1. emmys 2021
    Alright, Alright, the Emmys Won’t Combine Variety Sketch and Talk Awards, JeezYou wore them down, but the TV Academy “remains concerned” about the small pool of sketch shows.
  2. follow friday
    Mila Myles Is Getting Vaxxed and Then Motorboating EveryoneWe caught up with the comedian on Instagram Live today.
  3. late night
    The Amber Ruffin Show Will Air on NBC for Two WeeksMore eyes on Amber? We support this.
  4. conversations
    Native Comedy Is Happening EverywhereThree Native comedians on being overlooked in the industry and why that’s — sort of — starting to change.
  5. improv
    The Peoples Improv Theater Is Closing Its Main SpaceIt’s another loss for the New York comedy scene.
  6. two friends
    Tichina Arnold Had Frank Oz Direct Her as Miss PiggyBeth Behrs coaxes all the good Little Shop of Horrors stories out of her on this week’s Two Friends.
  7. light the lights
    The Muppet Show Must Go OnThe enduring troupe of felt players has always existed on a continuum of self-awareness, and it all began on The Muppet Show.
  8. snl
    Regé-Jean Page Considers Changing His Name in SNL Promo With Bad BunnyIt’s Regé-Jean Bunny now, got it?
  9. comedy
    Second City Sells to Private-Equity Firm ZMCThe news comes months after the theater’s CEO stepped down.
  10. trailer mix
    The Sitcom Wife Plots Revenge in the Kevin Can F**k Himself TrailerThe AMC show premieres sometime this summer.
  11. friday night movie club
    In Praise of Barb & Star’s Club Remix of ‘My Heart Will Go On’Why is it only a minute long? I need more!
  12. this week in comedy podcasts
    This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Joel Kim Booster on Secure the GagRounding up our favorite comedy podcast episodes of the week.
  13. lowly writers
    Donald Glover Signs Amazon Deal, Reportedly Hires Malia Obama for ProjectWonder how her packet was.
  14. girls5eva
    The Girls5Eva Teaser Will Make You Forget Basic MathWe’re three excited three wait.
  15. streaming
    Peacock to Bring Us More Craig Robinson, Chris Redd, and Sam JayAlso, snakes.
  16. festivals
    Just for Laughs Comedy Festival Announces Live 2021 DatesThe Montreal-based festival is back, bébé!
  17. trish!
    Annie Mumolo Tells the Stories Behind Seven of Barb & Star’s Silliest GagsFrom Edgar’s song to Trish and Tommy Bahama.
  18. stand-up
    Nate Bargatze’s Second Netflix Special Debuts in MarchPrepare to witness The Greatest Average American.
  19. close reads
    You Don’t Have to Be a SuperheroRecent onscreen depictions of autistic adults reflect the entertainment world’s growing — if still imperfect — understanding of a lifelong condition.
  20. vulture sports
    Adam Sandler Still Gunning for Shooter McGavinShooter has now answered.
  21. tv review
    Portrait of the Rock As a Young ManYoung Rock is a sweet sitcom about the life of Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson that implies he may be president someday.
  22. good one podcast
    Without Tony Woods, There Would Be No Dave ChappelleThe comedian joins this week’s Good One to discuss his influential style and performing all over the world.
  23. chat room
    Jamie Dornan Tore Several Shirts for His Big Barb and Star SceneThe Northern Irish actor — who was once an aspiring comedy blogger — on embracing his silly side through song and dance.
  24. last night on late night
    John Oliver Looks Forward to the Next Pandemic on Last Week TonightWait, he’s not looking forward in a fun way. You know what we mean.
  25. snl
    SNL’s Peletaunt Will Get You Slobs Into Shape With Ceaseless CriticismJust because you paid $2,000 for the bike doesn’t mean you’ll actually use it. And what does that say about you?
  26. cut for time
    Kyle ‘Cut for Time’ Mooney Is Back, Baby, With Another Cut SNL Sketch“What do you say we cue that rock music?”
  27. snl
    Kate McKinnon Is a Child-Eating QAnon Witch on Weekend Update“I’m starting to feel like maybe the whole thing is a little cuckoo banane.”
  28. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Regina King Is Horny for CornyWhether she’s going big or grounding the comedic absurdity of others, King gets ample opportunity to show off her incredible combination of talents.
  29. snl
    Regina King on SNL Wants Compensation for the Gorilla Glue Girl“We know it’s going to be hard taking a gorilla to court and suing him over his glue.”
  30. snl
    Get Hyped for Regina King’s First SNL Monologue“Y’all better make some noise for that last joke.”
  31. snl
    Trump’s Acquittal Is the First Order of Business in SNL Cold Open“It’s a great day for 30 percent of America.”
  32. snl
    Regé-Jean Page to Host Steamiest SNL of All Time Next WeekWith musical guest Bad Bunny!
  33. now streaming
    The 30 Best Comedies on Amazon PrimeBorat Subsequent Moviefilm, The Royal Tenenbaums, Election, and more.
  34. follow friday
    Justin Covington Believes NYC Needs More DDRWe caught up with the comedian on Instagram Live today.
  35. this week in late night
    Amber Ruffin Advocating for White History Month Won Late Night This WeekAnd SNL alum Vanessa Bayer delivers a tour de force performance as Lisa Barlow from RHOSLC.
  36. streaming
    Chappelle’s Show Has Returned to NetflixHe finally got paid.
  37. extremely online
    YouTubers Tim and Fred Williams, a.k.a. TwinsthenewTrend, Loved Their SNL SketchThey really couldn’t get enough of “that dude from Good Burger.”
  38. movie review
    Barb & Star Go to Vista del Mar Arrives Preordained for Cult StatusIt features Kristen Wiig, Annie Mumolo, Jamie Dornan, Damon Wayans Jr., and a sage old crab named Morgan Freemand.
  39. cancellations
    NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine Will Turn in Its Badge After Its Upcoming Eighth SeasonThe sitcom’s final episodes will air during the 2021–2022 television season.
  40. kristen wiig
    Kristen Wiig No Longer a Bridesmaid, Now a Confirmed BrideThe SNL alum discussed husband Avi Rothman and their twins on The Howard Stern Show.
  41. animation
    Mindy Kaling and Pete Davidson to Star in Two New HBO Max Animated ShowsThe streaming network will also be the home of the Clone High reboot.
  42. last night on late night
    Replace 33 Percent of the RHOSLC Cast With Vanessa BayerShe re-created the free tequila fight between Whitney and Lisa.
  43. last night on late night
    John Oliver Begrudgingly Shares the Exact Birthday As John Cena“I’m not just one step closer to death, I’m about 20 steps closer to death than he is.”
  44. casting
    Laurie Metcalf to Star in Ray Romano–Directed DramedyIn many ways, the ultimate ’90s sitcom crossover.
  45. framing britney spears
    In 2007, Craig Ferguson Said Enough With the Britney Spears JokesFour days after she shaved her head, Ferguson refused to use it for late-night fodder.
  46. hbo max
    Meg Stalter, Kaitlin Olson, and More Join Upcoming Jean Smart Comedy on HBO MaxIt sounds like Showgirls but with Vegas comedians. In a good way.
  47. zero to hero
    Oh My Gods, Dan Harmon Is Making an Animated Series Set in Mythical GreeceGet ready for the Lysistrata incel jokes.
  48. black history month
    Amber Ruffin Makes a Compelling Case for White History MonthIf you missed this Amber Ruffin Show segment, it’s not too late to catch up.
  49. snl
    Hot Damn! SNL Did the Football Song We Definitely All Know and Love“So we run, and we love, and we kiss, and we block, hot damn!”
  50. gru
    SNL’s Live Action Gru Isn’t Real and He Can’t Hurt YouMeet Thoby, and meet Thoby’s ex-best friend.
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