1. snl
    Jim Belushi Has Always Been an OutsiderSNL is the hardest thing I ever did, and that’s including divorce. I survived it, barely.”
  2. last night on late night
    Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers Aren’t Amused by the Phallic Billionaire Space RaceAnd now for another round of “Really?!?”
  3. sketch comedy
    The 10 Best A Black Lady Sketch Show SketchesA handy guide to the funniest moments from the Emmy-nominated HBO series.
  4. shark bait
    J.B. Smoove, Shark Tank Super Fan, Accidentally Signed Up for Shark Week“I’m ready for the celebrity version of Shark Tank.”
  5. comedy
    Showtime Would Love to See Vanessa Bayer’s I Love This for You as a SeriesThe network previously signed up for a pilot in January.
  6. book excerpt
    My Afternoon With Papa RoachAn excerpt from Tom Scharpling’s new memoir, It Never Ends.
  7. awards season
    Cedric the Entertainer Is Cedric the Emmys HostAnd it won’t be a Zoom ceremony.
  8. podcast review
    In Aack Cast, Jamie Loftus Goes to Bat for ‘Cathy’The comedian’s audio series mounts a passionate defense of the funny pages’ most neurotic presence.
  9. inside
    The Very Tall Comedy Man Will Play on Very Tall Screens for One Night OnlyGet your f- - -ing hands up! Get on out of your seat!
  10. reunion
    Mad Men’s John Slattery and Jon Hamm Reunite for Fletch RebootThe cast also includes Ayden Mayeri, Lorenza Izzo, and Annie Mumolo.
  11. follow friday
    Yes, That’s Literally Daddy’s Birth Name. Please Stop Asking.We caught up with the comedian on Instagram Live.
  12. this week in comedy podcasts
    This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Aack CastRounding up our favorite comedy podcast episodes of the week.
  13. best of 2021
    The Best Comedy Specials of 2021 (So Far)After a year of COVID restrictions, many of the best specials this year break from tradition.
  14. comedy review
    I Think You Should Leave Remains Impressively UnpredictableNo sketch-comedy show embodies our Main Character Syndrome like Tim Robinson’s.
  15. profile
    Tim Robinson Is Sorry for YellingOn I Think You Should Leave, the comedian’s anxieties fuel a vast world of jerks, idiots, and outright assholes.
  16. profile
    The Joke Was Never on Jennifer CoolidgeShe spins roles as trophy wives and divorcées into comic gold. Now she gets to show what else she can do.
  17. follow friday
    Nori Reed Has an Urgent Warning About Fashion Mullets“I’m a survivor.”
  18. vulture lists
    8 Funny Books, Recommended by 8 Funny ComediansFeaturing picks by Ziwe Fumudoh, Meg Stalter, Karen Chee, and more.
  19. trailer mix
    The Drawn Trailer Features Tig Notaro and Her Cute Cartoon CardiganThe comedian’s fully animated stand-up special debuts July 24 on HBO.
  20. this week in comedy podcasts
    This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Defending PhishRounding up our favorite comedy podcast episodes of the week.
  21. casting
    Nicolas Cage Will Tackle His Greatest Role: Nicolas CageIt’s the part I was born to play, baby!
  22. live from new york it’s…
    Cecily Strong Is the Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started an SNL Conversation With“Things are a bit more up in the air and I’m OK with that.”
  23. 🌭
    We’re All Trying to Find the Designer Who Did ThisTim Robinson is the hottest new muse of the fashion world.
  24. the great bits
    Jon Dore and Rory Scovel’s Fortunate Conan Double-BookingLooking back at the risky, innovative late-night stand-up set, ten years later.
  25. late night
    James Corden Vows Not to Yuck Your Yum, Will Change ‘Spill Your Guts’ SegmentThe late-night host was called out for featuring Asian delicacies in the segment.
  26. last week tonight
    Blessed Congregants, John Oliver’s Fake Church Now Has Fake Health Care“That gives you freedom from insurance, and us freedom from responsibility.”
  27. anniversaries
    The Prescient Power of The Rosie O’Donnell Show25 years ago, daytime TV’s original ‘Queen of Nice’ shifted expectations for talk shows and the people who host them.
  28. this week in late night
    Conan O’Brien’s (Third) Farewell Won Late Night This WeekAu revoir, Coco.
  29. ha ha ha
    Nathan Fielder Has a Cryptic New Show for YouThe Rehearsal will give people “the opportunity to rehearse for their own lives,” whatever that means.
  30. two friends
    Kristen Schaal Loves Matt Berry, and Tony Hale Loves Rope Bowls(Which are the Matt Berry of the ceramics world.)
  31. comedy review
    Rory Scovel’s Live Without Fear Captures What Live Comedy Feels LikeDespite its unnecessary documentary asides, the comedian’s new special goes all-in on how great comedy can feel.
  32. good one podcast
    Gina Yashere Is Waiting for That Big Netflix CheckThe comedian joins this week’s Good One to talk about coming to the U.S. and wanting to make “one really great special.”
  33. schmigadoon!
    Schmigadoon! Trailer: Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key Stuck in a MusicalComing to Apple TV+ on July 16.
  34. finales
    Conan Gives a Qualified FarewellThe finale of his TBS show was low-key evidence that O’Brien has always stayed true to himself — and will continue to do so with whatever’s next.
  35. emmy insider
    For Your Tiny, Secret ConsiderationSeth Meyers writes about the incredible new (and definitely real) limited series that deserves an Emmy nomination this year.
  36. appreciations
    A Tribute to ‘Good King’ ConanTwelve comedians reflect on O’Brien’s incredibly influential late-night legacy.
  37. late night
    The Show That Made Things UpConan O’Brien’s writers — and longtime sidekick — on their favorite memories from the show.
  38. this week in comedy podcasts
    This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Desus & Mero & ConanRounding up our favorite comedy podcast episodes of the week.
  39. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Does Not Believe Sex Parties Are RealAnd yet, when a random audience member volunteers to show him one, he’s not interested!
  40. last night on late night
    Jimmy Kimmel Wants You to Think of the Poor Trump Impersonators on CameoThese people fake-tanned for their craft.
  41. last night on late night
    Dana Carvey Used the Penultimate Conan to Work Out Some MaterialWhy prepare stuff? It’s only the end of an era.
  42. what’s the deal
    Jerry Seinfeld to Direct a High-Concept Movie About How Pop-Tarts Are Kinda CoolAccording to all known laws of gastronomy, there is no way that a tart should be able to pop.
  43. trailer mix
    Q-Force Trailer: Never Fear, the Homosexual Heroes We Need Are HereWanda Sykes, Patti Harrison, Matt Rogers, and more star in a new Netflix animated series.
  44. a long talk
    Conan’s Irish Good-byeThe departing late-night host on his 28-year run and his trick for staying childlike forever.
  45. last night on late night
    Watch Conan Get High With (Who Else?) Seth Rogen“For a second I thought, ‘He brought a birthday candle?’”
  46. tv
    The Show-Tunes-Obsessed Mormons Behind Schmigadoon!Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul’s send-up of musical theater is both wholesome and really, really funny.
  47. department of jost-ice
    Disgruntled SNL Viewer Tried to Get the Department of Justice to Shut It DownJimmy Kimmel Live, too.
  48. renewals
    Make It Clap for Ziwe Season TwoShe’s in her empire-building era.
  49. trailer mix
    Tim Robinson’s ITYSL Season-Two Trailer Is Turbo-Time OverdriveFeaturing Bob Odenkirk and now powered by Corncob TV.
  50. last night on late night
    Jimmy Kimmel Gave His First Live Audience Some Weird GiftsHope you like tube socks and boiled eggs!
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