    8 Revealing Stories From Constance Wu’s Memoir, Making a SceneIncluding sexual-harassment accusations on the set of Fresh Off the Boat and the response an actress sent to those tweets.
  5. book review
    Radiation Takes Center Stage, for Better or Worse, in Trinity, Trinity, TrinityJapanese history and “unseen forces” propel Erika Kobayashi’s science fiction thriller, sometimes at the expense of its own characters.
  6. yikes
    George R.R. Martin’s Co-authors Are Not Fit to PostRise of the Dragon co-author Linda Antonsson has repeatedly critiqued the casting of people of color on Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon.
  7. respect the classics
    Bono to Sing Stories and Tell Songs on Surrender Book TourWith or without U2.
  8. biographies
    Asia Argento Reacts to the Unauthorized Anthony Bourdain BiographyShe posted a picture with her last words to Bourdain: “Stop busting my balls.”
  9. books
    The Best Sex That Less Author Andrew Sean Greer Has Ever Read“Instead of thinking, How will I describe a penis?, you think, What else is sex? What else will bring it alive to people?
  10. at home in asian america
    Cathy Park Hong, the Poet PunditHer book Minor Feelings became COVID canon — and Hong became liberal America’s go-to Asian thinker.
  11. at home in asian america
    The Mixed MetaphorWhy does the half-Asian, half-white protagonist make us so anxious?
  12. book review
    When Grief Returns Again, and Again, and Again …In her time-looping novel The Furrows, Namwali Serpell’s deft use of repetition makes the plot feel dynamic even as she retells the same story.
  13. harris’s foam book
    Comedy Bang! Bang! Podcast to Perform in Character As a BookComing April 2023 wherever you find books (not podcasts).
  14. magical thinking
    The Media Remembers Joan DidionHer New York memorial service focused on her body of work with the more personal bits out of frame.
  15. essential reading
    7 Essential Marilyn Monroe Books to Read After Watching BlondeThe Netflix film is based on Joyce Carol Oates’s 2000 novel.
  16. rip
    Hilary Mantel, Decorated Wolf Hall Author, Dead at 70She won the Booker Prize twice for her celebrated historical series.
  17. a long talk
    Hilary Mantel Thinks the Last Book Is Her Best“I’ve always been very ambitious. But it’s more in my own terms than in other people’s terms.”
  18. book deals
    James Comey Trades Memoirs for a Life of Crime (Novels)Murder, he wrote.
  19. books
    Hua Hsu Is True to the GameHis new memoir is both a coming-of-age story and an evolutionary step for Asian American literature.
  20. awards
    National Book Award for Fiction Longlist Honors Eight Fiction DebutsWe love to see it!
  21. chapters
    The Day Deadwood DiedHow a single phone call and “a clash of fucking egos,” as star Ian McShane put it, led to the abrupt end of the beloved HBO series.
  22. memoirs
    Posthumous Anne Heche Memoir, Call Me Anne, Set for January 2023Heche reportedly turned in a manuscript before she died.
  23. rhojf
    The Real Housewives of Jonathan FranzenIn suburbia, the plight of Franzen’s housewives is of a piece with their entrapment.
  24. celeb tell-alls
    No, Selma Blair Never Sent Drew Barrymore Death ThreatsBlair says she was the victim of a poison-pen writer for years.
  25. respect the classics
    Uh-Oh, Jann Wenner Might Have Just Revealed a New Bruce Springsteen Album“There’s a new Bruce record coming out this fall, which is stunning,” he told Billboard.
  26. disrespect the classics
    Ha, Jann Wenner Is Pissed About a Recent Rock Hall Induction“I hadn’t heard of a single contribution this individual made to the creative side of music. But he had accumulated influence and wealth.”
  27. remembrances
    This Time Tomorrow, TodayEmma Straub remembers her father, horror icon Peter Straub.
  28. vulture recommends
    You Gotta Listen to the Heat 2 AudiobookGory prose read in a voice so low it’s almost below hearing.
  29. banned in ya
    John Green: Don’t Ban My Book at My Old School“It’s really upsetting for my mom.”
  30. profile
    ‘I Need to Tell You This’Kate Beaton captured the aesthetic of a late-aughts internet. Her new memoir is a monumental synthesis of politics, history, and her own life.
  31. i’m glad my mom died
    Jennette McCurdy Reads a Belittling Email From Her Mom on Red Table Talk“Love, Mom (or should I say DEB since I am no longer your mother). P.S. Send money for a new fridge. Ours broke.”
  32. coming soon
    The Incendiaries Novel Is Being Recruited to a New CultThe best-selling book by R.O. Kwon will become a limited television series.
  33. rip
    Supernatural Author Peter Straub Dead at 79Best known for writing Julia and Ghost Story.
  34. the booker prize
    6 Novels Are Booker Prize Shortlist FinalistsIncluding Percival Everett’s satire The Trees.
  35. books
    The Best Sex Kristen Arnett Has Ever Read“It’s extremely queer to be like, I’m deeply sad, but it’s making me horny.
  36. must reads
    7 New Books You Should Read This SeptemberClarice Lispector’s unpredictable newspaper columns, behind the scenes with Stokely Carmichael, tension and eroticism from Sandra Cisneros, and more.
  37. rip
    Author and Activist Barbara Ehrenreich Dead at 81Best known for her 2001 book, Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America.
  38. recommendations
    8 Books to Read If You Liked The RehearsalGreat works of fiction that provide the same sort of uncanny feeling as Nathan Fielder’s inventive show.
  39. fall preview
    How Gwendoline Riley Makes Words FailIn her brutally funny novels My Phantoms and First Love, conversation only makes people feel more alone.
  40. books
    23 Wonderful Books Under 200 PagesHave a little time for a great read? Here’s a selection of worthwhile stories, novellas, essays, and treatises you can finish in an afternoon.
  41. chapters
    ‘Omar Became a Superhero Costume I Wore to Hide From Myself’As The Wire’s breakout character, Michael K. Williams felt invincible — leaving him vulnerable to his real-life demons.
  42. book wars
    So Who Won the Antitrust Trial?Will it be the Big Five or the Big Four?
  43. discourse
    You Know Holden Caulfield Isn’t Real, Right?The way a fictional character should make you feel is … however they make you feel.
  44. dream shows
    Cathy Yan to Adapt Live-action Paprika Series Based on Yasutaka Tsutsui’s NovelSatoshi Kon previously adapted the book into a 2006 animated film.
  45. so random
    The Biggest Plot Twists in the Simon & Schuster Antitrust TrialThe publishing world’s inner workings come to light.
  46. tragedy plus time
    Jennette McCurdy Says Her Old Ariana Grande Jealousy Is ‘Comedy Gold’“To be on set at 21, where you’re just the most susceptible to jealousy … and I’m there across from a burgeoning pop star of the day.”
  47. here we go again
    So, Uh, What Is House of the Dragon, Anyway?A guide to the who, what, when, where, and why.
  48. read on
    Salman Rushdie Book Sales Soar Following AttackThe Satanic Verses author has reentered best-seller lists while recovering.
  49. american crisis
    Andrew Cuomo Can Keep $5 Million for COVID-19 Book, Judge RulesAfter an ethics panel previously said he had to give it up for reported improper use of state resources.
  50. lumon+
    You Can Guess What a Book Called Talkin’ and Walken Would Be AboutOkay, but can you guess who would write it?
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