Lance Reddick’s Comedy Journey Was Just Getting Started

Jake Weisman, co-creator and co-star of Corporate, reflects on working with the late actor.
this week in late night

Bob Odenkirk With a Crossbow Won Late Night This Week

Plus Matthew Rhys’s and Melanie Lynskey’s accent work and Tooning Out being mean (complimentary).
this week in late night

Keanu Reeves Covered in Puppies Won Late Night This Week

Plus, side-eye from Ms. Pat and Seth Rogen’s Oscars tea.
  1. overnights
    Party Down Recap: Pressure Makes DiamondsLydia and Escapade beat the odds and “made it” in Hollywood, but at what cost?
  2. next month on late night
    Roy Wood Jr. to Get Behind the Daily Show Desk at LastFollowed by The Daily Show correspondents Jordan Klepper, Desi Lydic, Dulcé Sloan, and Michael Kosta.
  3. this week in late night
    Bob Odenkirk With a Crossbow Won Late Night This WeekPlus Matthew Rhys’s and Melanie Lynskey’s accent work and Tooning Out being mean (complimentary).
  4. chat room
    Jessica Williams Brought Her Own Spice, and Scrunchies, to ShrinkingPost-finale, Williams talks about her new spin on the “Black lady therapist” trope and her many improvised moments — including that Mariah Carey riff.
  5. the grub street diet
    Dan Ahdoot Is Sticking With Grocery Delivery“One of my pandemic holdovers is not going to the supermarket ever again.”
  6. state of the union
    SNL’s Postproduction Editors Have Ratified Their First Union ContractSuccessfully averting an April 1 strike.
  7. trailer mix
    Mo’Nique Is About to Drop ‘Some Special, Bitch’Thankfully, she and Netflix worked out that lawsuit, so the world gets to see this.
  8. remembrance
    Lance Reddick’s Comedy Journey Was Just Getting StartedJake Weisman, co-creator and co-star of Corporate, reflects on working with the late actor.
  9. last night on late night
    The Tonight Show Goes Inside Brian Cox’s Method Acting MasterClassJimmy Fallon teared up at Cox’s advice on acting.
  10. coming soon
    It’s Love, Korean Style in To All the Boys Spinoff XO, KittyKitty (Anna Cathcart) is about to have her love-expert status challenged.
  11. the law
    Rick and Morty’s Justin Roiland Cleared of Domestic Violence ChargesThe Rick and Morty creator released a statement calling the charges an attempt to have him “canceled” by “an embittered ex.”
  12. trailer mix
    Mae Martin Comes Home to Canada in SAPTheir hour-long comedy special hits Netflix on March 28.
  13. chat room
    James Lance Talked His Way Into More Ted LassoA three-minute conversation with Jason Sudeikis “changed the course” of his career.
  14. vulture sports
    Why Is Andy Kaufman Entering WWE’s Hall of Fame So Late?We have some theories.
  15. stand-up
    Opey Olagbaju Is a Singular Single ComedianIn a recent set, he breathes new life into one of stand-up’s oldest clichés.
  16. trailer mix
    In the Quasi Trailer, the Super Troopers Gang Gets MedievalBroken Lizard’s latest film is a tale of “love, betrayal, and scandal” inspired by Monty Python.
  17. the vulture transcript
    Super Troopers Continues to Slow BurnBroken Lizard reunited to talk lethal soap, liters of cola, too much syrup, and the perks of having made a modern cult classic.
  18. awards
    Adam Sandler Wins Mark Twain Prize, Critics Be Damned“Everything we do together makes me feel like the critics don’t know what they’re talking about.”
  19. overnights
    Party Down Recap: A Long, Strange Trip (feat. the Police)The crew has never been shy about taking drugs during a gig, but usually they’re not surrounded by cops.
  20. overnights
    Shrinking Recap: Big GestureThe penultimate episode provides plenty of emotionally complex moments, which have become the best part of Shrinking.
  21. this week in late night
    Keanu Reeves Covered in Puppies Won Late Night This WeekPlus, side-eye from Ms. Pat and Seth Rogen’s Oscars tea.
  22. coming soon
    The Other Two Season Three Premieres May FourthTo put it in words that Carey and Brooke Dubek would Google: “Funny gay show new season when watch?”
  23. start here
    Want to Try Armchair Expert? Start Here.Highlighting the best episode of Dax Shepard and Monica Padman’s podcast.
  24. fancasts
    After Yellowjackets and The Last of Us, Melanie Lynskey Is Longing for a ComedyPerhaps co-starring Paul Giamatti?
  25. tv review
    Does Ted Lasso Know What He’s Doing? Does Ted Lasso, for That Matter?The third round of the Apple TV+ series seems unsure where to go next.
  26. a long talk
    Ana Gasteyer Has Waited Her Entire Career for American Auto“You weren’t going to march into a fantastic female protagonist out of SNL in 2002.”
  27. coming soon
    Want a New Comedy Series? Pete Davidson’s Got Bupkis for YaIt’s an Everybody Loves Raymond reunion on Staten Island.
  28. stand-up
    John Mulaney’s New Stand-up Special Heads to Netflix in AprilHe’s no longer a Comeback Kid or a Kid Gorgeous. He’s a Baby J now.
  29. overnights
    Ted Lasso Season-Premiere Recap: New Beginnings, Dire PredictionsTed & Co. face some big existential questions as Ted Lasso heads into its final season.
  30. republican party down
    Two Party Down Episodes, Two Snapshots of American PoliticsJohn Enbom explains the satirical echoes in the new season’s spiritual sequel to “California College Conservative Union Caucus.”
  31. the hollywood recorder
    Jeremy, Rajat, and Justin Theroux Blaze the Oscars TrailAll through a roundtable about the “importance” of acting, social issues, and 100 percent real charitable causes.
  32. a long talk
    Al Jaffee, Now 102, Is Ready to Be Added to Mount RushmoreMAD’s longest-serving contributor on comedy, art, and the origins of the “Fold-in.”
  33. highs and lows
    The Highs, Lows, and Whoas of the 2023 OscarsJenny the Donkey! David Byrne hot-dog fingers! An Oscar for Michelle Yeoh! What more could you want? (An Oscar for Angela Bassett.)
  34. trailer mix
    FX Sneaks The Bear Season-Two Teaser Into the OscarsBack in business this June.
  35. trailer mix
    Meryl Streep Is a Potential Suspect in New Only Murders in the Building TeaserDid she kill Paul Rudd?
  36. april fool’s strike
    Quinta Brunson to Host SNL Amid Possible Editors’ Strike on April 1With musical guest Lil Yachty.
  37. snl
    Jenna Ortega Gives SNL Newcomer Fred Armisen a Chance in Her Monologue“So this is what it feels like to be on Saturday Night Live!”
  38. snl
    SNL Cold Open Sees Mike Tyson Take Over as Oscars Security“All the seat fillers have been given guns.”
  39. overnights
    Party Down Recap: What Is This Event?We’ve seen the Party Down crew take on less-than-savory jobs in the past, but it’s never literally catered to white supremacists.
  40. corncob tv
    I Think You Should Be-lieve ITYSL Has a Season 3 Premiere DateThe Netflix sketch-comedy show is how Tim Robinson buys his house. It keeps his house hot.
  41. overnights
    Shrinking Recap: Pattern InterruptShrinking is moving away from its focus on therapy and toward a pure hangout sitcom.
  42. this week in late night
    A Serial Killer Won Late Night This WeekPlus, Lisa Vanderpump on WWHL and the Daniels’ new Late Show opening sequence.
  43. the grub street diet
    The Daily Show’s Jason O. Gilbert Cooks a Different Taco Every Thursday“I throw a bunch of different spices or sauces together and hope for the best.”
  44. comedy
    Suzy Eddie Izzard Picked Her New Name When She Was 10“I’m going to be Suzy Eddie Izzard, that’s how I’m going to roll.”
  45. snl
    Jenna Ortega Celebrates Hump Day With Please Don’t DestroyYou know what that means? Wednesday dance.
  46. emergency discussion
    History of the World, Part II’s Beautiful Commitment to StupidityLet’s celebrate how surprising and impressive it is to see a show lean this hard into total idiocy.
  47. coming soon
    Owen Wilson Is (But Isn’t) Bob Ross in PaintIf it looks like Bob Ross, walks like Bob Ross, and paints like Bob Ross, it’s Owen Wilson in the new Paint trailer.
  48. comedy review
    Selective Outrage Struggles to Escape Its Own GimmickChris Rock’s live comedy special wants to be electric, but Netflix’s first attempt at the form fails to meet its own moment.
  49. stath do
    A Sketch That’ll Scratch Your I Think You Should Leave ItchA Whole Lifetime With Jamie Demetriou throws the most unhinged bachelor party of all time.
  50. summer plans
    Netflix Is a Joke Fest Is Taking Another Trip to L.A.Comedians will perform at dozens of venues in the city when the festival returns in May 2024.
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